WNBA Players Won't Be Fined for Anti-Violence Shirts After All

Members of the New York Liberty, Phoenix Mercury and Indiana Fever teams were fined. She tweeted that the WNBA appreciated "our players expressing themselves on matters important to them", and said the league made a decision to rescind the fines as a show of "even more support". [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders Suspends Rules to Nominate Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders Suspends Rules to Nominate Hillary Clinton Susan MacManus of the University of South Florida on Tuesday. On Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton will headline the night's speakers, making the case for why his wife should take his old job. One protester, Janet Flor, said she planned to vote for presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein, who has spoken about the "rigged system" that she says allowed Clinton to win out over Sanders. [Full Article...]

CORRECTED - Apple sells more iPhones than expected in third quarter

Those results were down from the year ago quarter of $49.6 billion in revenue and $10.7 billion in earnings . The third-quarter earnings reported Tuesday by Apple reflected a slide from the same quarter past year, but profit beat Wall Street expectations. [Full Article...]

Is This Peak Pokemon Go? For Investors, Yes

That said, Comic-Con's decision to upgrade the Pokemon Go panel to Hall H was warranted - the room was packed with fans who speckled the darkened room with light from their cellphone screens as they played the mobile game throughout the presentation. [Full Article...]

Sanders Call For Clinton Support With Cheers And Jeers

Sanders Call For Clinton Support With Cheers And Jeers There were tears from some in the audience but the overwhelming sound was enthusiasm. "Our job is to bring people together, not divide us up", Mr. Sanders told the Florida delegation, whom he visited after Wisconsin. Any damn corporate sellout who'd support Hillary Clinton-be it Elijah Cummings, Elizabeth Warren, John Lewis, or Bernie Sanders himself-deserves revolutionary booing, amiright? De... [Full Article...]

Canadian oil spill started day before crews arrived: Husky Energy

A government official says communities affected by an oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River can expect precautionary drinking water measures to be in place for weeks or even months. Sam Ferris from Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency commented to the Huffington Post that the tainted water supply is "not going to be a short-term event". [Full Article...]

New home sales up more than 25 percent from a year ago

New home sales up more than 25 percent from a year ago Purchases of new homes have climbed 10.1 percent year-to-date, aided by an unemployment rate at a healthy 4.9 percent and mortgage rates that approached record lows at the end of last month. However, he added, "NAHB members continue to report challenges meeting the expanding demand because of shortages of developed lots and skilled labor". [Full Article...]

The Sanders movement must work with Hillary to defeat Trump

The Sanders movement must work with Hillary to defeat Trump Warren and Sanders did nothing to exacerbate those tensions like Cruz did. Warren spent much of her speech dismantling Trump - something at which she has become adept. None of which is perhaps surprising. In advance of his speech before the DNC in Philadelphia, Sanders encouraged his followers to not protest or act uncivilly at the convention. [Full Article...]

Faded internet star Yahoo Inc! fetches €4.4bn from USA telco

Now the move is not likely to affect the retail foreign exchange brokerage business of Yahoo Japan in a material way. While Yahoo comes from the freewheeling, innovative world of Silicon Valley, Verizon has staid roots as a regulated telecom operator on the eastern seaboard. [Full Article...]

Day 1 of Democratic National Convention begins with conflict

Day 1 of Democratic National Convention begins with conflict Aside from Bill Clinton's remarks, the second day of the Democratic gathering is scheduled to bring the official nomination of the party's presidential candidate, as well as speeches from an array of lawmakers and activists. As those in the arena broke into applause, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Vince Insalaco hugged a misty-eyed Sanders delegate and hoisted a placard bearing Sanders' cam... [Full Article...]

Twitter stock falls 10% on weak sales

Twitter stock falls 10% on weak sales Analyst polled by Thomson Reuters now expect revenues of $678.18 million. The stock was immediately down more than 10 percent on the news and seems to be hovering there. As it positions itself as a news platform, live videos of key events should enhance its offerings. Since then, the tech firm has faced layoffs and a number of executive departures, but it also has made product changes and hire... [Full Article...]

Verizon will acquire Yahoo

Total revenues for FiOS services grew 3.7%, to $2.8 billion; blaming the strike, Verizon said the wireline segment reported an operating loss of $463 million in second-quarter 2016 (versus an operating loss of $199 million a year earlier). The company ended the first quarter with an additional 615,000 retail postpaid retail postpaid customers, bringing Verizon's postpaid subscriber base up to 107.... [Full Article...]

Stocks pull back, halting a record-setting win streak

Stocks pull back, halting a record-setting win streak The recent rally has pushed the S&P 500 to fresh all-time records after failing to reach such highs for more than a year, putting the benchmark index up almost 6 percent in 2016. NOT SO SWEET: Honeywell International fell $4.34, or 3.7 percent, to $114.32 to lead industrial stocks lower. It reported weaker earnings growth than analysts expected and said a key revenue trend will turn down in the ... [Full Article...]

Confidence crashes to recession levels among United Kingdom manufacturers

Confidence crashes to recession levels among United Kingdom manufacturers Meanwhile, the outlook for the next three months is set to soften, with expectations for total new orders growth at their lowest since January 2012, output growth set to ease and headcount expected to fall slightly. "We see this in falling optimism and lacklustre investment plans". Samuel Tombs, chief United Kingdom economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said the survey 'adds to evidence that the... [Full Article...]

Sega Launches Retro Mega Drive Console

Sega Launches Retro Mega Drive Console The Nintendo NES Classic Edition, coming soon for $60, looks like a great deal for classic game fans. The console supports original Mega Drive cartridges, comes with two wireless controllers and plugs into your TV; the portable system features a 3.2-inch display and includes a rechargeable battery with a USB charger. [Full Article...]

Seeking wider digital audience, Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8B

What Mayer inherited was a rudderless company that had been eclipsed by Google and Facebook, both in users and ad revenue. Verizon today announced that it will acquire Yahoo's operating business for about US$ 4.83 billion in cash. "We set out to create a stronger, more modern, version of Yahoo and that's very much happened", she said. But Verizon also faces the same challenges a stand-... [Full Article...]

Controversy surrounds ND delegation at Democratic National Convention

Controversy surrounds ND delegation at Democratic National Convention Democratic delegates said it was time to come together. Despite Sanders' vigorous endorsement of Clinton over Trump, rumblings of dissent were present. "That being said, I would acknowledge that there's some tough feelings because of the DNC emails, because of the placement of Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz right onto the Clinton campaign". [Full Article...]

Nintendo shares plunge, company says Pokemon GO's earnings impact limited

With Nintendo's game servers already overloaded with peak traffic, we might see a ton of server crashes as Pokemon GO gears up for an official global release in the next few days including Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Philippines and other Asian countries. [Full Article...]

Trump expected to mention Baltimore in RNC speech

It was a stand that had to be taken, Cruz said , even though he and other GOP primary candidates pledged last fall to back the eventual party nominee. Then he turned and walked from the podium, stopping and turning again and, strangely, taking a bow. The most conspicuous example of anti-Hillary excess came when the delegates would be reminded of various Clinton transgressions and instantly brea... [Full Article...]

Mike Pence Appears To Contradict Trump's Stance On NATO

Mike Pence Appears To Contradict Trump's Stance On NATO Trump picked Pence as his running mate last week after days of unusual and very public deliberations. Mike PencePence, 57, was a Republican lawmaker for 12 years and the third-highest-ranking member of the GOP in the House before becoming the governor of in in 2013. [Full Article...]

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