When Will Humans Land On Mars, According to NASA Chief

The women that dared to dream

First all-female spacewalk completed

Astronaut Jessica Meir, a Caribou, Maine native, said in a live chat aboard the International Space Station Monday afternoon that she's not satisfied with just walking in space.

The US president appeared to pointedly use his middle finger to scratch his head during a chat about women space walkers with Nasa astronaut Jessica Meir.

Although it is the 221st spacewalk performed, yet it's the first to be conducted entirely by women astronauts.

Bridenstine said it's time to advance to the next stage - sustainable human presence on the moon, and eventually on Mars. While Koch had already been on three spacewalks before, it was Meir's very first venture out into the void.

"I definitely do not necessarily know the selection process, but I do know that every single person in our office is extremely qualified and whoever does that mission will be the right person for the job and will carry the hopes and dreams of everyone to explore", added Koch.

In an interview in the 2016 year, Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon surface, informed the news channel that by 2040, astronauts could visit Mars' moon Phobos, which might serve as a stepping stone to the red planet. Meir is the 15th woman to be sent into space.

At a media briefing before the spacewalk, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that the Friday's spacewalk is another milestone toward making space more available to everyone. Koch is an electrical engineer. From NASA's scientific and technical assessment of Mars mission feasibility for a 2035 target, however, the agency previously discussed this date as early as 2015. Astronauts are going to stay and work out of the lander for six and a half days, based on NASA. Its goal was to replace a faulty Battery Charge-Discharge Unit (BCDU), which collects and distributes electricity from the solar panels to the station's systems.

Before she created her high school yearbook list of future plans, Meir was dreaming of being an astronaut in first grade.

She said: "We don't want to take too much credit because there have been many other female spacewalkers before".

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