Obama rejects Trump vision of 'violence and chaos everywhere'

Obama told reporters at the White House today that he didn't watch the Republican National Convention as he's "got a lot of stuff to do". President Barack Obama has accused Donald Trump and the Republicans of peddling fear and falsehoods and said the American people deserved to make important decisions based on fact. [Full Article...]

French PM booed at Nice tribute for victims of terror attack

French PM booed at Nice tribute for victims of terror attack France was wrapping up a three-day period of national mourning after Lahouaiej-Bouhlel zigzagged a 19-tonne truck through a crowd of tourists, locals and families enjoying a fireworks display in the Riviera city of Nice on Bastille Day. "We are at war and we will not win the war with the tools of peace", he said, suggesting that the fight needs to be taken to IS, including in the virtual realm. [Full Article...]

European Central Bank keeps rates on hold in first meeting after Brexit

European Central Bank keeps rates on hold in first meeting after Brexit At the conclusion of its policy meeting, the European Central Bank left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at a record-low 0.0%, in a widely expected move. The pound slipped 0.3 per cent against the euro to €1.1957, while the euro was flat against the dollar at $1.1014. And it has imposed a negative rate on deposits left with it by commercial banks of 0.4 percent, a penalty meant to push them t... [Full Article...]

888 and Rank Group join forces to bid for William Hill

888 and Rank Group join forces to bid for William Hill However, they added: "The consortium sees significant industrial logic in the combination, through consolidation of their complementary online and land-based operations, delivery of substantial revenue and cost synergies and from the anticipated benefits of economies of scale, which will accrue to all shareholders". [Full Article...]

Wall Street little changed on mixed earnings reports

Wall Street little changed on mixed earnings reports The telecom and utilities sectors each rose 1.3 percent to lead the market. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 22 of the 30 blue chips were higher close to the end of the session. Natural gas prices fell 2.60 percent at last check to $2.66. The stock was the biggest drag on the S&P and the Dow. The 5-Year Note was yielding 1.15 percent. [Full Article...]

Indiana Republicans Looking Forward to Wednesday, Pence's RNC Speech

But, on Sunday night, Pence agreed with Trump's slightly softened stance on the issue, pointing out that he had acted to ban Syrian refugees from coming to IN (a move a court ruled unconstitutional). Standing alone and delivering his 28-minute speech though, it was Trump only speaking about himself. Commenting on the violence throughout the world this week ― from the terrorist attack in Nice, Fr... [Full Article...]

Wall Street slips on disappointing results

Morgan Asset Management. "I think it's interesting; a half-a-percent move down feels like a 5 percent move". Better-than-expected results from technology stalwart Microsoft and San Diego-based chip maker Qualcomm lifted the S&P 500 tech sector to a 2% weekly gain. [Full Article...]

#FeelTheBernout: Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

Sanders announced that Ms. Clinton "must become our next president". "It is no secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues". That's what this campaign has been about. "Pennsylvanians must do everything we can to defeat Donald Trump in November and ensure he doesn't get anywhere close to the White House", she said . [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton makes debut with running mate Tim Kaine in Miami

It was obtained by The Associated Press. Sanders delegates in particular hoped for the selection of Sen. Solomon leads the Bernie Delegates Network, a loose organization of more than 1,200 delegates. Hillary Clinton formally introduced Tim Kaine on Saturday afternoon as her running mate at Florida International University in Miami . Mr Kaine took to the stage afterwards and dazzled the crow... [Full Article...]

Black Lives Matter marches proceed in Dublin, Cork, Galway

Black Lives Matter marches proceed in Dublin, Cork, Galway However, Black Lives Matter has no chapter in Dallas , according to the group's website. Some critics say the group incites violence against police officers, and chooses their outrage selectively, staying silent about black on black crime. [Full Article...]

Tesla 'master plan': electric trucks, buses, and ride-sharing

If there's one person that can do it though, it's probably Elon Musk. In terms of SolarCity , Musk wants to utilize the company's technology to create an integrated solar-roof-with-battery product. As one, they will be able to create a single product. No matter how sophisticated the hardware, software is likely to be the factor stopping regulators from giving fully-autonomous cars the go-ahea... [Full Article...]

Clinton surpasses Sanders in Massachusetts fundraising

The event took place at the Portsmouth High School gymnasium, where 3,000 of Sanders supporters brought signs and wore T-shirts to cheer on a campaign that was already suspended. In other words, Clinton and the Democrats successfully rejected Sanders's core message: The country is an exploitative oligarchy so bad that nothing short of scrambling up the whole system will do. [Full Article...]

Here is Donald Trump's Epic Speech at the Republican National Convention

Trump accused Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of a legacy of "death, destruction, terrorism and weakness". Voters are just begging for a chance to vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton and the man Ivanka portrayed is what they're looking for. [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan

Turnover of the video game company accounted for about 30% of Friday's total on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I felt like, 'Yes!' " university student Shuta Saito said in Tokyo's Akihabara district, a popular spot for fans of animation and games. [Full Article...]

Trump, by Trump: Ivanka Trump's dress in the spotlight

She said if it's possible to be famous and not really well known, that's how her father Donald Trump raised her. She said her father would fight for equal pay for equal work - focusing in particular on women with children. Ivanka added that when Donald Trump is in charge all that counts is ability, effort, and excellence. "He is colour-blind and gender-neutral", she said. [Full Article...]

Ivanka Trump Makes a Case for Her Father's Kinder Side

He "will fight for equal pay and equal work" for women, she said , "and I will fight for it right alongside of him". Libby Wuller, who recently attended a party hosted by RightNOW Women's PAC, which works to get Republican women into office, said although she is no fan of Trump and his rhetoric about women, she is impressed with Ivanka. [Full Article...]

It's Tim Kaine: Virginia Senator is Hillary Clinton's VP pick

It's Tim Kaine: Virginia Senator is Hillary Clinton's VP pick Kaine is a close ally of President Barack Obama, who seriously considered Kaine as his running mate in 2008. Clinton's search focused primarily on who would be a steady governing partner and qualified to step in as president, according to aides familiar with the process. [Full Article...]

Fox News is coming apart

With the recent claims by Kelly - one of the network's biggest stars , especially after she brazenly challenged Donald Trump's misogyny during the Republican debates past year - Fox executives are ready to cut Ailes loose, according to reports . [Full Article...]

Wednesday's Market Wrap: Major Averages Climb, Nasdaq Adds 1%

With the stock market on a record-setting rally, investors have been keeping a sharp eye on corporate earnings to see if they can help sustain the momentum. "Another day, another lazy drift higher for stocks and another record high". Optimism over better-than-forecast results from companies including American Airlines Group Inc and Stanley Black & Decker Inc was countered by disappointment tha... [Full Article...]

Cruz faces political fallout for Trump non-endorsement - will it last?

In his speech, Mr Trump offered little in the way of details about his policies but rather portrayed himself as a fresh alternative to traditional politicians, willing to consider new approaches to vexing problems and help working-class people who might feel abandoned. [Full Article...]

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