Alec Baldwin Will Return To SNL As President-Elect Trump

When he said that he would indeed, Trump replied, "I love you Mike". I was booked [last] weekend. Baldwin added: "We have things to do". " Every single one?" Trump asks, before also being told the wall he promised to build across the U.S. [Full Article...]

Sharon Jones, Grammy-nominated soul singer, dies aged 60

Members of the band were at her bedside when she died, her representative, Judy Miller Silverman, said. "You got to be fearless", a debilitated Jones told the Associated Press in July, in between tour stops. But for years struggled to make a living in music. He used the Dap-Kings as the backing band for another soul revival star, Amy Winehouse, on her breakthrough album Back in Black , released... [Full Article...]

'Force 2' an important film: John Abraham

'Force 2' an important film: John Abraham Sonakshi's role in the movie is not so impressive since she lacks the supremacy despite being a RAW agent. He is joined by KK (Sonakshi Sinha), who is a RAW agent. With no deviation in her character, her on-screen chemistry with Yash, as his colleague is flawless and is probably the best part of the film. The first day collection for the movie is expected around Rs.2.05 crore. [Full Article...]

Deal set to dismiss domestic assault case against Manziel

Deal set to dismiss domestic assault case against Manziel The hearing after the meeting was brief, with Canas setting the next court date. Manziel was indicted in April on a misdemeanor charge of assault/family violence. Additionally, "Darnell has said he has spoken to the attorney representing a vehicle company that loaned a auto to Manziel and friends", which "was totaled in an April accident". [Full Article...]

Eddie Redmayne stars in heart-wrenching pro-Hufflepuff PSA

Eddie Redmayne stars in heart-wrenching pro-Hufflepuff PSA They might not win the House Cup very often (they're also not that competitive) or produce tons of heroes but they've produced the fewest Dark Wizards, which is a great thing to have going for you. Not because of the glory, but for the greater good.so be proud. Is he trying to tell us he's secretly #TeamGrindelwald? My brother mocked me relentlessly - until he found out he was a Hufflepuff too. [Full Article...]

'American Horror Story: Roanoke' finale recap

'American Horror Story: Roanoke' finale recap And that's not counting the parodied Paleyfest panel where Murphy basically portrayed fans as screaming nerds with poorly formed questions. This began Crack'd - our first of THREE separate shows within the finale - a pseudo-documentary on that love-her-hate-her public figure, Lee Miller. [Full Article...]

Obama calls for 'course correction' on globalization

During the trip, the outgoing president has repeatedly referred to the anger that lately brought success to populist movements in Europe and the United States, such as the Brexit referendum and Trump's shock victory last week. During his time in Berlin, he will also huddle with the leaders of Britain, France and Italy, as Europe desperately seeks clues to future USA policy in a Trump world. [Full Article...]

'Duck Dynasty' Will Wrap After 11th Season Concludes

'Duck Dynasty' Will Wrap After 11th Season Concludes However, the Family is open to filming a series of holiday specials for the network. The show became a pop culture phenomenon, ranking as the most-watched nonfiction series in cable TV series. New episodes of Duck Dynasty now air on Wednesday nights on A&E, and we can expect new episodes to air on the network through January 18. In 2013, for example, star Phil Robertson made comments in a ... [Full Article...]

California Universities Weigh First Tuition Hikes In 6 Years

California Universities Weigh First Tuition Hikes In 6 Years A decision on tuition won't be made until January. Tuesday's protests took on a theatrical form as several students, wearing zombie-themed costumes and makeup, declared themselves to be members of the "The Walking Debt" and chanted outside the Chancellor's Office. [Full Article...]

Pharrell Releases New Gospel Flavored Track "Crave" from the 'Hidden Figures' Soundtrack

Pharrell Releases New Gospel Flavored Track The inspirational movie also inspired "The Search for Hidden Figures " contest to empower, discover and celebrate emerging female visionaries within science, technology, engineering and math. At Deadline's The Contenders event on November 5, Williams spoke about Hidden Figures , saying, "I think those brilliant women were a victim of the era and circumstance". [Full Article...]

