There's no evidence greyhound racing can continue in this country

There's no evidence greyhound racing can continue in this country Former High Court judge Michael McHugh oversaw the investigation and presented his report to Deputy Premier and Racing Minister Troy Grant last month. Bathurst Greyhound Racing Club's racing manager Jason Lyne said the decision to ban the sport is one he did not see coming. "Look at all the people that are out of business as it is not just greyhound racing or people with greyhounds there a... [Full Article...]

Israel announces $12.9m boost to West Bank settlements

In Sisi's impromptu and unusual foreign policy speech in May, he said "we will achieve a warmer peace if we resolve the issue of our Palestinian brothers", and he asked the Israeli leadership to broadcast his words throughout its country. But Israeli officials have said only direct talks can end the decades-old conflict. He added that peace between Israelis and Palestinians "would have dramatic ... [Full Article...]

Australia's prime minister claims victory in close election

He said the Coalition would be re-elected, although it was not yet clear whether it would be a minority government or a with a slim one or two seat majority. An unnamed coalition MP told The Australian: "His theory was to win and win comfortably so the conservatives would all have to kneel at the altar of Malcolm Turnbull; well, I think someone else will be kneeling at the conservative altar now... [Full Article...]

Copycat 'Pokémon Go' App Wreaking Havoc With Droidjack Android Malware

Pokémon Go may also already have more daily active users than Twitter . Aside from the release of a malicious Pokemon Go app, the game has been experiencing problems with its server since it was released last week. The rest of the world will certainly be thrilled once the real-life trainer experience truly goes worldwide. People who have their phone infected wouldn't usually be able to ... [Full Article...]

US State Department reopens probe into Hillary's handling of emails

The internal investigation is only now restarting because the Justice Department has closed its federal case, says Spokesman John Kirby. He did not elaborate on what the State Department's review would entail, but said it would be "as expeditious as possible" with no "artificial deadlines" placed on the process. [Full Article...]

Japan PM Abe: too early to discuss specific revisions to constitution

The LDP has held the goal of revising the Constitution since its formation and it included that goal in its platform for governing. The opposition lost many of its seats, they said. The coalition already controls two-thirds of the lower house, which wasn't up for election, meaning Abe has the votes to start the revision process. The document, which renounces Japan's right to wage war, is deplore... [Full Article...]

(Tennis) Andy Murray clinches second Wimbledon title

His breakthrough as a professional came in 2011 when he made the Australian Open fourth round as a qualifier. 'Most of the time it is about positioning on the volleys, where to be especially when you see a guy off balance or which angles to cover. [Full Article...]

Presidential campaigning derails over Dallas deaths

Clinton's campaign said that "due to the tragic events in Dallas" the Scranton, Pennsylvania, event and a local fundraiser with Biden won't proceed Friday. They're not just police officers. The shootings marked yet another convulsive event in the 2016 political season, one in which Clinton and Trump have scrambled to find the right response to terror attacks overseas, mass shootings at home, a... [Full Article...]

Froome wearing yellow during 9th stage of Tour de France

Former two-time Tour champion Chris Froome (Team Sky) took the stage win and with it the overall leader's yellow jersey. No-one could follow Froome, who is chasing a third Tour title, as he finished 13 seconds ahead of Ireland's Dan Martin (Etixx-Quick Step) and Spaniard Joaquim Rodriguez (Katusha). [Full Article...]

Dallas Police Heighten Security After Anonymous Threat

He said if people care about the safety of police officers, they can not pretend that the gun issue is irrelevant. "We have to accept and embrace these challenges and overcome them". After Johnson was killed, a relative posted on her Facebook page, "I keep saying its not eyes hurt from crying". The officer, who is in stable condition, was shot once in the abdomen and twice in his protect... [Full Article...]

Job Growth Surges in June After Spring Slump

United States employers added new workers at a surprisingly strong rate in June after an unnerving stall in May, delivering a fresh sign of United States economic strength, the Labor Department reported today. The glowing employment report will likely have little impact on the near-term outlook for interest rates, Darrell Cronk, chief investment officer at Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment in NY... [Full Article...]

Hamilton claims dramatic Silverstone pole

Behind the two Mercedes it's the Red Bull of Max Verstappen 1.026 seconds behind the Mercedes , with Daniel Ricciardo having to settle for fourth place on the grid alongside his rookie team mate. Hamilton heads into his home race knowing that another collision with Rosberg could result in a suspension. A team spokesman said the auto needed more detailed checks which could not be completed durin... [Full Article...]

US Jobs Surge in June

US Jobs Surge in June USA employers added new workers at a surprisingly strong rate in June after an unnerving stall in May, in a clear demonstration of economic resilience, the Labor Department reported Friday. The U.S. economy still shows signs of longer-term challenges, economists said . The unemployment rate is expected to tick up to a still very low 4.8 percent from 4.7 percent. [Full Article...]

Big Rebound: 287000 Jobs Added in June

June's hiring levels boosted the monthly average of the last three months to a solid 147,000, which economists say is at least adequate to keep up with the steady increase in the size of the USA workforce. The May data with a much lower than expected employment increase cast major doubts on the U.S. labour-market trends and also caused consternation within the Federal Reserve. [Full Article...]

Black Lives Matter persists in efforts to raise awareness

Black Lives Matter persists in efforts to raise awareness Taking aim at the media, something which was a cornerstone of the Republican campaigning during the primaries earlier this year, Palin said it was time to "quit claiming the rioters are "peaceful" as they stomp on our flag, shout 'death to cops!' and celebrate violence". [Full Article...]

Dallas shooting gunman had bomb-making materials and rifles at his home

July 8, 2016 following a Thursday night shooting incident that killed five police officers. A search of the gunman's home in suburban Dallas turned up "bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics", police said , adding that detectives were analysing the information in the journal. [Full Article...]

First Ever Tesla Autopilot Crash - 1 DIES

First Ever Tesla Autopilot Crash - 1 DIES Tesla noted that while it had delivered fewer than 15,000 cars, it had produced 18,345, with more than 5,000 vehicles still in transit to customers. The incident follows the fatal crash of a Tesla Model S driving under Autopilot, which spurred a review of the technology by the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA). [Full Article...]

US job market rebounds with June hiring surge of 287000

US job market rebounds with June hiring surge of 287000 With Breitbart News predicting an acceleration of U.S. manufacturing would mean no recession this year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that employment jumped by 287,000 jobs in June, as hiring rebounded from a two-month slowdown. [Full Article...]

Trump holds tense talks with senate Republicans

Trump holds tense talks with senate Republicans Frazier said Trump 'also asked Sen. Arizona has traditionally been a GOP stronghold, but ABC News has rated the state only "Leans Republican " for the 2016 cycle because of the growing number of Hispanics and Trump's comments throughout his campaign on immigration. [Full Article...]

U.S. to deploy 1000 troops for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation battalion in Poland

The plan was agreed July 8 at the summit in Poland's capital Warsaw . In response to Obama's comments, the EU's Juncker toned down his previously tough position on Britain's need to start divorce proceedings immediately and said negotiations would not be in a "hostile mood". [Full Article...]

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