Supreme Court Rules in Favor of a Colorado Special Ed Student

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of IL said the high court had just tossed out a standard that Gorsuch himself had used in a similar case that lowered the bar for educational achievement. "John Cornyn, he said, 'I was wrong, Senator, because I was bound by circuit precedent, and I'm sorry'". In August 2015, the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the school district did provide a "a f... [Full Article...]

Stock to Watch for Earnings: Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ)

Stock to Watch for Earnings: Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ) JMP Securities reiterated a "hold" rating on shares of Canadian Solar in a research note on Tuesday, November 22nd. Heading into the earnings release, covering analysts have a consensus target price of $15.21 on Canadian Solar Inc. EPS is broadly thought to be one of the most important factors when evaluating the price of a share. The company's quarterly revenue was down 40.3% compared to th... [Full Article...]

Westminster terror attack: Mayor of London's statement

Mr Trump Jr. commented: "You have to be kidding me?!" A auto then plouged into a crowd of people on Westminster bridge, killing one woman and injuring at least 10. Except Mayor Khan was in fact discussing how the threat of violence is now an unfortunate reality big cities must be prepared for. "I was just getting an update on London". [Full Article...]

National Ag Day: Giving Thanks for Agriculture, From Farm to Fork

National Ag Day: Giving Thanks for Agriculture, From Farm to Fork The theme for 2017's edition of National Ag Day is "Agriculture: Food For Life". According to the American Farm Bureau, it takes about 36 days or five weeks for most Americans to earn enough disposable income to pay for their food consumed at home and away from home for the entire year. [Full Article...]

Chinese PM Li Welcomes Israeli PM Netanyahu to Beijing

Chinese PM Li Welcomes Israeli PM Netanyahu to Beijing According to an analysis published by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv on Sunday, Israel-China ties "embody significant growth potential for the Israeli economy that must be maximized while taking every precaution to preserve Israel's strategic relationship with the United States". [Full Article...]

French candidates face off in first debate

A snap opinion poll showed Macron, a 39-year-old former economy minister who has never run for public office before, was the most convincing among the top five contenders in a marathon debate of almost 3½ that delivered no knock-outs. But with so many voters undecided and polls showing the abstention rate could be higher than ever in France , the level of uncertainty remains high. [Full Article...]

Court Blames Japan's Gov't For Nuclear Disaster

Court Blames Japan's Gov't For Nuclear Disaster The district court north of Tokyo found that the government and the plant's operator Tepco were responsible. (Damages in Japanese civil cases tend to be much smaller than those in the U.S.) TEPCO is already paying compensation of ¥100,000 per month to victims who were forced to evacuate the area around the plant. [Full Article...]

Disney gives timeless remake of a 'Tale As Old As Time'

Disney gives timeless remake of a 'Tale As Old As Time' It topped the previous March opening weekend record of $ 166 million set by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a year ago and also the seventh largest opening weekend ever . In China, the film grossed $3.4 million on 386 screens. Emma Watson attends the NY screening of Disney's " Beauty and the Beast ". The wages of Watson's " Beauty and the Beast " male costars - Dan Stevens , Luke Eva... [Full Article...]

Is It the Beginning of a Bear Market for Crude Oil?

Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih has said the kingdom will adhere strictly to its commitment to cut output and that state oil giant Saudi Aramco was cutting exports. The bigger headwind to prices is also the re-emergence of shale output. While the number of active rigs is still well below the highs of a few years ago, the rig count has already doubled compared to last year's low. [Full Article...]

Secret Service detains suspicious auto at White House checkpoint

Secret Service detains suspicious auto at White House checkpoint It was a busy Saturday White House Secret Service officers. The official could not say what the motive was or if the individual was intoxicated at the time of the incident. "The Secret Service can not even keep one person off the grounds - what will they do if 40 terrorists charge the White House? In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readines... [Full Article...]

