President Trump's tweet removed by Twitter after complaints from famous rock band

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The 20-second video tweeted by Trump opened with a clip of Biden on the campaign trail saying he had never discussed business dealings with his son Hunter Biden.

Trump's Nickelback tweet was part of a volley of attacks he has fired off as he faces a ballooning impeachment inquiry into his efforts to press Ukrainian officials to investigate Biden and the 2020 Democratic contender's family.

Indeed, Trump suspects Biden and his son of engaging in corruption in the Ukraine in order to boost their business.

On October 2, President Trump, 73, tweeted out yet another freaky video. "And Donald Trump has clearly violated the terms of use, and there should be a effect for that".

The White House released a five-page summary of President Donald Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to The New York Times, Warner Music Group flagged the social media company about the issue.

Apparently, Twitter took action after "valid complaints relating to copyright were made by the copyright holder or an authorized representative". Kamala Harris (D-CA) argued President Donald Trump being banned from Twitter used to be no longer a "violation of free speech" because it is a "privilege" to exercise that platform.

Trump is now facing impeachment proceedings after urging the Ukrainian president to investigate Hunter over his dealings in the country. Ukrainian officials have said that Hunter Biden was not implicated in the investigation.

"You're not going to destroy me, and you're not going to destroy my family", Biden said". I don't know, let's call them thoughts. to instead simply retweet any sycophanitic content he can find out there.

Meanwhile, many social media users dined out on the unusual meal that was Trump's Nickelback tweet - an intersection of a meme-loving president with a very meme'd band.

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