FX's Legion Trailer Offers First Look at X-Men Spin-Off

FX's Legion Trailer Offers First Look at X-Men Spin-Off New details about the show came to light earlier in the month. The cast consists of Dan Stevens ( The Guest ) as David Haller, Rachel Keller (Fargo) as Syd, Jean Smart ( Fargo ) as Melanie and many others. "H$3 e wrote and created and directed the pilot to Legion - and it is a very different sensibility than anything we've done with the X-Men movies". [Full Article...]

Trump To Promise 'Americanism, Not Globalism' In GOP Address

When the speech ended-without an endorsement-the hall erupted in boos and Cruz's wife had to be hustled out to protect her from angry delegates. While Donald Trump edged Cruz in the March 5 Kentucky caucus, most of the 46 Kentucky delegates sent to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland backed Cruz. [Full Article...]

Munich gunman raised locally, had no ties to Islamic state

Australians have been told to exercise a high degree of caution in Munich and avoid public places in the city. "There is no indication that there is a link to ISIS ", Andrae added. Beck said the number of people receiving hospital treatment stood at 16, three of whom were seriously wounded. Most of the victims in Friday's attack were foreigners, including three Turkish nationals, three peop... [Full Article...]

Doctor Strange trailer brings Sorcerer Supreme to Comic-Con

Doctor Strange trailer brings Sorcerer Supreme to Comic-Con The film is set to arrive in theaters on November 4th. Benedict Cumberbatch , best known for his role on BBC's Sherlock , plays the title role here. That doesn't mean it's humorless, however, which is also evidenced in the trailer. Guardians of the Galaxy certainly ranks highly with many fans of the comic book movie genre, with some comparisons to Star Wars as far as the potential for a sw... [Full Article...]

Pence: When Trump Is Elected President The Change Will Be Huge

Cruz told a gathering of Texas delegates on Thursday morning that his differences with Trump are "personal". "Stand and speak, and vote your conscience". The RNC said the night's theme would explain how a Trump administration would restore America's standing as a "beacon of progress and opportunity". [Full Article...]

The Justice League assembles in first official footage and pic from SDCC

Warner Bros. shortly released the footage afterward online which shows Batman and Wonder Woman going around recruiting members for the Justice League . Although it wasn't confirmed, this will presumably serve as a continuation to the recently released Justice League vs. Teen Titans . Wayne says he's looking for warriors. [Full Article...]

The Return Of 'Kabali' Rajinikanth

The Return Of 'Kabali' Rajinikanth With a collection of Rs 36.5 crores on day one, the Salman starrer had claimed the biggest opening of 2016. Many fans were there to watch Rajini, and not the movie. The king arrives. Time to celebrate. The first show was at 4 am at the Cinepolis on Magadi Road, followed by a show at 5 am in Nataraj theatre , Seshadripuram. [Full Article...]

Gaga and Taylor Kinney could be back together

The pair, who met on the set of her 2011 music video for You And I , do have very busy schedules. The speculations regarding Gaga and Kinney's break up started when the former was spotted without her engagement ring while performing at an orphanage in Mexico. [Full Article...]

Jon Stewart says Trump supporters 'don't own' America

While Colbert took cover underneath it, a shabby Stewart took a seat, and boy did it look right. But, with his colleague's blessing, Stewart then took center stage to offer up his visceral reaction to Trump's speech, which had only concluded about an hour or so earlier. [Full Article...]

Trump to Cruz: I don't want your endorsement

Trump said people have praised him for his "incredible" primary run but told his backers that "nothing's incredible unless I win". Donald Trump got through his acceptance speech without riffing on Ted Cruz's non-endorsement but you had to know it was coming. [Full Article...]

Twitter responds to 'trolled' 'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones

Twitter responds to 'trolled' 'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones Twitter cited its rules "prohibiting participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals" in its suspension notice to Yiannopoulos, a screenshot of which was posted to Breitbart Tech (where he works). website Breitbart , has always been a controversial figure on Twitter, calling himself "the most fabulous supervillain on the internet". While most journalists would shudder at the thou... [Full Article...]

Anton Yelchin's Chekov won't be recast

Anton Yelchin's Chekov won't be recast In "Beyond", the Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test. " Star Trek Beyond " was projected on the first-ever outdoor Imax screen. Blink and you'll miss it, but as Kirk raises his glass, the camera seems to linger on Yelchin for a second - a subtle goodbye t... [Full Article...]

Clinton and Kaine to debut as Democratic ticket in Florida

Kaine and Clinton took a test run during an appearance together in northern Virginia on July 14. A centrist, he built a reputation for bipartisanship as governor, working with Republicans who control Virginia's legislature to pass essential laws. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Accepts Republican Nomination

Donald Trump Accepts Republican Nomination Clinton will formally accept the Democratic nomination at her own convention next week. "We must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place", he said in his speech during his party's ongoing National Convention. [Full Article...]

SDCC 2016: Netflix releases the first trailer for Marvel's The Defenders

But it's just a tiny taste: the show won't even arrive for another year at the earliest and we know this because it was also announced that the series will premiere sometime in 2017. It's a little less forthright than the Cage trailer ( Iron Fist is set to debut after Luke Cage ). Fast forward to the present day, Danny Rand is strapped onto a bed, which appears to be in a mental hospital. [Full Article...]

Malaysia PM says govt will cooperate with US in 1MDB probe

Some outspoken activists who questioned his conduct on social media also face criminal charges. A joint announcement by Singapore's central bank, the city-state's police force and the attorney general's office cited the local branches of the banks - the local lender DBS Bank , Standard Chartered and UBS - for "lapses and weaknesses" in controls. [Full Article...]

'Star Trek Beyond' is a whiz-bang sci-fi adventure

'Star Trek Beyond' is a whiz-bang sci-fi adventure In 2009, long before J. J. Abrams took on the venerable "Star Wars" franchise, he rebooted "Star Trek" in a surprisingly successful way. Therefore, the fourth "Star Trek" movie will take advantage of time travel. And even with his famously expressive face obscured by makeup, Elba elevates Krall to something more than a cardboard villain. There's no set release date just yet for the St... [Full Article...]

Hillary's running mate admits he's 'boring'

Here are five things you should know about the man who will be second in command if Hillary wins the White House this November. After Hillary Clinton announce Friday night that her running mate in the will be junior Virginia Sen. Clinton had an array of minority choices. The former first lady concluded her speech by shouting "Love trumps hate", a slogan used by anti-Trump protesters nation... [Full Article...]

'Fear the Walking Dead' introduces new cast member

The trailer includes the series' new villain, Negan, but doesn't give anything away about who he killed during the shock season-six finale. Most of the focus last season was on the appearance of Negan, a character who's well-known to fans of the comic for having dealt a fatal blow to one particular fan-favorite character. [Full Article...]

'Walking Dead' offers glimpse of King Ezekiel at Comic-Con

'Walking Dead' offers glimpse of King Ezekiel at Comic-Con Yeah, " The Walking Dead " now has tigers! A brutal character Negan, was introduced and went to murder someone. Check out the brand new trailer below. But the audio keeps going and you hear the other survivors screaming. Also premiering on October 23 will be The Walking Dead companion series Talking Dead as well as reality series Comic Book Men , said the network. [Full Article...]

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