How Riverdale Is Paying Tribute to Luke Perry In Season 4

Riverdale season 4 premieres tonight on The CW. Watch “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” at 8/7 c. The episode hits Netflix (Non-US) on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Luke Perry is remembered as a "hero" in the memorial 'Riverdale' episode - 10-Oct-2019 - NZ Entertainment news

The Riverdale season 4 premiere is titled "Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam", and it is a tribute to Luke Perry and his character Fred Andrews in the series.

Inasmuch as Riverdale deals with any sort of actual passage of time (let's not discuss FP Jones' fiftieth birthday, please), given that Hal died on May 19 and Fred's funeral is on July 4, while Betty is standing as the emotional rock for Archie, her own father was murdered in front of her less than two months earlier. He stopped to help, before pushing her out of the way as another vehicle sped down the road - hitting Fred instead. After a few tense few moments, he learned that the man who confessed was not responsible for the hit and run, but his teenage son was. And we all know that Luke Perry plays Fred's father role in Riverdale.

Marisol Nichols, who plays Hermione Lodge on the show, said: "Luke in real life is so much like Fred Andrews. that it's insane how much that episode parallels everything for us".

Unlike the previous season of the television show, this episode did not feature any of the unrealistic scenarios the previous season brought.

Another change coming to the show includes the return of Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwood) to Riverdale. But that doesn't mean this death won't continue to impact the show, especially for Archie.

Perry's death came in the middle of the show's third season. "It felt like that's a way Fred could've gone".

"We were working on the tire and a auto just - it came out of nowhere, speeding", she says.

"Probably the most important episode of #Riverdale we'll do this year, if not ever", Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted back in June, sharing an image of the script's cover sheet. It's clear "In Memoriam" was the ideal way for the cast - and viewers - to say their final goodbyes.

How will the episode honor Luke and Fred? A tribute to our fallen friend. "Like you could really tell that when they spoke highly of Fred and the things he's done how they just really respected and loved Luke".

The gang makes it back to Riverdale and lays Fred to rest.

Lili Reinhart shares emotional memories of Luke Perry with Riverdale fans.

The overlapping audience witnessed Perry's maturation from the teen idol playing sensitive bad boy Dylan McKay on "90210" to the veteran actor who, both on and off screen, gave sage advice to similarly rebellious teenagers on "Riverdale".

Meanwhile, Madelaine shared a photo of her and Luke from the actress' "first upfronts" for the show, which the veteran actor walked her through "as he did with most of the new experiences I encountered after booking this show".

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