Trump loses NY court fight to keep tax returns hidden

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance had subpoenaed the returns and other records from U President Donald Trump's accounting firm Mazars USA

Federal judge orders Donald Trump to hand over eight years of his personal and company tax returns

Personal attorneys for the President immediately filed a notice of appeal, sending the case to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Vance's office is probing the Stormy Daniels payoffs and whether they constituted a campaign finance violation that could implicate the president.

President Trump was never charged, though prosecutors said publicly that he was aware of and directed the illegal payments. The president's lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment. "The founders meant to give us a president, not a king". "That can't be right".

Marrero said even President Richard Nixon conceded during the Watergate scandal that he would be required to produce documents in response to a judicial subpoena.

The stakes of the legal fight have only increased with the Democrats starting a formal impeachment inquiry.

A federal judge on Monday rejected a bold argument from President Trump that sitting presidents are immune from criminal investigations, allowing the Manhattan district attorney's office to move forward with a subpoena seeking eight years of the president's personal and corporate tax returns.

Marrero said there instead needed to be a balance between the president's need to perform his constitutional duties and the courts' legitimate interest in ensuring justice.

New York-based attorney Manny Alicandro told The Epoch Times the case will likely go to the supreme court. It is expected to be held at the district attorney's office in Lower Manhattan with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's general counsel and the head of the economic crimes bureau, the official said.

In their argument, Trump's lawyers relied on portions of the US Constitution plus a pair of Justice Department opinions: one dating back to 1973, the other issued in 2000 by then-Justice Department lawyer Randolph Moss, now a Washington federal court judge appointed by President Barack Obama.

The ruling is unlikely to be the last word in what's quickly becoming a major constitutional clash over the extent of presidential powers.

California enacted a law to require presidential candidates to disclose their taxes if they wanted to be on the state's primary ballot, but a federal judge blocked the law. He also rejected as too broad the idea that the president, his family and his businesses should be shielded from criminal process.

"There will be no way to unscramble the egg scrambled by the disclosure", the lawyers said in a court filing. It's to say that he can't even be effectively investigated, except by the House of Representatives.

"This court can not endorse such a categorical and limitless assertion of presidential immunity", Marrero wrote in his ruling.

Cohen turned over copies of financial statements he said the president provided to Deutsche Bank during a 2014 effort to buy the Buffalo Bills.

The criminal investigation in NY is unfolding with Trump already under siege on Capitol Hill from a fast-moving impeachment drive set off by his attempts to get Ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden.

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