Donald Trump Is Planning a Television Network

Donald Trump Is Planning a Television Network Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman who was let go after several sexual assault allegations against him, also provides advice to the campaign. But as The New York Times pointed out, the biggest hurdles would be financing the deal and getting cable providers to include Trump's network in the channel lineup. [Full Article...]

Director Taika Waititi Promises Retro SciFi Spectacle with Thor: Ragnarok

Director Taika Waititi Promises Retro SciFi Spectacle with Thor: Ragnarok It sounds like Thor: Ragnarok will be mostly cut off from the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe then, which makes sense considering the movie will be set in the still relatively new cosmic side of the Marvel movie universe. And as to rumors of a Doctor Strange post-credits sequence, or at the very least a reference, " Probably a reference ". But what sort of intergalactic adventures will... [Full Article...]

US warship to visit New Zealand and end 30-year stalemate

Commander Matt Knight, U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman, confirmed in an email Tuesday. Prime Minister John Key must sign a waiver for the ship to enter New Zealand waters, after advice on capability from Foreign Affairs officials. New Zealand supported the US -led war on terror in Afghanistan and has sent soldiers to help train Iraq's armed forces. He said the US and New Zealand shared similar valu... [Full Article...]

Kerry Washington Gives Birth to Baby Boy -- Find Out His Name!

Kerry Washington Gives Birth to Baby Boy -- Find Out His Name! Congrats to the happy family! Washington, 39, revealed her pregnancy in May when she flaunted her baby bump at the Met Gala . There's plenty of behind-the-scenes looks from award shows, photo shoots and life on the set of Scandal , but she's mindful not to share photos of her children. [Full Article...]

UNESCO Director-General: "Western Wall is the holiest place in Judaism"

The Israeli government reacted angrily on Thursday to a United Nations body's resolutions that failed to mention any link between Judaism and its holy sites in Jerusalem . "Your decision denies history and encourages terror", Bennett said of the UNESCO resolution . Jerusalem's Old City was designated a World Heritage site because of its "universal value. [Full Article...]

Charity wants Leonardo DiCaprio to step down from UN role

Charity wants Leonardo DiCaprio to step down from UN role During a press conference held in London today, civil society activists from Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland called on Leonardo DiCaprio to publicly disown Najib Razak's stepson, Riza Aziz, and his associate Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) who had been instrumental in funding the production of the film The Wolf of Wall Street . [Full Article...]

Prescott makes case to keep job in win over Packers

The Cowboys spent little time scoring getting a touchdown on an efficient first possession. "But we've got to improve". "I thought the spirit of the team was really , really good", said Garrett. "The only silver lining is we play again in four days", Rodgers said. He completed 18 passes for 247 yards and three touchdowns, two to Cole Beasley and a backbreaker to Bryce Butler that capped a... [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian Halloween Robbery Costume Pulled Following Backlash

Costume companies aren't known for their sensitivity - just look at last week's offensive Halloween costume: the tranny granny - so it isn't all that shocking that Kim Kardashian's recent Paris robbery has inspired the latest controversial Halloween look. [Full Article...]

Another woman says Trump sexually assaulted her years ago

Allred on Sunday responded to Barry, who she suggested harbors "ill will" toward Zervos and her close relatives. "Let's just move on", she says. "He put me in an embrace and I tried to push him away", Zervos said. For some of the women, they felt compelled to speak out against Trump after hearing him tell Cooper that he had not groped women without their consent. [Full Article...]

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue People Magazine

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue People Magazine At least six women have accused the New York mogul of making unwanted physical advances in accounts reported by The New York Times , NBC, People Magazine and others , majority after he asserted during Sunday's presidential debate with his democratic rival Hillary Clinton that he had never sexually assaulted a woman. [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton's Lead Jumped After Lewd Video, Before Debate, in WSJ Poll

Hillary Clinton's Lead Jumped After Lewd Video, Before Debate, in WSJ Poll In a head-to-head contest, Clinton would receive 52% of likely voters' support, while Trump would earn 38% of their votes. In an NBC/Journal poll released September 16, Clinton held a lead of only 5 percent. Most voters had an issue with the comments, with 41 percent of voters calling them "completely unacceptable", and 31 percent calling them "inappropriate, but typical of how some men talk in ... [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton to Ellen DeGeneres: Trump stalking me was "really weird"

I grew up with NY tabloids talking about Trump, and paid attention during the primaries - seriously, who can be shocked that in a private setting he talked this way? "I notice this has been happening everywhere", Obama said. Obama said in a democracy, a politician can't just ban journalists "that you don't like". Leeds, who is now 74, alleged that Trump groped her on a flight to NY, in or around... [Full Article...]

Rogue One Character Posters Are Focused To Bring Down The Death Star

After receiving a mission from the new droid K-2SO (played by Alan Tudyk in the film) other kids join her as they wield Nerf guns and sneak around the hospital. It could be that they don't want to throw too much focus on Darth Vader as I've heard the character isn't in much of the movie, but that was before the reshoots - so who knows. [Full Article...]

Kaepernick defends protests despite hostile reception in Buffalo

Kaepernick completed just 13 of 29 for 187 yards and ran for 66 more, but Buffalo ran away with the game - literally - in the fourth quarter. But Kaepernick's rough showing was just part of the story. "But overall offensively, I think we need to run the ball as a group better, and we need to be better at our passing game". "I don't begrudge Kaepernick for being politically active, and I didn't... [Full Article...]

Doctor Strange could conjure upwards of $55 million on its opening weekend

Doctor Strange could conjure upwards of $55 million on its opening weekend Later the signs pointed toward Rachel McAdams as playing the character in the Doctor Strange feature film, and it was seemingly confirmed when it was announced her character was none other than Christine Palmer (one of three Night Nurses in Marvel comics canon). [Full Article...]

Aguero warns City to beware of Messi

Prediction: Barcelona has a strong home record in the Champions League and were undefeated in the last 17 matches at Camp Nou since 2013. "I know all about him and of course so does [coach Pep] Guardiola - but then when it comes to Barcelona everybody in the world knows about all their players, so it doesn't mean so much", Aguero said. [Full Article...]

Percent of Voters Say Election Could be 'Stolen' from Donald Trump

Percent of Voters Say Election Could be 'Stolen' from Donald Trump An earlier NBC/WSJ poll conducted two days after 2005 video surfaced of Trump making vulgar comments to describe kissing and groping women found Clinton leading by double digits among likely voters. He's saying that America can't run a fair election. "I think there's no question that the evidence continues to point in that direction", Mr Pence said. [Full Article...]

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola targets three points on return to Barcelona

The Argentine's missed attempt in Saturday night's 1-1 draw with Everton came after he failed to convert from the spot in a World Cup qualifier against Paraguay earlier in the week. "We are going to try to win the first points in the next game". The result gave Antonio Conte, Ranieri's fellow Italian, a much-needed win after speculation he was about to be sacked as Chelsea manager. [Full Article...]

From Genesis to Revelation: Phil Collins is back

From Genesis to Revelation: Phil Collins is back Phil Collins and his daughter Lily Collins. After overcoming a series of personal problems that he said drove him to drink and cracked health, Collins will return with five concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London , on 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 June. [Full Article...]

House of Hitler's birth to be demolished: Austrian government

The Austrian government announced plans to tear down the birth-home of former German dictator Adolf Hitler Monday, citing a potential for the building to become a shrine for Neo-Nazi groups and after years of wrangling with the building's owner, AFP reports . [Full Article...]

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