Russian canoeists, including Olympic champ, get Rio bans

Olympic champion Alexander Dyachenko and four other Russian canoeists have been barred from competing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics after being named in a recent report alleging a state-sponsored doping coverup. Instead, independent sports federations will be responsible for investigating their own athletes. IOC President Thomas Bach, however, announced on Sunday that Russian athletes, with t... [Full Article...]

Marvel's Female Superheroes Assemble At Comic-Con For Epic Photo

Larson won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Room in 2015, so the fact that the studio has bagged such a well-respected actress for the role can only be a good thing. Marvel had an impressive - and diverse - showing at San Diego Comic-Con, where they unveiled some new additions to the Black Panther cast, as well as gave their official announcement of Brie Larson as Captain Marv... [Full Article...]

The Walking Dead Season 7: Preview Special and not only

He asked executive producer Robert Kirkman whether the payoff would be worth it for fans. Don't be ridiculous. Chances are, sans some unexpected leaks, we won't find out who met the wrong end of Negan's bat "Lucille" until TWD returns in October. [Full Article...]

The impossibilities are endless in new Doctor Strange trailer

Marvel show off upcoming superhero movies at Comic-Con. "And culturally they're utterly different", Cumberbatch added. Perhaps the story will pick up with odd hiking through the Himalayas in search of the mystical remedies (and The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton ) that he hopes will heal his hands, which are no longer capable of performing surgical procedures after he suffered through an a... [Full Article...]

The big news from Comic Con not to miss

New footage of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and Spider-man: Homecoming was also shown to attendees, though no video of those sneak peeks has emerged. With the first trailer previously stoking my excitement for one of my more anticipated films of the year from the comic adaptation with Doctor Strange , it's no surprise that the project had a decent debut at SDC this weekend. [Full Article...]

Deadly Car Bomb Hits Checkpoint In Iraq's Diyala Province

The blast also wounded 37 people, according to Colonel Ghalib Al Attiyah, the Diyala province police spokesman, and health department spokesman Faris Al Azzawi. The blast came a day after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a mostly Shi'ite area of Baghdad, killing at least 15 in a series of attacks targeting Iraq's Shi'a community. [Full Article...]

Harry to join Sir Elton John at Aids awareness conference

Harry to join Sir Elton John at Aids awareness conference Speaking exclusively with this newspaper at the 21st International AIDS conference in Durban on Wednesday, Sir Elton said: "India is definitely on our radar as one of the countries where we have to make LGBT feel more comfortable". Harry was also in the news recently for getting a bioLytical INSTI HIV test and broadcasting the results live on social media. "It is time for us to step up to make s... [Full Article...]

Turkish Airlines fires 211 employees following coup attempt

Paradoxically, at Erdogan's moment of greatest crisis - as a faction of the military tried to topple his government - some of the prominent media outlets he once hounded gave him support, and the president's ability to freely communicate with the public was decisive in thwarting the coup. [Full Article...]

Warner, Marvel wow Comic-Con

DC face-off. Moments later WB also earned a huge response for a few cheeky glimpses of Margot Robbie's popular Suicide Squad antihero Harley Quinn, who is hands down the most cosplayed character from any universe at Comic-Con this weekend (and will star in her own spinoff film ). [Full Article...]

At Dem convention, Obama seeks to counter GOP doom-and-gloom

Who, really who, had any doubt at all that Obama was referring to Trump when she reminded America that complex problems are rarely resolved with simple solutions or absolute declarations and never properly handled in 140 characters or less? The opening day of the four-day convention in Philadelphia was dominated by boos and jeers from disgruntled Sanders supporters nearly every time Clinton's na... [Full Article...]

Dancing with Varun is very tough: John Abraham

Dancing with Varun is very tough: John Abraham Varun Dhawan took to his Twitter handle and posted- The poster has him, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez running for their life from the heavy shelling. The film will also mark the return of Akshaye Khanna to the big screen after quite a while and he will be seen playing the baddie in the movie. Asked about his chemistry with Parineeti in the special song Jaaneman aah , Varun said: "It w... [Full Article...]

