Rainè Riggs, Bernie Sanders' daughter-in-law, dies suddenly at 46 after cancer diagnosis

Sen. Bernie Sanders is home in Vermont after being treated for a heart attack in Las Vegas

Sen. Bernie Sanders is home in Vermont after being treated for a heart attack in Las Vegas

According to Time, Sanders' campaign has said Sanders will be at next week's Democratic presidential debate in Ohio.

Riggs, a neuropsychologist who was married to Sanders' son, Levi, was diagnosed last week with neuroendocrine cancer after several weeks of feeling ill, according to her obituary.

The 78-year-old Vermont independent was upbeat during the discussion, the aide told CNN, and stressed that the campaign was moving forward. Surrogates have taken Sanders' place on the campaign trail in the meantime, including Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who visited New Hampshire on Saturday.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. "The hospitals were stumped", her family said, until doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center were able to give her a diagnosis in her final days.

Two days later, she was dead.

Riggs and Sanders had three children. It also revealed that she was holding her mother's hand at the time of her passing and was being told how loved she was.

Her obituary says she met Levi Sanders while the two worked at an emergency food shelter in Vermont. Her family is devastated. Here are five things you should know about Rainè and her life.

"We always planned to release them and we have more medical records, obviously, now", he said.

"We promised this to her and so we will do it and hopefully every day the pain will become a little less. It is what she wanted", they added. She also owned Riggs Geriatric Psychology in Windsor, Vt.

Other details about her death are not clear.

Bernie Sanders said on Tuesday he had wrongly ignored warning signs about his health before suffering a heart attack last week, but that he did not think the scare would damage his campaign for president.

"I must confess that I was dumb", Sanders said, acknowledging his health scare."I was born and thank God, I have lot of energy, and during this campaign I've been doing in some cases three or four rallies a day, going all over the states ..."

Sanders said he plans to hold less than four rallies a day - as he was doing in the lead up to his heart attack.

Sanders, who is resting at home in Burlington, VT, on Tuesday morning told reporters outside of his home that in the past couple of months, he'd started feeling tired more than usual.

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