Huppert is Oscar favourite as critics fall for 'Elle'

Huppert is Oscar favourite as critics fall for 'Elle' Jimmy Fallon hosted the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards , which took place at the Beverly Hilton on January 8. "She's a prototype", Huppert told EW in November. Verhoeven called Huppert "the center of it all" and thanked her for the talent and audacity embodied in her performance. Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven said he was "amazed" as his latest film, Elle , picked up two prizes at the G... [Full Article...]

Bomb threat evacuates Jewish community center; threats reported in 5 states

Bomb threat evacuates Jewish community center; threats reported in 5 states That came around 12:15 p.m.in Miami Beach, where a woman phoned in the threat and said the JCC at 4221 Pine Tree Dr. needed to be cleared in an hour. Hundreds of children were reportedly evacuated from the Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center over a possible explosive device around 11 a.m., the station reports. [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian finally breaks silence on Paris robbery

While sitting with her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, Kim tearfully says, "They're going to shoot me in the back". Kim added another snap to her social media story exclaiming how much she approves of the app's addition. In the newly released teaser, North West 's mom cried on the phone saying, "Don't scare me, please". She later claimed that she had missed her period and chose to sh... [Full Article...]

Golden Globes: Kristen Wiig & Steve Carell Go Dark For Night's Biggest Laughs

Golden Globes: Kristen Wiig & Steve Carell Go Dark For Night's Biggest Laughs She spoke about her sadness at the loss of Bambi's mom, and said that, like Carell, it was the last day she ever saw her grandfather. It did not go well. "He disappeared. And I didn't speak for two years". As the camera cut to audience members laughing at the bit, it was Wiig's turn to share her tragic animated feature memories. [Full Article...]

'Constantine' will return as animated series on The CW Seed

After a guest appearance in Arrow Season 4 following the cancellation of NBC's Constantine , fans have been clamouring for another opportunity to see Matt Ryan as John Constantine . No word yet on when we'll actually see the Constantine animated series, but it should arrive later this year. The network confirmed it would be available to watch on CW Seed as five or six 10-minute episodes. [Full Article...]

Several Trump picks' ethics reviews incomplete — APNewsBreak

Several Trump picks' ethics reviews incomplete — APNewsBreak The focus on ethics also has political importance. Republicans say holding five hearings in a single day is consistent with past practice by both parties. "More significantly, it has left some of the nominees with potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues shortly before their scheduled hearings". "The Office of Government Ethics letter makes crystal-clear that the transition team's... [Full Article...]

House GOP Votes to Strip Ethics Office of Independent Status

By moving to weaken ethics procedures, Republicans produced a short-term public-relations mess on the opening day of the new Congress. The attempt was particularly befuddling since the investigative body's oversight is equally bemoaned by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle - pretty clear evidence that the independent office is effective. [Full Article...]

'Supernatural,' 'Supergirl,' 'Jane The Virgin' & More Renewed By The CW!

'Supernatural,' 'Supergirl,' 'Jane The Virgin' & More Renewed By The CW! It has begun! The exciting, sometimes heartbreaking time of the year when TV shows are either given the green light for a new season, or axed forever - until the reboot eventually gets underway in 2036. Also not on the list are the new and returning shows scheduled to premiere in mid-season, including returning shows " iZombie ", " The 100 " and " The Originals ", and new Archie adaptation " Riv... [Full Article...]

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds to appear in opening, says Jimmy Fallon

Meryl Streep, who has nominations for 30 Globes (including one this year) to her credit will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by presenter Viola Davis . Our guesses for the Golden Globes which is around the corner. Because NBC is a broadcast network, you can also get the channel with an indoor antenna . [Full Article...]

Carrie Fisher's Ashes Placed in Giant Prozac Pill Urn

Her brother, Todd Fisher, was seen leaving the service carrying the giant pill with the ashes inside. Carrie , who shot to fame as Princess Leia in Star Wars , died on December 27 aged 60 after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles four days earlier. [Full Article...]

