Groom robs bank day before wedding to pay for ring

Heath Bumpous turned himself in after the Friday robbery investigators said

Heath Bumpous turned himself in after the Friday robbery investigators said

He is being held on charges of aggravated robbery.

Heath Edward Bumpous allegedly approached a bank teller at Citizens State Bank in Groveton, Texas, on Friday and said that he had a gun and demanded money, the Trinity County Sheriff's Office said.

A Texas man was arrested the day before his wedding day after he pulled off a bank robbery to pay for the ring, police have alleged.

Bumpous told police that he needed the money to pay for the ring and the wedding venue.

Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace said Bumpous' fiancee identified him from surveillance images of the man posted on Facebook and told him to turn himself in to police.

The robbery occurred at about 11:30 a.m. Friday, according to a Nixle alert from the Trinity County Sheriff's Office.

"So apparently that was what the money was for, for us to pay for him to get married tomorrow", he said.

Bumpous changed into himself in on the Houston County Courthouse and tons of the stolen money has been recovered, alongside with the dresses and the gun, the sheriff talked about, adding that the aged EMS employee has confessed to the crime.

Heath Bumpous, 30, told bank staff he was carrying a gun, demanded money and fled in a getaway auto.

"She contacted him and asked him if he robbed a bank".

"She convinced him that she knew it was him, his picture was all over Facebook, and he needed to turn himself in", said Wallace.

Bumpous took his fiancée's advice to heart and made a decision to turn himself into the Houston County Courthouse and confessed to his crimes. Authorities recovered most of the money and found a gun in his auto.

Efforts to reach Bumpous were also unsuccessful. Wallace was in by midnight, the day before he said he was due to be married.

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