'Outlander' season 2 premiere spoilers: Finale to introduce Roger and Brianna

This is a very intense scene as I knew it would be. "And I you", Jamie replies. The relationship between Jamie and Claire has always been the bedrock of "Outlander ", and "Dragonfly in Amber" is no exception. It's this moment that makes Brianna believe her mother's story of traveling to the past. "She does love Frank, and probably continues to love him, but in an altered form when she's in l... [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go Raises Security Concerns for Google Account Holders

Pokemon Go Raises Security Concerns for Google Account Holders When some players signed in with Google, Pokemon Go was given full access to their Google accounts, including documents and email. A few months ago, issues were raised with how the Oculus Rift was tracking and recording user data, which caused such a large media storm it even garnered a response from a United States Senator. [Full Article...]

Pokémon GO Takes to The Skies

Pokémon GO Takes to The Skies Those are what you fling at online "pocket monsters", or Pokemon, to capture them for training. In just one week, Pokemon Go has already made $14m in the United States alone, according to a research report from SuperData . To download the game, all you have to do is to go on the App Store on your phone or tablet, click and download " Pokemon Go " to start catching your very own Pokemon . [Full Article...]

Greg Schiano denies having knowledge of Jerry Sandusky abuse

Yes. I was shocked, disappointed, offended. You're not going to do anything else?" "The overwhelming evidence confirms that Joe Paterno never engaged in a coverup of Jerry Sandusky's crimes", Sollers said in a statement . Another deposition included is from Mike McQueary, former Penn State assistant coach turned key witness in Sandusky's trial. Schiano, who is now the defensive coordinator at ... [Full Article...]

United Kingdom poised to have first woman PM since Margaret Thatcher

Britain's next prime minister will be a woman , after Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom took the top two slots in a crucial vote of Conservative MPs. Cameron announced his resignation after unsuccessfully campaigning for Britain to vote "remain" in the June 23 referendum that asked voters whether the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union. [Full Article...]

Latino Officer Jeronimo Yanez Shot & Killed Philando Castile

Many pointed out that the organization failed to even mention the names of the victims, particularly Castile who was legally carrying a gun in his vehicle, and according to his girlfriend, was trying to tell police he had a license to carry before he was shot. [Full Article...]

Markets Right Now: Stocks open higher on Wall Street

The stock market hit another milestone as the Dow Jones industrial average closed at a record high, a day after the Standard & Poor's 500 index did. That it's done so against the background of the insane US presidential election, Brexit, global economic malaise, negative interest rates and an earnings recession means no one should be surprised if stocks don't hang on to their gains for all that ... [Full Article...]

SEC Investigating Tesla for Not Disclosing Fatal Autopilot Crash to Investors

In fact, it's Tesla's bid for Musk's other company, SolarCity, that's likely to be key for the evolution of Tesla. Longtime Tesla followers will recognize this as the plan Musk formally introduced in August of 2006, which described Musk's eventual goal of releasing the Model 3, the company's affordable EV now slated for a late 2017 release. [Full Article...]

EU warns of Brexit hit, urges clarification over future

The Greek ship finance business was worth about US$3 billion. While analysts on Monday attributed the FTSE's rise to the news Theresa May will succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister , the truth is the index has been surging for the last two weeks after the Brexit vote. [Full Article...]

The new Pokemon Go app is taking over: Here's how it works

It became available for download in India about a week ago. If you want to own a gym for the goal of training, don't put your strongest Pokemon as the guard. You'll need to be fast with that Pokeball though or they'll disappear. That's what those Pokestops are for. The app has taken Lubbock by storm, with an accurate map of the city and interactive play all around the Hub City. [Full Article...]

Protests in Baton Rouge calm after busy weekend

Protests in Baton Rouge calm after busy weekend While various police departments have taken advantage of the Dallas attack to clamp down on protests, legislators and police officials have moved to assert new precedents that further intimidate the population. Sterling was shot and killed early July 5 during an altercation with two Baton Rouge police officers, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake. An affidavit filed with the warrant, obtained by The... [Full Article...]

Elon Musk working on 'top secret Tesla masterplan'

The title of the plan alludes to Musk's 2006 blog post, which was called "Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan". He said he hoped to publish details later in the week. The car's software notified Tesla of the crash, and Tesla reported it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Musk is chairman of SolarCity and owns 22% of the company. [Full Article...]

Starbucks Hikes Prices on Coffee, Espresso, Tea Lattes

Starbucks Hikes Prices on Coffee, Espresso, Tea Lattes The move increases the average customer ticket by about 1%. The company said 65% of beverage prices haven't changed. The Seattle-based company said the latest increase was needed for "business needs". The announcement was made in a letter to employees from CEO Howard Schultz. In addition to a salary increase employees with at least two years of service will now receive double the amount of sto... [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go To Get Bi-Weekly Updates

If you logged into Nintendo's widely popular app Pokémon GO with your Google account on an iOS device, chances are the developer of the game, Niantic Labs, has " full access " to your information. This is one of the reasons why Google and Apple both now offer users ability to control what information and access you provide to an locally on the phone. [Full Article...]

Theresa May to Be Britain's Second Woman Prime Minister

Theresa May to Be Britain's Second Woman Prime Minister Home Secretary Theresa May became the country's leader-in-waiting after her sole remaining rival unexpectedly withdrew, saying Britain needs stability amid the uncertainty caused by its vote to leave the European Union. The secretary said there would be no "back door" for the United Kingdom into the European Union (EU). Also on Monday, Angela Eagle announced her leadership bid to replace Je... [Full Article...]

Giancarlo Stanton sets new mark in Home Run Derby win

Giancarlo Stanton sets new mark in Home Run Derby win Ramos and Fernando Rodney will represent the National League during Tuesday's midsummer classic, but Giancarlo Stanton will get things started on Monday night as he is set to participate in the Home Run Derby . He also joked around that a couple of his final-round homers were stolen by fans reaching over the wall. Frazier hit his 13 with nine seconds left in the first round to edge Gonzalez . [Full Article...]

Reasons Trump Should Choose Newt Gingrich for VP

Trump personally contributed $3.8 million to his campaign as well, bringing the total to $55 million. The campaign said that more than 400,000 supporters have donated, with 94 percent of supporters giving under $200. Trump has until 20 days after he is formally nominated in Cleveland to convert his campaign loans from the primary election to donations. "I would have rather defended up and s... [Full Article...]

Pokémon Go App Takes Over Eugene

The game has sparked warnings about safety, amid reports of injuries, trespassing, and the discovery of a dead body. In most cases, users tend to say yes to all the demands that an app makes, not realising the it will probably copy a lot of personal information from the Google and Facebook accounts, which can then be used for various purposes. [Full Article...]

Ronaldo named in Euro 2016 team of the tournament, Bale misses out

Ronaldo named in Euro 2016 team of the tournament, Bale misses out Eder, Portugal's match-winner, also plays overseas, for Lille in France. Ronaldo, prone on the turf, sat up slowly and did what he surely never imagined having to do in a game like this: he wrapped his captain's armband around a teammate as his eyes clouded over. [Full Article...]

Contador pulls out of 2016 Tour de France, blames virus

Four times during the opening 80km of Sunday's stage, Contador was seen dropping back from the peloton to speak to his team auto. To compound matters he woke up on Sunday with a fever, yet before quitting he'd still tried to go on the attack on the first climb of the tough mountainous stage that started in his native Spain before finishing in Andorra. [Full Article...]

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