Over 450 arrested in London environmental protests

Members of the Extinction Rebellion march to the Macdonald Bridge tolls in Dartmouth on Oct. 7 2019

Members of the Extinction Rebellion march to the Macdonald Bridge tolls in Dartmouth on Oct. 7 2019

They want to educate the protesters as well as government bodies on the issues that are affecting the earth such as climate change. In London, police arrested at least 20 people Monday as protesters have vowed to close down Parliament and Trafalgar Square. They earlier set up a tent camp outside German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office out of dissatisfaction with her government's climate policy. "If you demonstrate against or for that, that is OK. But if you announce risky interventions in road traffic or things like this, of course that is just not on".

"Police are really, really heavy on us", Sophie Cowen, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, the group behind the protests, told CBS News, moments after a demonstrator was hauled off by police on London's Westminster Bridge. In Berlin, around a thousand people were estimated to have blocked a major intersection. That protest began before dawn.

In central Paris, dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists blocked a street and bridge in the Chatelet district. Police said the protests were peaceful.

As protests got under way in the capital, police were seen cutting two Extinction Rebellion protesters out of a auto blocking off Victoria Embankment.

The man reportedly has several days of supplies on him and was refusing to come down until Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk declared a climate emergency.

All three also agreed that both the permitted marches of the youth climate movement and the civil disobedience of Extinction Rebellion are needed, because not everyone feels comfortable potentially getting arrested, "it sends a stronger message to march without a permit", Jones said.

Sarah Lasenby, 81, a retired social worker from Oxford, was also arrested.

The protests are targeting the heart of Government, as part of an "international rebellion" around the world, with plans to shut the streets into Westminster including Trafalgar Square and Lambeth Bridge. The demonstrations were organized by the group Extinction Rebellion to demand action on the climate crisis.

The condition does not have a time limit, Met Police said.

A few hundred other protesters camped out in 40 tents at the gates of the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition in Madrid.

It kicked off in Paris at the weekend and other events planned in the French capital include a mass bike blockade on Friday, to encourage people away from their cars, and, on Saturday, they will build their own archipelago in the city.

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