Marvel's Iron Man VR Game Releases on February 28, 2020

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR Launches On PS4 At The End Of February

More videogames are expected to be announced so hopefully that'll include some VR content.

The studio worked with various Marvel writers to craft the story, which centers around classic Iron Man villain, Ghost. She attacks Stark locations around the planet, which will inevitably lead to a showdown with Iron Man.

Marvel history can provide a bit of backstory for this comic event that will kick off a new era for Iron Man: In 1984, the Iron Man of 2020 visited from the future in MACHINE MAN #2. You possibly can try our pre-order information for extra particulars on that sport, which can be slated for the early subsequent 12 months.

Set on the sunny Californian coast outside Tony Stark's iconic home, it's here players learn the basics of flying the legendary armour, shooting and punching targets before taking on far more agile drones.

A release date and Digital Deluxe Edition were revealed for Marvel's Iron Man VR during New York Comic Con (NYCC) this weekend. Yes, I'm talking about seeing the world from Iron Man's eyes as this game will be in first-person mode.

In addition to announcing the release game of the game, the developers also revealed some pre-order bonuses for those who want to pre-purchase Marvel's Iron Man VR.

One of the more haunted superheroes, Iron Man ceaselessly works to prevent the next global threat, which always seems to escalate from one to the next.

Current teasers have indicated at the awful future of Tony Stark, and now readers will understand his long-lost bro, Arno Stark, catch over as Iron Man. He will also be able to save a crashing plane using his suit's abilities, but Ghost will surely put up one hell of a fight. You can read all about the game in the recent PlayStation Blog, located here.

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