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GM appeals directly to UAW workers: 'The strike has been hard on you, your families ...'

GM explains latest offer to striking UAW workers

Then, Vice President and Director of the UAW General Motors Department Terry Dittes said, "We have made it clear that there is no job security for us when GM products are made in other countries for the goal of selling them here in the United States of America". The union responded, saying it's working around the clock to get members a deal they deserve.

The messages mark a turning point for GM in the fourth week of a strike that's halted production at 34 USA plants and disrupted output at factories in Mexico and Canada.

"Our offer commits to thousands of new jobs right here in the U.S. and billions of dollars in new investments in our communities", Gerald Johnson, executive vice president for global manufacturing, said in the letter.

In a Thursday letter to UAW leaders, GM urged the union to agree to around-the-clock negotiations, while the union insisted in its own letter on dealing with five specific issues first before it responded to the broader proposal made to union negotiators Monday.

The vice president of UAW for their GM department has said that all of them in these sets of negotiations are concerned deeply about the job security issue.

"The pain is beginning to set in on both sides and they'll realize that sooner or later", Masters said in an interview.

Thus far it is estimated that GM has lost about $1 billion from the strike.

Read the full letter to GM employees here.

"Yesterday, you indicated the union would refuse to meet or give any response to the company's comprehensive offer unless each of the five areas referenced in your letter were resolved on a single-issue basis".

It was expected that the contract talks are going to resume on Wednesday. The importance of the "future of work" committee underlines what we have been pointing out since the beginning of this strike: "it is more about the future than about the cash". The company has said the money it has promised to invest in plants will provide that job security. For it to be viable and competitive, it has said it must build some vehicles in Mexico. Manufacturing UAW workers in the United States start at $17 an hour and can earn $28 after eight years. Of that, $7.7 billion of that would be direct investments, including building an electric truck at the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly plant.

Late Tuesday, the UAW's Dittes told union members that GM has not shown a "solid commitment" to building vehicles in USA factories that the union considers key to job security.

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