Carrie Fisher: Han Solo's Funeral Is Big Part of Episode VIII

Hamill also shared on Facebook a video from the wrap party that featured a group of dancing Stormtroopers who performed dance hits including Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), Psy's "Gangnam Style", and Beyonce 's " Single Ladies ". "I have this memory of my dad putting me in the vehicle to go see Star Wars ". For example, they built lots of exterior sets of ships inside on stages to get dy... [Full Article...]

LA Police: Gunman Targeted and Assassinated Police

LA Police: Gunman Targeted and Assassinated Police Less than two weeks after the police shooting death of a black man, the community is now grieving over the deaths of two city police officers and a sheriff's deputy. A fourth officer with the sheriff's department, Nicholas Tuller, 41, remains in critical condition. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms a... [Full Article...]

Jordan Rodgers on Aaron Rodgers Estrangement

Turns out that will definitely not happen because, as Jordan explained during the episode, he and Aaron are estranged - to the point where he's not even sure Aaron knows he's on the show. Tonight, Alex Woytkiw gets the first solo date, followed by Jordan Rodgers receiving the other one. He told her his middle brother won't be there. [Full Article...]

'Game of Thrones': Season 7 will be later -- and shorter

We've also learned, via Entertainment Weekly , that the forthcoming penultimate season will be filmed in Northern Ireland, Spain and Iceland. Game of Thrones fans have been anticipating the winter's arrival this long - hopefully, it will be worth the wait. [Full Article...]

Cleveland ready for any twists and turns convention brings

About a dozen people were seen with guns before the start of a Monday rally. "Not voting for Trump is putting Clinton in the White House and the Supreme Court justices are her pick", Auclair said, "I don't care if you have to plug your nose and vote for Mr. [Full Article...]

N. Korea closing communication channel with United States over THAAD

N. Korea closing communication channel with United States over THAAD Hours later, Pyongyang's foreign ministry said that the deployment of the THADD system would increase the possibility of a nuclear war between North Korea and America. The US did not accept the request and the Kim Jon Un's administration chose to close the only communication with the country. "All we can do is pray for his family", Park said. [Full Article...]

Katko not attending Republican convention, still hasn't endorsed Trump

Gen. Michael Flynn, Iowa Sen. "He won't" refer to Clinton as "Crooked Hillary", Trump said told Leslie Stahl, nodding to Pence. "I want to watch. His nominating speech on Thursday night will be very crucial, he needs to have a good speech and needs to run a good campaign going forward, but definitely he can win this election". [Full Article...]

Black Lives Matter: Thousands expected at Melbourne rally

He tweeted on Wednesday: "We are at the White House right now for a 3-hour convening w/ President Obama re: the recent events in #BatonRouge & across the country. The focus comes a few days after a black Army veteran killed five police officers in revenge for police shooting black men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the Minneapolis suburbs. [Full Article...]

'Ghostbusters' holds its own, but 'Life of Pets' still No. 1

Such a performance is respectable, but not outstanding, as the Paul Feig-directed comedy holds a $144-million price tag, after tax rebates, according to the studio. said Sunday in an e-mailed statement. "The Legend of Tarzan ", $22 million. 4. The popular fish tale, which floated on top of the charts for weeks, did become the highest-grossing animated film ever, making US$445.5 million thus fa... [Full Article...]

The top five most insane stories about Pokemon Go ... so far

A spokeswoman for Niantic, the gaming startup that teamed with the Pokemon company to make Pokemon Go , pointed out that the game is not yet officially available for download in Europe. Auschwitz chiefs went on Twitter to appeal to Pokemon Go fans not to play the game at the former concentration camp. The museum has asked the game's makers to remove it from the sites where players can hun... [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift Responds To Kim Kardashian's Leaked Kanye West Phone Call

Taylor Swift Responds To Kim Kardashian's Leaked Kanye West Phone Call In a post uploaded to Instagram, the singer-songwriter asked "where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me "that bitch" in his song?" West famously took the mic from Swift to proclaim Beyonce should have won best video at the 2009 MTV Awards. [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO developer aims for rollout in 200 markets

Pokemon GO developer aims for rollout in 200 markets But the app's servers overloaded in the hour after the announcement, and wannabe players had to wait a little longer before they could register an account. If you see the Pokemon Go app, than it is available in your country now and you can officially go and " Catch 'em all". "There hasn't been a geolocation social platform that can lure so many people all at once", he adds. [Full Article...]

Watch these 10 Bollywood Movies to celebrate Priyanka Chopra's birthday

Watch these 10 Bollywood Movies to celebrate Priyanka Chopra's birthday Priyanka is now busy shooting for the second season of her show Quantico in NY. The global icon is flooded with love from across the world. The National Award-winner, also a former beauty queen, has also impressed many with her act in US TV series " Quantico ", in which she is seen as Alex Parrish, a rookie Federal Bureau of Investigation recruit with a mysterious past. [Full Article...]

Ghostbusters fails to top U.S. box office with $46m opening weekend

The movie, produced by Illumination Entertainment and released by Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures, is a hit given its $75 million budget. The " Ghostbusters " crew may have rooted out New York's supernatural but failed to overpower the city's furry critters, who topped the box office once again. [Full Article...]

Jordan Rodgers hints brother Aaron has strained relationship with entire family

Jordan Rodgers hints brother Aaron has strained relationship with entire family Fletcher because, like, "Family is so important!" With hometown visits looming, JoJo Fletcher went on a series of dates in the Argentinian countryside on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelorette". When JoJo asked if Aaron was aware that Jordan was on the ABC show, he responded, "I don't think so". Either way, it worked - JoJo gave Jordan a rose at the end of the episode. [Full Article...]

Inside JoJo's Bachelorette Vineyard Date with Jordan Rodgers

Inside JoJo's Bachelorette Vineyard Date with Jordan Rodgers Hearing him talk about his experiences, living in the shadow of his brother and the pain of not having Aaron in his life really hit home with me. And I love him, and I can't imagine what it's like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has and the demands from people that he has. [Full Article...]

The Trump/Pence 60 Minutes Interview Was A Painful Train Wreck

Donald Trump said Sunday that as president he'd "declare war" on ISIS and "wipe out" the terror organization - all while minimizing United States boots on Middle East ground. "But I have great confidence in law enforcement", he said. It stems largely from the unconventional nature of Trump's candidacy, and the fact that the man who will accept the GOP's nomination Thursday ran as a repudiati... [Full Article...]

No credible threats against GOP convention

Asked if the Republican ticket would have supported the Iraq War - which Pence backed in Congress and Trump has said he opposed - he said: "You'll have to ask them". But, he said, Trump "gives us a great opportunity to win". "I know where his heart's at, I can tell you". "Most Americans agree that federal money, their tax money, shouldn't be used to help pay for abortions". [Full Article...]

Majority of Brits don't want second EU referendum once deal is done

The contest was prompted after Mr Corbyn lost a vote of no confidence. Meanwhile, launching his bid to replace Mr Corbyn , Mr Smith evoked Tony Blair's "Clause IV moment" - when the former prime minister amended the passage to remove its historic commitment to mass nationalisation. [Full Article...]

Jordan Talks About Brother Aaron Rodgers on The Bachelorette

We were all impressed when Luke made his grand entrance on a unicorn for the premiere episode, but we really saw his horse handling skills on his one-on-one date with JoJo . JoJo was grateful that he shared such personal info. Alex tells JoJo he's falling in love with her over dinner, and oof , JoJo clearly wasn't ready to reciprocate even if she was allowed to. [Full Article...]

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