Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Bring Generation 8

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield announced for Switch

Sometime this year, Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to be released.

The meaning behind the names remains a mystery, It had been rumoured that there would be a royal theme to the name, with Pokemon King and Queen being touted as a potential title. Much like previous Pokemon games, this one will also have previous Pokemon critters from the past games.

Well, ever since we knew that this game would be coming to the Switch, it turns out that the pair of games is, indeed, exclusive to Nintendo's new hybrid system and doesn't appear to be coming to the 3DS anytime soon.

Nintendo previously stated the Pokemon RPG for Switch is slated for release during the second half of 2019, so we're hoping to hear more about it today during the Direct.

Who are the Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Pokemon? Grookey is the Grass type, and a curious monkey.

This tradition continued with the announcement of the rabbit Pokemon, Scorbunny. Finally you have Sobble, the Water type, described as "a bit timid....shooting out attacks as it hides itself in the water". Dubbed a water lizard, it seemed very passive and was easily startled by the nearby Grookey. It brings with it the eighth generation of Pokemon. It left a lot to the imagination, with plenty of scope for future reveals. As the video wound down, Game Freak promised more revelations about these upcoming titles were on the way in the coming months.

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