Facebook Decides to Give Their Parent Company Name a Weird Logo

WhatsApp Facebook Logo Change

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To be clear - it's a fearless new corporate logo for Facebook the company, not Facebook the app, designed to create clarity and distinction.

That tarnished reputation also means that while aligning WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook might improve the company's overall image, it could have an adverse affect on some of the brands. The idea of the new branding is to make it clear which products come from Facebook.

Facebook has revealed a new company brand to be displayed across its suite of products.

The social media users received FACEBOOK with mixed reactions; some are amusing, and some are serious with sharp criticism. The Facebook app will retain its branding.

"Many people don't know we build these products or that our teams often work together", Mark Zuckerberg explains in the video above.

Well before today's redesigned logo, Facebook has been putting a version of "from Facebook" on Instagram and WhatsApp since at least March.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Lucio says that changing the parent company's name was considered, but decided against because Facebook didn't want to appear to be hiding from its problems. We always have been and will continue to be Facebook. Facebook started 15 years ago and has grown to acquire popular platforms that form part of its ecoystem.

"People should know which companies make the products they use", chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio said in the announcement.

In June, the company started adding the words "from Facebook" across all itsapps. So, for example, WhatsApp will turn green. WhatsApp's co-founder Brian Acton even issued a call to "delete Facebook" when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. Last month, a Pew Research survey found that only 29 percent of people in the US knew Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp.

Its messaging purposes WhatsApp and Messenger are every utilized by greater than a billion individuals.

Some inside Facebook saw this as a chance for Instagram to give back to its parent company after it benefited from Facebook's network and resources following the 2012 acquisition. Social media platforms are the immediate beneficiaries of this digital revolution as they have changed the way Indians communicate and share information.

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