How to stop from being added to annoying WhatsApp groups



WhatsApp has given the ability to control who adds you to a Group to all users, Engadget reported.

The platform in April introduced controls that allowed users to decide who can add them to groups.

WhatsApp is now replacing "Nobody" with "My Contacts expect" which means users have to manually choose which contacts can not add them to groups. While all three options are self-explanatory, choosing "Nobody' would trigger a group invitation which expires in three days".

You can access the new features from the messaging app's privacy settings. He will have to send a private invite on your personal chat, acceptance of which will get you added to the intended group.

Explaining the issue, Facebook said that the Israeli spyware Pegasus was installed through a WhatsApp call routed by NSO over WhatsApp's server.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps across the world, recently sued the Israeli spyware firm, NSO group over cyber attacks against human rights activists (lawyers, journalists, and academics) and demanded a permanent injunction against the NSO.

When you have to want been the utilization of WhatsApp, you'd know the plot annoying it could per chance procure if you is liable to be added to about a random neighborhood chat.

This setting yesterday replaced the "Nobody" option included in the original version of the update, based on user feedback calling for more control over the blocks. "Rest of the options such as "My contacts" and 'Everyone" will remain unchanged. Select "My contacts" and only people in your address book will be able to add you. And also started mentioning forwarded message labels over them for attention.

The Facebook-owned messaging service has also created a brief description outlining the aim of the chat.

There is a need to balance innovation and enterprise in data but with due regard to privacy, the Minister said, adding that data economy both in terms of commercial use and employment will play a crucial role.

Group creators can now no longer be removed from the groups they started, the company said. There is a "search" button next to the list of participants.

Since most smartphones run on Google's Android with Apple's iOS having the second largest market share, WhatsApp seems to be hinting at larger issues of device security and privacy, beyond just this incident. These downloads, however, do not comprise re-installs, multiple installs from sale account and updates in the apps.

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