Trump vows to immediately deport up to three million immigrants

Only then, with the border secured and "everything normalised", would he decide on a plan to deal with the "terrific people" who were in the U.S. illegally but who had clean criminal histories. His strategy for dealing with ISIS: Trump declined to tell Stahl how he planned to defeat ISIS, saying he wanted to preserve the element of surprise, and that "we have some great generals". [Full Article...]

Gwen Stefani's incredible year

Gwen Stefani's incredible year She noted that a year and a half ago, which was the time that she and her husband for numerous years, Gavin Rossdale, had a divorce, was when she reached rock bottom because of being too heartbroken. "I am blown away!" Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been together since late previous year. "It was just an incredible year for me and I'm so grateful". [Full Article...]

'Arrival' Is Beating Expectations at the Box Office in Opening Weekend

Obviously, with the 5 million estimate Friday, generations of Cubs fans had far more pent-up celebrating to do. However, Arrival overperformed. The Hollywood Reporter notes that many expected the sci-fi flick starring Amy Adams to make just $16 million this weekend. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump calls protests after U.S. presidential election 'unfair'

Donald Trump calls protests after U.S. presidential election 'unfair' Heading into the meeting, Obama and Trump struck conciliatory notes after Tuesday's surprising election results, following a campaign of searing rhetoric. "I'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country", said Hillary Clinton during her concession speech in NY. [Full Article...]

Joy-Anna Duggar is Courting! Get the Details on Her New Relationship

Joy-Anna Duggar is Courting! Get the Details on Her New Relationship Yes, Jinger finally got married to Jeremy Vuolo , but nearly as importantly, we learned that Joy-Anna will likely be next to walk down the aisle. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of " 19 Kids and Counting ". It seems Austin , who's estimated to be around 22 years old, is an employee at his parents' tourist spot, which is described as "recreation of 1800s fort and old west" town. [Full Article...]

Bella Hadid Is the New Face of This Iconic Sportswear Brand

Bella Hadid Is the New Face of This Iconic Sportswear Brand As an avid fan of the athleisure trend the 20-year-old model is the ideal fit for the gig. Bella's new job comes after her older sister and fellow fashion star Gigi Hadid , 21, was recently named as the new face of sports giant Reebok. [Full Article...]

412 million accounts from AdultFriendFinder, Penthouse and more were hacked

412 million accounts from AdultFriendFinder, Penthouse and more were hacked Hackers reportedly breached FriendFinder Networks last month , and gained access to over 300 million accounts on AdultFriendFinder, which markets itself as the "World's largest sex & swinger community". Over 4 million exposed accounts contained sensitive information, including sexual preferences and whether a user was looking for an extramarital affair. [Full Article...]

Obama hosts Trump at White House for first meeting after election

The Electoral College was designed by the framers of the U.S. Constitution as a way to balance out the fears that cities with larger populations would control who won the presidency. One of the questions on the minds of many Americans as the transition gets underway is who Mr. Trump will choose to fill out his cabinet. In what seemed like a possible early pivot by Trump, controversial campaign... [Full Article...]

Eddie Redmayne left red-faced at customs over wizard wand

Rowling herself. "You don't need to have seen or read Harry Potter to totally get this movie as it is a different story", Rowling said. For showtimes and tickets, visit Valdosta Cinemas . Again, sort of. The original Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was published in 2001 as a gift book, along with Quidditch Through the Ages . [Full Article...]

Jay Z Bids On Prince's Catalog, Late Musician's Estate Rejects It

Jay Z Bids On Prince's Catalog, Late Musician's Estate Rejects It On Friday, Roc Nation filed a petition asking the court to enforce a contract that granted Jay Z's Tidal streaming service exclusive streaming distribution rights to Prince's catalog. Now, Prince's estate has responded to Jay Z's offer with a firm "no". Since the passing of Prince , the estate has had to deal with multiple issues regarding the pop singer's music. [Full Article...]

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