Kentucky's apparent new governor outlines plans, Democrats take control of Virginia government


Kentucky Attorney General and democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear votes on Tuesday

"Clearly this is not a repudiation of Republicans in Kentucky", Fleischer continued.

Despite a scandal in Richmond last spring that nearly forced out the Democratic governor, Virginia Democrats won control on Tuesday of both chambers of the state legislature, marking the first time since 1993 that the party will control the governorship and the legislative branch.

The losses were largely attributable to local forces.

"We need moral leadership that seeks to unite this country and work for a better future for all Americans".

Although the presidential election is more than a year away, critics may seize on Tuesday's results as a reflection of Mr Trump's popularity among voters as he faces an impeachment inquiry.

We speak with John Nichols, a political writer for The Nation. Tuesday's election, which saw Democrats prevail in several northern Virginia suburbs, suggested the trend was continuing.

"If you lose, they will say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world", the president said at that rally.

In Kentucky, Democratic challenger state Attorney General Andy Beshear has ousted Trump-backed Republican incumbent Matt Bevin in a tightly contested run for governor.

These swing voters tend to be moderate, and Trump still could win them back if he successfully paints his opponent as an extremist who doesn't reflect their values. He looked to save face Wednesday, tweeting that the rally had given Bevin "at least 15 points", a claim at odds with state polls. "Based on the Kentucky results, Mitch McConnell @senatemajldr will win BIG in Kentucky next year!"

Democratic state Attorney General Andy Beshear is ahead of Bevin by more that 5,000 votes with all precincts reporting, a large enough gap to make it virtually impossible for Bevin to have a hope of catching up with this procedure.

Gov. Matt Bevin (R-Ky.) is not giving up his bid for another four year term in governing the Bluegrass State, saying it is a "close, close race".

Neither Bevin nor Trump conceded the loss.

President Trump had campaigned strongly for Bevin's reelection, giving a speech at the rally on Monday that lasted over an hour.

"I've never seen a re-canvass actually alter the outcome of an election", she said. Bevin was in lockstep with Trump, as was Reeves in Mississippi.

Bevin tied his fate to Trump, and once proudly cited among his accomplishments the fact that Kentucky was the first state to be called for Trump in 2016 - which was mostly a function of its early poll closing times.

"Tonight, voters in Kentucky sent a message loud and clear for everyone to hear", Beshear told supporters.

Listen Democrats: winning one statewide race against a very unpopular (and unlikeable) incumbent by less than a half percentage point doesn't mean that Kentucky is in play for the general election in 2020.

A number of elections for state governors took place on Tuesday this week, including the states of Kentucky, Virginia and Mississippi.

As longtime Kentucky Republican consultant Scott Jennings noted on Twitter Wednesday morning, "For everyone reading the tip sheets this morning on Kentucky, remember - the GOP actually FLIPPED two Dem offices to Republican, and actually controls MORE offices than they did yesterday". "Given that Republicans did well in all the other statewide races there, I view this more as a repudiation of Bevin than anything else", Kondik said. "It's a repudiation of one candidate in Kentucky".

US Democrats have made gains in key state elections, in what is seen as a blow to President Donald Trump.

"Turnout was near presidential level for an off year election", said Cauley.

His theory: Voters were balancing their votes, either consciously or unconsciously, so that one party doesn't hold too much power. "Great reaction under pressure Tate!" Neither candidate received a majority in Louisiana's nonpartisan primary last month, so they'll compete in a runoff November 16.

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