Diablo IV Will Have "Some Sort" of Microtransactions

Overwatch 2 brings the gang back together again

Diablo IV gets official, first gameplay trailer launched

Rumors and whispers heading into BlizzCon 2019 suggested such a reveal was going to happen, and it turns out they were right.

Fans of grimdark hack-and-slash adventuring finally got what they desired when Blizzard unveiled Diablo 4 this weekend at BlizzCon 2019. As the trailer goes on, the three-man team is joined by other familiar faces. I have a feeling we'll be talking about Overwatch 2 again next year at BlizzCon. The gameplay trailer below highlights the direction the game is taking.

Moving, the gameplay trailer also showed that Overwatch 2 will get a new PVP mode called Push, as well as the co-op mode that allows up to four players to play together in a single mission.

"It's the way we make the best possible stuff by having that, so yeah, there are some challenges associated with announcing this (Overwatch 2) early". The requirement to have an online connection to play a game is sometimes met with hostility, but nowadays, who is really offline? Whenever the release date is announced, we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Following up Blizzard confirmed a few menial announcements, like the fact that all characters are free-to-play in Heroes of the Storm until November 10, and Starcraft II was getting its token commander Arcturus Mengsk.

More than 50 million players are now in Overwatch, and the Blizzard does not plan to put fans into lurch in the original game. This includes skins, player icons, sprays, and emotes.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has said that he has "no idea" when Overwatch 2 will release because it's still in development and has a long way to go before it's fully ready. However, that rumour should be taken with a very liberal shake of scepticism, especially since Blizzard itself did not make any mention of such a move during the conference.

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