NBC News Reporter's Son Adorably Interrupts Mom's Live Broadcast

MSNBC anchor's son adorably crashes live broadcast: Watch!

CUTE ALERT: NBC Reporter’s Son Wanders On-Set in the Middle of Live Report on Turkey and Syria

The anchor, Courtney Kube, was speaking on Turkey's ground offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria in the news studio in Washington when her 4-year-old son came strolling up from her left.

But when the kid kept coming upfront, she couldn't ignore him anymore and said while smiling, "Excuse me, my kids are here...live television!"

NBC anchor Courtney Kube had a special guest during her live broadcast. The video was later shared by MSNBC on Twitter, the clip has gathered over 2.3 million views.

"Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news", wrote MSNBC, adding the hashtag #workingmoms.

The incident recalls the 2017 case of "BBC Dad", when political scientist Robert Kelly's children crashed a live cross from his home during an interview about South Korean politics.

But she soon took it in her stride and continued with her report despite her son pulling her hair to get her attention.

Ms Kube later told Today that she was happy Ryan didn't start crying. "I nearly picked him up and put him on my lap, but I was afraid he would lean back against mic".

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