Heidi Klum’s Scary Halloween Costume Includes Gruesome, Bloody Boots

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Jessica Biel | Michael Kovac Getty Images for Casamigos

Over the years, her dedication has resulted in some truly memorable moments: Who can forget her anatomically correct 2011 transformation into one of the figures from Bodies: The Exhibition, or the painstaking detail of 2013's elderly version of herself?

The undisputed Queen of Halloween has arrived.

The process of creating and putting on the costume apparently took several hours, with Heidi documenting these efforts on her social media.

Her outfit featured exposed organs, a brain in a glass dome on her head, tubes coming out of her breasts, bare flesh exposed and a machine poking out of her back and nether-regions.

Inside the studio Klum's getting her costume from. "I was out touring the universe and I found her".

In a process that took over 12 hours, the model teased fans on Instagram with several posts on Thursday detailing the entire makeup process. "Come and watch if you want!"

Heidi - who was joined at the party in New York City by her husband Tom Kaulitz, who dressed as an astronaut for the occasion - told "Entertainment Tonight": "I totally lost track of time today". Both arrived to her party in a biohazard truck, natch.Her previous costumes include: Michael Jackson, Jessica Rabbit, an elderly woman (complete with varicose veins), a skinless woman, an ape, a robot, the list goes on.

Heidi's party was attended by a whole string of celebrities from Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski to Mariah Carey.

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