China warns Australia to stay out of South China Sea ruling debate

A state-run Chinese newspaper has run an editorial calling the governments of Japan and the United States the "eunuchs" of new Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, following a humiliating loss for Beijing at the Hague over its claims in the South China Sea. [Full Article...]

EU parliament chief takes aim at UK cabinet

EU parliament chief takes aim at UK cabinet Her most contentious appointment is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson , accused by his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault on Thursday of lying to Britons in the run-up to last month's shock referendum vote to leave the 28-nation EU. Tony Travers of the London School of Economics said she is unlikely to rush the transition out of the European Union . Juergen Hardt said that "free access to th... [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go underscores Nintendo's rich characters, vision

City Spirit Go was launched four months ago, few weeks after Japanese video game company Nintendo released a provisional version of Pokemon Go only in Japan, which was later launched officially on Wednesday with limited availability in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. [Full Article...]

White House candidate Trump picks Indiana Governor Pence for running mate

Trump hasn't made an official announcement yet - he is planning to do that Friday in NY, at 10 a.m. central time. Donald Trump says on Twitter that he is delaying the announcement of his running mate following the deadly truck attack in France. [Full Article...]

Gingrich to Trump: Pick a 'pirate' for your VP

Gingrich to Trump: Pick a 'pirate' for your VP At any rate, Trump will no longer be announcing his pick at 11 a.m. Eastern Friday, as originally planned. Donald Trump is postponing the announcement of his running mate after the attacks in Nice, France, he announced Thursday on Twitter. [Full Article...]

JPMorgan's results beat forecasts as trading revenue jumps

Shares of JPMorgan gained 2.1 percent to $64.50 in opening trade. The bank's move, which was unveiled in an Op-Ed Dimon penned for The New York Times , means the bank's minimum US wage of $10.15 an hour will climb to between $12 and $16.50 an hour, depending on factors like where employees work, over the next three years. [Full Article...]

Messaging app Line's stock soars in NYSE debut

For anyone that has used LINE , these emoji characters appear below words that are typed - allowing users to choose a visual emoji to match the word being type and swap the word for the picture (i.e. Snapchat's revenue estimates come from a pitch deck that leaked earlier in the year. But Line also seems to be doing something else right. [Full Article...]

US stocks move higher at midday

The MSCI world equity index .MIWD00000PUS was last up 0.67 percent, at 412.03. The Dow rose 124 points, or 0.7 percent, to 18,351 at 3:11 p.m. Although history shows this to be an old bull market, stocks tend to see additional gains after reaching a new high for the first time in over a year. [Full Article...]

Tom Hiddleston: Taylor and I are together for real

How best to put this?", he began, when asked how he would respond to the conspiracy theory that his newfound romance is all for show. Did Taylor Swift break up with Calvin Harris? "Thanks for asking", Hiddleston added, before offering a last word on the subject: "That's the truth". [Full Article...]

Jordan Rodgers reveals on 'Bachelorette' he doesn't talk to brother Aaron

Alex has the seduction skills of a seventh grader. He did not receive a solo date like Alex , Jordan , and Luke and he failed to receive a rose on the three-on-one date with Chase and Robby . They stomped and danced on grapes. What hype? The failed quarterback? Jordan Rodgers , the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is one of four remaining contestants on th... [Full Article...]

Philippines to Send Envoy to China Over Sea Row

Philippines to Send Envoy to China Over Sea Row The Aquino government has planned to campaign to muster global support, including in the United Nations, to pressure China if the arbitration ruling had been delivered during his presidency. Vice Adm. Yoji Koda, a retired commander-in-chief of Japan's Self-Defense Fleet, said in answer to a question that Tuesday's decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration on the U.N. [Full Article...]

'Pokemon Go' craze makes its way into the college football universe

She too was charging $20 per hour and had drawn interest from players including a Manhattan media lawyer and a pregnant Texas woman, but she said she took down her listing after hearing that she might be violating the terms of the game. It's only a matter of time before we start hearing tales about how two players have fallen in love with each other, despite their separate team alliances. [Full Article...]

Trump allegedly vetting Gingrich, Christie, Pence for VP

Facebook , Google, and Microsoft have all said they will provide some support to this year's GOP event, despite general reservations within the tech industry about where the party is headed under Trump's candidacy. 2. It's not hard to imagine why many folks are so angry and offended by Trump , but he's doing something that even political scholars can't figure out, Gingrich said. [Full Article...]

Kashmir: US calls for talks; India hits back at Pakistan at UN

Kashmir: US calls for talks; India hits back at Pakistan at UN The spokesman said Pakistan wanted to resolve all the outstanding issues, including Kashmir, through talks with India as war is not a solution to any issue. Some US Congressmen and witnesses also suggested declaring Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism and imposing economic sanctions if Islamabad did not eliminate the alleged terrorist safe havens on its territory what would be a shot in the ar... [Full Article...]

Trump leaning toward Pence as running mate

Mike Pence delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature at the Statehouse, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Indianapolis. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, also under consideration, had no comment when asked about the latest developments. [Full Article...]

Gov. Pence Announces $1 Billion Investment

Mike Pence , R. Pence was among the safer choices on Trump's short list, in part because there were few options more different than Trump himself". But the plan, which came to light just days after Trump announced his decision to ban the Washington Post from his events, also appeared to be a thumb in the eye of a national media he had long criticized as "dishonest". [Full Article...]

Speaker Ryan: Pence would be a good, conservative VP

Speaker Ryan: Pence would be a good, conservative VP In today's case, FNC and former Georgia congressman and possible Donald Trump Vice President pick Newt Gingrich is setting aside his TV job, for now. Gingrich was one of the earliest Republicans to embrace Trump and his unlikely run to become the party's presumptive nominee, and the former House Speaker has even served as an unofficial adviser for Trump. [Full Article...]

Your next Pokémon Go gym battle may be at a sponsored location

Your next Pokémon Go gym battle may be at a sponsored location As you are aware by now it's an augmented reality game that brings a virtual fun finish to your physical world. The game has become a global phenomenon since its release. You need to sign in to get access to the game. While I'm not one to chase a stock that's just popped 30% and am not buying (nor do I now own) Nintendo , it is clearly the most direct beneficiary in the near-term and lon... [Full Article...]

Larry the Cat will remain at 10 Downing Street

Larry the Cat will remain at 10 Downing Street On a day Britain got its second ever woman Prime Minister, David Cameron bowed out of Parliament as PM on Wednesday with a poignant echo on his own career, leaving with the line: " I was the future once ". "Good afternoon. When I first stood here in Downing Street on that evening in May 2010 I said we would confront our problems as a country and lead people through hard decisions so that toget... [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO is Finally Out in the UK Wild

Pokemon GO is Finally Out in the UK Wild This Game uses Global Positioning System, which is only for compatible devices. It is released with the initial Android version of 0.29.0, and an update has been released fixing the bugs present in the prior version. Soon the developers of the AR game will make it available globally. Simply go to Apple's App Store or the Google Play store and download yourself a copy of Pokémon Go. [Full Article...]

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