Running backs work out for Detroit Lions

A closeup of Kerryon Johnson running with the football

Kerryon Johnson had knee procedure, heading to IR

Following the team's game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, head coach Matt Patricia suggested the injury wasn't too serious. He later appeared on the sideline with a brace on the injured knee and attempted to loosen up on the stationary bike.

He never returned to the game, and after halftime he did not come out of the locker room with the team. "McKissic, and we think those guys are ready to step into roles". He missed six games previous year due to a left knee injury. It's one of the reasons he dropped to the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The Lions hope to get Johnson back at some point this season. "There's only about a handful", Patricia said.

The remaining three running backs on the Lions' roster - Ty Johnson, J.D. McKissick, and Tra Carson - have amassed a measly 206 yards on the ground and no scores. "They're in those situations a lot where their bodies are taking some pounding so you want to be conscious of how many plays they're getting, especially early on in the year". "We'll take them all case by case and see how that goes". Prior to the injury, Johnson had rushed for 308 yards on 92 attempts (3.3 yards per attempt) and two touchdowns. He also has 126 yards receiving and a touchdown.

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