Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man Civil War uniform demand

I had a really good time making these movies - if there were more down the pipeline, I'd certainly consider it". Death.Movies has learned that it gives us a little more Spider-Man. The Hollywood Reporter said that the Disney and Marvel Studios flick, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, is on track to amass US$200 million or more by Sunday. [Full Article...]

Kelly Ripa addresses 'Live' controversy; Michael Strahan to leave in May

Kelly Ripa addresses 'Live' controversy; Michael Strahan to leave in May Tuesday's show is the first time Ripa and Strahan are reunited on camera since last week's announcement that the former football star will leave in September to work full time on ABC's " Good Morning America ". "In that timed I gained perspective, I didn't want to say something I regret". "What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much gr... [Full Article...]

Kelly Ripa returns to 'Live!' and Michael Strahan

Kelly Ripa danced her way onto "Live!". On April 26, the morning of her return, Strahan and Ripa walked out on the stage hand and hand until Ripa decided it was time to to get a few things off her chest. But while it sounds like the producers of Live! with Kelly and Michael are still very much considering their options when it comes to finding Ripa's next co-host, a spokesperson recently appear... [Full Article...]

Beyonce premieres 'Lemonade' on HBO: Twitter reacts

Beyonce premieres 'Lemonade' on HBO: Twitter reacts Videos also featured appearances by the mothers of two black men, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, whose shooting deaths, in Brown's case by a Missouri police officer, have trained a spotlight on USA racial tensions. While swinging her baseball bat to anyone and anything, she sang, " Hold up , they don't love you like I love you". Beyonce finally put the rumours to rest and publicly declare... [Full Article...]

WWE Wrestler Chyna Dead at 46

WWE Wrestler Chyna Dead at 46 Investigators didn't immediately release a cause of death but noted there were no indications of foul play. "It is with deep sadness to inform you today that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero", read a statement on Chyna's official Twitter accounts . [Full Article...]

Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Is So Good HBO Is Submitting It For Emmy Consideration

He added that he was happy that she had brought awareness to a number of issues including Black Lives Matter, marital discord and the many challenges people often face within the black community. Beyoncé's Lemonade has dominated the conversation since she premiered the album on Saturday night via HBO. I love you so much. There's some history between Roy, the ex-wife of Jay Z's forme... [Full Article...]

Lemonade album: Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles reveals mystery identity of 'Becky'

But that's not the only reason. "Beyoncé is the love of his life and he will do what it takes". Beyonce has allegedly reworked the pre-nup and added a "no cheating clause" for her rapper husband, Jay Z after she left him once when he cheated on her earlier. [Full Article...]

Michael Strahan Announces Final "Live" Show

Michael Strahan Announces Final Strahan also made nice, telling his co-host he was "so happy" she was back. E! confirmed with a Live! spokesperson that Strahan is leaving early , and that everybody discussed moving up his departure as being something that was the most advantageous for everyone involved. [Full Article...]

Prince died of AIDS, says new report

Prince died of AIDS, says new report Prince rarely ate and when he did, it all came right back up". 'His face was yellowish, the skin on his neck was hanging off and the tips of fingers were a brownish-yellow'. something we questioned because his plane was only 48 minutes from home before the unscheduled landing". Prince dead: Who will inherit his $800m fortune? According to a report via the National Enquirer , a source is ... [Full Article...]

Where to Listen to Beyonce's Lemonade

The question no one is asking is this: Would Beyonce really reveal such personal drama in a " visual album? ". "I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. The film, starring Elizabeth Taylor, is about a women who undergoes plastic surgery in an attempt to save her marriage. Beyoncé sure knows how to drop an album . [Full Article...]

Why did Prince die? Autopsy performed on U.S. music legend

Prince's body will be released to family later Friday. Prince was found unresponsive Thursday morning at his Paisley Park home after staffers were unable to get in touch with him, according to Sheriff Jim Olson . But he was briefly hospitalized a week ago after his plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, suffering from what his representative told celebrity news website TMZ was ... [Full Article...]

New Blacklist Season 3,Episode 20 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Released

New Blacklist Season 3,Episode 20 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Released Alexander Kirk ( Ulrich Thomsen ) will be a villain with ties to Red, who is expected to reveal a secret about Red's past. Who do you think will betray Red? Alexander will officially make an appearance on episode 21. Of course, just because tonight's episode didn't entirely focus on the aftermath of Liz's death doesn't mean the show isn't going there. Titled "The Artax Network", synopsis for e... [Full Article...]

The Voice Results Tonight, Top 11 Live Elimination, Top 10 Revealed

The Voice Results Tonight, Top 11 Live Elimination, Top 10 Revealed However, we did have some awesome performances in the mix, per usual. The crop of contestants is dwindling down on Season 10 of 'The Voice , ' and after the April 26 episode, we'll be down to just 10. The traditional country singer covered Heidi Newfield's "Johnny and June", convincing Aguilera of her consistency and strength. It seems like they have so many hottie male singers in country! A ... [Full Article...]

Prince's Park estate home to be turned into a museum

On Thursday, April 21, Prince was found unresponsive in the elevator of his Paisely Park compound. Although only close loved ones were allowed onto the property, hundreds of fans also gathered outside the gates to commemorate the late musician. [Full Article...]

Why did Prince die? Autopsy performed on USA music legend

Staff became anxious about his welfare after trying to reach him the next morning and found him collapsed in the elevator. When the staff members arrived, they found him unresponsive in the elevator. CDT. The singer's body was then released to his family. Prince's autopsy was completed on Friday as well, though results are pending. Prince was reportedly treated last week for dehydration an... [Full Article...]

Prince Autopsy Completed, Cause of Death Unknown

They found him "collapsed" in an elevator and called first responders who began CPR on Prince but were unable to revive him, Olson said. " Prince is a very private person, and I don't think that that would be unusual for him to be there by himself", the sheriff said. [Full Article...]

How to stream, watch Beyoncé's new visual album 'Lemonade'

How to stream, watch Beyoncé's new visual album 'Lemonade' But Sorry got fans especially worked-up when it came to rumours Jay Z has cheated on Bey in the past. At another point, she tells the audience through the voice of Malcolm X that " the most disrespected woman in America is the black woman ". [Full Article...]

Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan Accused Of 'Faking' On Air Chemistry

After a week where she reportedly refused to appear on air alongside co-host Michael Strahan following his surprise announcement that he soon plans to bolt their show , Kelly Ripa is expected to return to " Live! I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information ", the email read. [Full Article...]

American Idol 2016 Winner: Check Who Won The Season 15 Title?

American Idol 2016 Winner: Check Who Won The Season 15 Title? The finale was more of a tribute to American Idol the show than American Idol : Season 15. It was cool to see them mix songs up and bring out more singers and just have fun the entire night. It was a star-studded super-sized American Idol series finale as a new victor was named. Now, less than a week later, the SJW community has turned on La'Porsha Renae . [Full Article...]

Kelly Ripa will return to 'Live with Kelly and Michael' on Tuesday

Ripa stole the spotlight from Strahan last Wednesday when, the morning after ABC announced that he would leave " Live " for " GMA " this summer, she failed to show up for work. According to reports , the two have not spoken a word to each other since a post-show meeting with producers Tuesday during which it was revealed that Strahan would be leaving the show at the end of the summer to becom... [Full Article...]

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