Health secretary prods GOP to 'collaborate' on health bill

Health secretary prods GOP to 'collaborate' on health bill A significant number of Republicans - including Rep. Pressed by Tapper on the point that access to coverage is different than actually having coverage, Price said the GOP plan would lower the costs of insurance and increase options while overhauling Medicaid, which is geared toward lower-income people and those with disabilities. [Full Article...]

UK's Osborne to edit Standard newspaper

UK's Osborne to edit Standard newspaper It suggested the Remain MP was joining the growing "liberal elite" outside parliament, and that he could use the new role to "try to establish" a "coherent force" outside the Commons to hold the Prime Minister to account. He said: "Once he put himself forward for the position, he was the obvious choice". The former Cabinet minister's new job comes on top of a £650,000-a-year post working for a U... [Full Article...]

Is a New Oil Price War About to Emerge?

The price of a barrel of Brent crude, the benchmark global contract, rose by 1 per cent to $51.55 a barrel. Market analysts said that the rise in crude oil futures was largely in tune with a firm trend overseas after government data confirmed a drop in U.S. [Full Article...]

Ryan says Trump playing constructive role on healthcare

But the ObamaCare replacement plan still faces opposition from both moderate Republicans and the party's more conservative factions. It would cut Medicaid, repeal the law's tax increases on higher earning Americans and allow 30 percent higher premiums for consumers who let coverage lapse. [Full Article...]

Oracle Stock Hits New High On Earnings, Analysts Raise Targets

Oracle Stock Hits New High On Earnings, Analysts Raise Targets With this move, Oracle took away one of Amazon's cloud service's main selling points, which is the cheaper route to the cloud and presented its own cloud platform as the cheaper option. This represents a $0.76 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 1.77%. Oracle's dividend payout ratio is 28.99%. In other Oracle news, Director Naomi O. [Full Article...]

Tesla to raise more than $1b to bring Model 3 to market

Tesla to raise more than $1b to bring Model 3 to market On Wednesday the company announced that it will offer $250 million in common stock and $750 million in convertible senior notes due in 2022 in concurrent underwritten public offerings. Barclays had said that a $2.5 billion stock offering wouldn't be a surprise. Tesla Inc .'s smaller-than-expected capital raise is likely a sign of Chief Executive Elon Musk's heightened confidence in the su... [Full Article...]

Mortgage rates keep rising. The sooner you get a loan, the better

Much of the commentary surrounding the Federal Reserve's decision Wednesday to raise the Fed Funds rate by 25 basis points has been about how this is likely to increase mortgage rates, have a negative effect on home affordability, and potentially derail the still-wobbly recovery of the United States housing market. [Full Article...]

Dozens of flights canceled from Tampa Bay area due to nor'easter

Canceling early also spares travelers unnecessary trips to the airport and gives them more options to rebook than when faced with a last-minute cancellation. About 50 flights at Hancock Airport in Syracuse have been cancelled on Tuesday. One airline - Southwest - expected to ground almost all of its flights in the Northeast on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

ME unemployment rate lowest since 2001

ME unemployment rate lowest since 2001 Employers boosted Colorado's non-farm payroll by 7,900 in January from December, with the private sector adding 4,200 jobs and the public sector adding 3,700. The total number of people who will be employed by Community Bank is 2,800, the statement said. The Glens Falls Metropolitan Statistical region did not see any change from January 2016 compared to its 2017 unemployment numbers, which were ... [Full Article...]

Climate Change Protesters Carve Message on Trump Golf Course Green

Climate Change Protesters Carve Message on Trump Golf Course Green The Los Angeles Police Department are investigating whether the act constitutes vandalism or accidental, while a group spokesperson told the Washington Post they used "gardening tools" and that it took less than an hour. The Trump National Golf Club is an 18-hole public course that charges an annual membership fee of $695 on top of a $160 fee to play each visit. The golf club was opened in 2... [Full Article...]

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