Google Maps offering improved voice guidance for visually impaired

Google Maps rolling out detailed voice guidance for walking directions

Google Maps rolls out voice guidance for walking trips in US and Japan

Detailed voice guidance began rolling yesterday on Android and iOS in English for US users and Japanese for Japan users.

Google Maps has up to date its voice steerage system particularly so that folks with lowered blindness or visibility can transfer extra independently.

This feature is the first in Google Maps to be developed from the ground up by, and for, individuals with vision disabilities.

Detailed Voice Guidance, as it's officially known, was launched to coincide with World Sight Day, and is meant to help people with sight disorders navigate unfamiliar routes with confidence. This feature could help people who are blind or have low vision explore new places, said Wakana Sugiyama, a business analyst in Google's Tokyo office who was an adviser and tester for the project. The feature can be manually enabled by going in Google Maps settings, then " Navigation Settings" within its "walking options" and there will be an option for " detailed voice guidance".

But it doesn't mean that this feature can not be used or helpful for people who are totally normal. The feature is for visually challenged people, but could also be very helpful for those who wanted a more screen-free experience on their next walking trip.

Detailed Voice Guidance also speaks up to reassure the person they are still walking along the correct route, and reminds them of when the next turning is, rather than remaining silent and waiting until they are closer. To improve user safety and comfort, Maps will also let a user know if they are nearing a large intersection and encourage them to cross with caution. "And if I accidentally leave my route, I'll get a spoken notification that I'm being rerouted".

Google announced the feature on World Sight Day. Google says support in other countries and languages is on the way.

This new operate goes a step past the small print that Google Maps leaves us once we use the navigation on foot, a operate that for the standard person is greater than full due to the knowledge we see on the display, however which resulted inadequate for customers with lowered imaginative and prescient.

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