Microsoft bringing your Android smartphone notifications to your Windows 10 PC

This significant update will help you interact with your Windows 10 devices as naturally as you interact with the world around you - using your pen, presence and voice. "Each Bot will enhance your Skype experience in its own way, bringing a new dimension into your everyday Skype chats by helping turn your ideas and plans into actions", the Skype team wrote in a blog post . [Full Article...]

Millennials Save More Money Than Previous Generations

Millennials Save More Money Than Previous Generations It's also greater than the roughly 50 percent of consumers between the ages of 30 and 49 who were saving as much. It shows an evident migration to higher savings rates, with 29% of millennials saving more than 10% of their incomes, up from 22% a year ago. [Full Article...]

Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke -- mother of Sean Astin -- dies at 69

She co-wrote a book about mental illness and became an advocate for destigmatizing mental disorders and for her fellow actors as the head of the Screen Actors Guild. Duke went on to star in her own sitcom, "The Patty Duke Show ", before landing other roles in well-known films including "Valley of the Dolls". But producer Sidney Sheldon had noticed that she had two distinct sides to her pers... [Full Article...]

'The Walking Dead' season 6 finale teaser introduces Negan and Lucille

Tobin interrupts her prepping and it's obvious she is tuning him out as she's already mentally left Alexandria . What is she trying to accomplish exactly? Carol is spotted in the auto that was once centered in front of Alexandria . In the brand-new promo above Rick attempts to negotiate with The Saviors to get Glenn , Michonne , Daryl and Rosita back, but it's clear that this trade w... [Full Article...]

Is Batman Vs Superman not up to the mark?

Is Batman Vs Superman not up to the mark? And we think their theory is, Well, the DC superheroes like Batman , Superman, Wonder Woman - they're better known than Marvel superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America. " Batman v Superman " borrows several significant ideas and images from influential comic books (in his battle armor, this Batman more closely resembles the stocky, blocky Caped Crusader of Frank Miller's " The Dark Kni... [Full Article...]

Cruz Blames 'Sleazy' Trump for Affair Report

Cruz Blames 'Sleazy' Trump for Affair Report Ted Cruz , and the other Republican candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is a distant third in the delegate count among active GOP candidates. She signed off with this message, "Wake me up from this nightmare someone PLEASE!" "We can't throw out everything we know about what works and what doesn't and start torturing people", Clinton said in a speech to supporters in Seattle Tuesday night f... [Full Article...]

Cruz on Donald Trump: "You're a sniveling coward"

Cruz on Donald Trump: The Trump campaign recruited 68-year-old insurance executive Jamie Klein to run for delegate in central Pennsylvania. He is more liberal than Republicans in the Senate would prefer but as moderate a choice as they probably would get from any Democratic president. [Full Article...]

Celebrities React To Death Of Comedian Garry Shandling

Celebrities React To Death Of Comedian Garry Shandling A source close to Shandling said he'd been fine and speaking to people Thursday morning, but at some point, someone made a 911 call from his house. The cause of death was still undisclosed but a LAPD spokesperson revealed that Schandling had a medical emergency and died at a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday. [Full Article...]

TayTweets: Microsoft AI bot manipulated into being extreme racist upon release

Tay was designed by Microsoft for people in 18-24 age groups. All appeared to be going smoothly, but within 24 hours Tay's tweets appeared out of control as a barrage of racist and sexist comments were parroted back to Twitter users. According to CBS Miami , the idea was to make a talking bot that can talk like a typical teen, using emojis, abbreviations, slang and all kinds of sophomoric spe... [Full Article...]

Garry Shandling: One last laugh

Garry Shandling: One last laugh The episode was titled " It's Great That Garry Shandling's Still Alive ". "In the next few days, maybe weeks, you'll be hearing a lot and reading a lot about Garry Shandling , the comedian", the host said on Thursday night's "Conan" on TBS. [Full Article...]

Garry Shandling planned to go to ER the day before he died

During Garry Shandling's now haunting last comedy gig, he spoke about his failing health and funeral. The day before his death, the comedian reportedly complained of shortness of breath and pain. And it was a show about a character, a fictional character, who hosted a talk show, a talk show like this. Other late-night hosts paying tribute to the much-loved comic were Seth Meyers , who instr... [Full Article...]

Big wins for Bernie Sanders in Washington, Alaska caucuses, waiting on Hawaii

She also has the support of 469 super delegates - who can support whichever candidate they choose regardless of the outcome of their state's primary or caucus - versus just 29 for Sanders . "The real problem is the math", said Geoffrey Skelley, a political analyst at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, while noting Sanders does better in caucuses and is helped by "the fact that his ... [Full Article...]

Microsoft's TAY AI Chatbot transforms into Hitler loving, sex promoting robot

In fact, if a user actually tweeted Tay to "repeat after me", Tay would follow the command, allowing anyone Twitter user to put words into Microsoft's AI chatbot. The goal of Tay was to create a chatbot with a youthful personality, but something went terribly wrong with the execution that might result in the execution of Tay. [Full Article...]

Dick Morris: If Trump Loses GOP Nomination, He's Done

Their survey of 439 likely voters showed Cruz leading Trump, 36% to 35%. He posted on Twitter Tuesday that he would "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz , a former Goldman Sachs executive. Oh by the way, to the numerous outlets who are writing about this who refer to the women involved as "wives" or "spouses" without even bothering to mention their names, they are Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump beca... [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders wins the Alaska caucuses

Bernie Sanders wins the Alaska caucuses The Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic nomination got a big boost Saturday as he is poised to run away with the Washington state and Alaska caucuses. With about 15 percent of the results in, Bernie Sanders is grabbing more than 80 percent of caucus-goers' support in Alaska and more than 70 percent in Washington . [Full Article...]

Sanders wins Democratic primary in Alaska

Sanders wins Democratic primary in Alaska Bernie Sanders is hopeful that he could pick up wins in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. Sanders'  wife, Jane,  flew to Alaska this week  to conduct a town hall on her husband's behalf, a trip that endeared Sanders to many voters there, unaccustomed to in-person campaigning from a candidate or a top surrogate.  Sanders  now has at least 929. [Full Article...]

Microsoft's AI Chatbot Becomes Racist, Has To Be Unplugged

A report published in PCWorld said, " Wednesday morning, Tay was a novel experiment in AI that would learn natural language through social engagement". The company states on Tay's website , the chat bot learnt the phrases from humans on the Internet. That response is likely to fall short of what at least one Twitter user is calling Microsoft's "harassment by proxy". [Full Article...]

Coach K denies lecturing Oregon player after Duke loss

Brooks, a sophomore guard, had 22 points, six assists and five rebounds, but a last-second three-pointer with the game well in hand for his team didn't sit well with Duke . Brooks certainly has nothing to apologize for, as he has a right to be fired up after his team-high 22 points helped vault the Ducks into the Elite Eight. [Full Article...]

Good Friday 2016: Meaning and history for the pre-Easter holy day

Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. But have you found them all? Later on that night itself, Judas (one of his disciples) betrayed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. So Good Friday , for me, is personally painful, but I am extremely grateful that Jesus died because He loves us. When he dies on the cross there is darkness over the land. [Full Article...]

North Carolina Repeals Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

North Carolina Repeals Transgender Bathroom Ordinance Republicans stressed the importance of safety and privacy for women in restroom facilities, worrying that some men might use the Charlotte law to harass women. The move came in response to an antidiscrimination ordinance passed by the city of Charlotte, NC, which would have gone into effect April 1. The NBA on Thursday expressed concern about North Carolina House Bill 2, which essentially bans... [Full Article...]

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