Hong Kong student dies after fall during protest clash

Pro-Beijing Hong Kong lawmaker Junius Ho was stabbed on the street while campaigning and pro-democracy candidate Andrew Chiu had a piece of his ear bitten off in a vicious brawl

Hong Kong student dies after fall in a parking garage during weekend protests

Thursday's development comes a day after chaos erupted on Wednesday evening at a dialogue forum hosted by the president of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Wei Shyy, when a student believed to be from the Chinese mainland pushed a Hong Kong student to the ground.

Tensions have soared since the death on Friday of Alex Chow, 22, who succumbed to head injuries sustained during a fall as police skirmished with demonstrators inside a vehicle park last weekend.

Chow was taken unconscious to hospital early on Monday morning following late-night clashes between police and protesters in a middle-class district.

"A couple hundred" gathered at one of the vigils in central Hong Kong, Clarke reported. When asked what Chow represented to them, Yeung found himself overcome with emotion.

Qiu Hong, deputy head of the liaison office, said violence in Hong Kong is intensifying from vandalism to murder, and some rioters are trying to push Hong Kong into an abyss with those who manipulated behind. But in these five months, we showed that people are connected.

"It is a de facto referendum for all Hong Kong voters to cast their vote and say no to police brutality and say no to our unjust system".

At Hong Kong's University of Science and Technology, dozens of protesters vandalised a Starbucks, Bank of China and at least three cafeterias on site, the South China Morning Post reports.

The protests, which began in early June over a now-withdrawn extradition bill, have morphed into a broader pro-democracy movement tinged with anti-police and anti-government overtones.

Last weekend, anti-government protesters crowded into a shopping mall when a man slashed people with a knife and bit off part of a politician's ear.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has repeatedly dismissed an independent probe, saying the current watchdog - the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) - is up to the job.

"I do not think this is a fair conviction and it may lead to police abuse in prosecution of possession of laser pointers without good evidence of the intention of hurting people", he told The Associated Press.

Chow's death is likely to fan those angers.

The government expressed "great sorrow and regret". "A debt in blood must be paid in blood!" and "Hongkongers, revenge!"

Police have acknowledged that tear gas had been used Sunday night to disperse protesters near the auto park where Chow fell. "We must clarify that it is certainly false".

Police have stated that they attach great importance to the incident, a government statement said, adding that a comprehensive investigation to find out what happened is being conducted.

"During this protest movement, we have learned how to stand united, to share joy and sorrow, even though today it's hard for us to imagine what classmate Chow had gone through before he departed from this world", he said. "The fire service department and Medics both have conflicts with the police".

A five-member global panel said an analysis of the Hong Kong police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Council, indicated a shortfall in its "independent investigative capability" to look into policing during the protests.

It is unclear whether the 22-year-old student had been participating in the protests at the time of his fall in the early hours of Monday. "Tactics deployed by the Hong Kong police has been increasingly alarming, marked by an apparent thirst for retaliation". More rallies can be expected over the weekend. "He's around my age, but he passed away like this". The stage around him was laced with white wreaths and paper cranes, a symbol of peace and hope.

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