In tears, Kim Kardashian recounts his aggression in Paris

In tears, Kim Kardashian recounts his aggression in Paris North and cry with details of the violent attack: "They were going to shoot me in the back!" In August, Kim admitted to receiving cortisone injections in her butt to treat the condition via livestream, "I went to go get a cortisone shot in my butt", the KUWTK star confessed. [Full Article...]

Viola Davis on Walk of Fame star: My dad would've loved this

Viola Davis on Walk of Fame star: My dad would've loved this EMMY award victor is the first honoree of the New Year. With Davis standing by her side, Streep, who worked with the How to Get Away With Murder star in the 2008 drama Doubt , went on to say there's one ability that Davis does not possess. [Full Article...]

Stalker Lets Abu Azmi Down, Bites Tongue of Burqa-Clad Woman

Just a week after the mass molestation on New Year's eve in Bengaluru , a burqa-clad woman was reportedly molested by a man when she was walking on her way to work on Friday, say reports. Meanwhile, a case has been registered against the accused and an investigation is on. She was then taken to hospital for immediate medical relief. The incident is said to have taken place on January 4 near B... [Full Article...]

Celebrity Big Brother faced with 'racism' accusations on opening night

Celebrity Big Brother faced with 'racism' accusations on opening night Jedward are set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight. During the second episode of CBB , Francis said: " Ray J threw me under the bus". However, viewers weren't convinced, with many saying Stacy has gone down in their estimation since the "gay boy" comments. Meanwhile Stacy Francis has been accused of "casual homophobia" after a series of comments last night. [Full Article...]

Tucker Carlson to Take Megyn Kelly's Slot, Martha MacCallum Goes Primetime

The top internal contenders, as reported by Sherman, include: Trish Regan, who now hosts The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan on the Fox Business Network (FBN); Supreme Court reporter and America's News Headquarters anchor Shannon Bream; FBN reporter and co-host of Outnumbered Sandra Smith; and America's Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum. [Full Article...]

Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher: Their Legendary Mother-Daughter Moments

Carrie was a popular guest on the show and Ellen revealed that the American was recently on her show. "If that's not her, I will be so p*ssed off". It helps that Reynolds and Fisher are such ideal representatives of their respective Hollywood generations, the first a disciplined, controlled product of the studio system, and the second a messier, unfiltered, unflinchingly honest star, whose cand... [Full Article...]

Sting Set To Appear At Golden Globes

Fallon also hosted the Emmy's but his most favorite memory was giving Smokey Robinson an award for UNICEF however, it was actually the UNCF. On Sunday, Hollywood's (mostly) inebriated, self-congratulatory side will be on full display on a NBC channel near you, as Jimmy Fallon kicks off the 74th annual Golden Globes . [Full Article...]

Ray J opens up about his relationship with Kim Kardashian

Ray J opens up about his relationship with Kim Kardashian When Francis told Ray J that she though Kardashian had been "really really" in love with him, he replied, "Nah, but she was a player though". "I don't want you to say that". "The Kardashian clan and all their friends always attend without fail Kris" Christmas event, however Jonathan wanted to avoid a fall out with Kim so stayed away'. [Full Article...]

Brad Pitt saw some of his kids once over the holidays

The documents claim the "Tree of Life" star is trying to "deflect from [his] own role in the media storm which has engulfed the parties' children". The happy holidays were soon followed by a dispute between Brad and Angelina. The source is reported to have told PEOPLE , 'It's nice to see that she has finally come around to supporting the sealing of documents weeks after he requested this action. [Full Article...]

Music streaming overtakes digital sales for first time

Music streaming overtakes digital sales for first time United States listeners streamed songs more than 191 billion times in 2016 through subscription services, growing an impressive 124.3 per cent from a year earlier. With CD sales down, sales of vinyl accounted for 8 percent of all physical album sales in the country. A combined "rock" genre accounted for 22 percent of all streams. [Full Article...]

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