Canada's major party leaders trade blows at federal debate

Canadian PM To Appear In Key Debate With Heads Of 5 Parties

Party leaders to take part in English-language debate Monday night; Protests over climate change shut down bridges across Canada

Similarly, Green Party leader Elizabeth May looked to interject, especially on climate issues and to differentiate her party from Singh's NDP on progressive issues.

Polling suggests that while Trudeau's Liberal party has an edge in seat projections, after weeks of campaigning the prime minister and Scheer are tied in popular opinion.

Elizabeth May stuck closely to her Green Party climate emergency theme.

University of Calgary economics professor Trevor Tombe said that under the changes brought in by the Trudeau government, businesses were allowed to keep a maximum of $50,000 in "passive income" before the new taxes started.

As for the People's Party's Maxime Bernier, Trudeau said, his job on the debate stage was to say the things Scheer only believes privately. The rest of the leaders were encouraged to scuffle with Bernier about controversial comments he has made about immigration in Canada and about teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Scheer will also make his way to the GTA.

"You know what? You should cut your turban off", he said.

As for the Bloc's Yves-Francois Blanchet, he was under the least pressure, having little to gain or lose in front of a national audience primarily of English-speaking Canadians. Then Mr. Singh would calmly intervene, with his word the last one. Scheer joked back that his own slight height advantage should have done the trick. On Monday night, he criticized the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh for not explicitly leaving open the same possibility.

Singh, the first non-white leader of a major political party in the country's history, worked to cast himself as a third option for Canadian voters, accusing both Conservatives and Liberals of kowtowing to affluent donors and corporate interests.

"Yes, it's awkward politically", Trudeau, who represents the Montreal-area riding of Papineau, said to Singh about court intervention. "We've made a very different choice than Mr. We work for you".

Canadians head to the polls for the election on October 21.

While the other leaders and moderators kept calling Singh "Mr. Scheer" many Canadians continued to wonder how the mistake could happen a few times.

In an apparent nod to a blackface scandal, Scheer berated Trudeau for pretending to stand up for Canada and failing to reveal at first the details of his putting on dark make-up. He can't even remember how many times he put blackface on.

Scheer accused Trudeau of wearing masks on Indigenous reconciliation, feminism and on his concern for middle-class Canadians.

"Mr Trudeau, you are a phoney and you're a fraud and you do not deserve to govern this country", said Scheer in his opening remarks.

So far, each have spoken about what a government led by them would do from a policy perspective, and have taken the one-on-one debate opportunities afforded in this format to question their opponents face-on.

On climate, he said: "You don't need to choose between Mr Delay (Trudeau) and Mr Deny (Scheer)".

While another user states, "How do you get Andrew Scheer mixed up with Jagmeet Singh?"

A news release issued by the Liberal campaign just prior to last weekend's release of the platform put it more bluntly.

"You're selecting, fair fancy Doug Ford did, to mask your platform from Canadians and recount cuts to products and services and lower taxes for the wealthiest", Trudeau acknowledged. "That's not the way to grow the economy".

In advance of the debate, there was some pre-showdown posturing, but each leader spent the majority of day 27 of the election hunkered down doing debate prep with their campaign teams.

At that time, Trudeau was surrounded by friendly Liberal governments in a host of provinces, including Ontario and Quebec.

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