Steph Curry joins Alfonso Ribeiro and Justin Timberlake in their 'Carlton' dance

Steph Curry joins Alfonso Ribeiro and Justin Timberlake in their 'Carlton' dance Visibly disturbed, Timberlake initially responded angrily, shouting at the man "Bro, why would you do that?" Superstar singer and actor Justin Timberlake shows he has some decent golf skills as well. Check out the footage below. The people in charge of the tournament considered the slap a minor incident, considering there were no marks on Justin , and he was not interested in pressing char... [Full Article...]

U.S. election: Donald Trump's speech aims to unify party

There was a time just a few months ago when Van Mobley may have been the only elected official in Wisconsin to openly support Donald Trump. Trump to lead the party back to the White House. Now we start transitioning from the Republicans to the Democrats - with Clinton's VP imminent and with the Democratic convention taking place next week. [Full Article...]

Cleveland cops sending truckloads of water to Philadelphia

Cleveland cops sending truckloads of water to Philadelphia Later Thursday evening, kids played in Public Square fountains and a group gave out free hugs. Cleveland activist Art McCoy, founder of civil rights group Black Man's Army, which often protests against police use of force, said his group is not marching. [Full Article...]

First Official Trailer for 'Justice League' Revealed at Comic Con

First Official Trailer for 'Justice League' Revealed at Comic Con Regardless, this trailer for points to him being a very different sort of superhero who uses his connection to the sea to help those in need. Warner Bros treated fans at the San Diego Comic-Con to special footage from the "Justice League" movie, where Bruce Wayne/Batman, played by Ben Affleck , tries to form a team to fight an incoming threat. [Full Article...]

Justice League Movie: Green Lantern Missing, To Appear in JL2?

Justice League Movie: Green Lantern Missing, To Appear in JL2? The trailer looks pretty damn enticing, offering a glimpse at the heroine kicking some arse on the battlefield in the First World War, and introducing a dashing Chris Pine as Steve Trevor . At this year's Comic-Con event, news has been flooding in from all directions. "Talk", he says. However, Wayne is not able to convince Aquaman to join his alliance as he tells Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman ... [Full Article...]

The Bachelorette Watch: Fantasy (Suite) Island

The Bachelorette Watch: Fantasy (Suite) Island I, like, dreamed about so much... "When you said that to me, in my heart and in my gut, I don't think I felt what I thought I was going to feel". She keeps trying to explain her side of the story, but it just sounds like "I don't love you", which is exactly what she is saying. [Full Article...]

Kiersey Clemons Lands Role in 'The Flash' Movie!

Kiersey Clemons Lands Role in 'The Flash' Movie! Via Variety , Kiersey Clemons has been cast in the role of Iris West opposite Ezra Miller's Barry Allen / The Flash in the DC Extended Universe's The Flash . Famuyiwa stepped in as a last minute replacement. "The movie, however, appears to be able to meet its planned start date". Miller's version of the Flash is also set to appear in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League alongside a full... [Full Article...]

Ben Affleck Confirmed as Director for 'Batman' Solo Film

New heroes, new villains and new trailers give fans a treat at this year's San Diego Comic Con. LEGO Batman may not receive the same buzz as some of the other big superhero blockbusters, but perhaps it should based on the enormous quality of the LEGO Movie and the unique perspective already shown in the trailers. [Full Article...]

Demi Lovato Speaks at DNC 2016, Performs 'Confident'

Demi Lovato Speaks at DNC 2016, Performs 'Confident' But I am lucky. Lovato has previously revealed she has bipolar disorder and used to harm herself as a way of coping. The singer used the public platform to not only voice her allegiance to Hillary, but also to up about her mental health issues. [Full Article...]

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