Trust the Totalitarian Process? 76ers Eject Fans Supporting Hong Kong Protestors

NBA chief Not going to apologize for Rockets GM's tweet

Yao Ming ‘extremely hot’ over NBA’s China crisis, says Silver

"I was once working from someone from Hong Kong, and we went to mainland China, and the person insisted upon washing the dishes in a restaurant ... on the grounds that they [believed] that the people in mainland China were incapable of washing dishes correctly", he said.

There is - the answer is, there's so much money is at stake. That is just the world we live in.

The NBA has been rather progressive when it comes to allowing players, coaches and general managers to practice free speech on social media and elsewhere.

Popovich is one of the NBA's most outspoken coaches, never shy to offer his opinion on political matters - he is a staunch opponent of President Donald Trump - or social causes. There is a significant amount of money.

Silver said early Tuesday in Tokyo that the league is "apologetic" and "regrets" that Chinese officials and fans were upset by Morey's now-deleted tweet in which he commented: "Fight for Freedom".

Silver, speaking in Japan before a preseason game between the Rockets and Toronto Raptors, said it was not up to the league to regulate what players, employees and team owners said.

This came a day after the Chinese government canceled the Nets' NBA Cares event. "A little after the signs were taken away, I stood in my seat and chanted "Free Hong Kong" until security escorted us out".

"The hurt that this incident has caused will take a long time to fix", Tsai said in an open letter to fans in which he tried to shed light on the Chinese perspective when it comes to Hong Kong. CCTV is also reviewing all of its cooperation and exchanges involving the National Basketball Association, it said in a statement posted to CCTV Sports' official social media account. The cancellation is the latest fallout from a recent tweet by Rockets GM Daryl Morey that showed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.

CTrip, China's biggest online travel website, said Tuesday that it "dropped all NBA-related tickets and travel products" from its platform.

Chinese state media accused NBA Commissioner Adam Silver of "willing to be another handy tool for USA interference" after he insisted the league would not apologise for a tweet supporting pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

NBA China also lists two partners that are joint ventures between Chinese and worldwide companies on its website.

Some Chinese fans have asked for streaming subscription refunds from exclusive service provider Tencent, which halted broadcast of Rockets games after the Morey tweet.

"I watch the way that Kerr and Popovich and some of the others were pandering to China, and yet to our own country, it's like they don't respect it", Trump said. And Chinese companies like apparel giant Li-Ning and Vivo, a smartphone maker that was going to be a sponsor of the Lakers-Nets games, have suspended their business dealings with the National Basketball Association. Does anyone think a single person connected to the league will dare call their bluff in the name of supporting human rights in Hong Kong?

US companies have faced increasing pressure from the Chinese Communist Party to refrain from political statements about the nation's affairs, and many have faced criticism from human rights groups for limiting their speech as a cost of doing business in the country.

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