Entering Hollywood Mainstream, Amazon Flick Scores Nom for Best Picture at Oscars

Entering Hollywood Mainstream, Amazon Flick Scores Nom for Best Picture at Oscars As Variety points out , the nomination comes nearly one year after Amazon made headlines by bidding a whopping $10 million for the rights to the film. One of the factors that might have gone in Amazon's favor is that films backed by the company do debut in theaters whereas the movies Netflix buys normally remain exclusive to its online video streaming service, at least initially. [Full Article...]

McDonald's Touts Tech Initiatives as All-Day Breakfast Cools

Other chains have doubled down on value in recent years - especially as cost-conscious customers are increasingly eating at home and seeking deals on food when they do go out. To address the issue he added that the company is investing in ways to put more choice and more control in the hands of customers, whether it is through menu adjustments, how food is served or how it is paid for. [Full Article...]

Star Wars: Episode VIII is "The Last Jedi"

The title for the next Star Wars film has been released. It's been weeks since we've had any new Star Wars developments, but don't worry, your long wait is over. The follow up to Star Wars, The Force Awakens now has a name. Is the red font in the poster an indication of bad things to come? "OR if luke is the last jedi . [Full Article...]

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from online haters

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from online haters In Hume's defense, Margaret Truman was in her 20s at the time , and declared, " Mr Hume is a very fine critic ". Ms Rich's Twitter account was later made private and there were claims that the offending tweet had been removed. Though Bowen's Instagram posts each got thousands of likes, several users accused her of bullying and sharing negative comments about a member of the first family... [Full Article...]

Kristen Stewart reveals Trump's obsession with

Kristen Stewart reveals Trump's obsession with I literally can not even understand it. I can't even understand it, ' she added. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again-just watch. It's such far-out concept that I'm like, I don't want to believe that actually is happening. While talking to Variety about her message to today's young ladies, she asked them to stand up for themselves. Perhaps she'll address Trump during the opening mono... [Full Article...]

Former Cleveland Indians player Andy Marte dies in vehicle crash

He did carve out a career of seven partial Major League Baseball seasons, and was still grinding away overseas as of last season. Ventura was 25-years-old, while Marte was only 33-years-old. It rubbed people off the wrong way as he was involved in bench-clearing brawls with the Athletics, Orioles, and White Sox in his time. Just 23 at the time, Ventura logged 183 innings over 30 starts, struck... [Full Article...]

Chapecoense's new players train in front of fans

Before the 4:30 p.m. local time kickoff, the three survivors of the crash that wiped out their teammates received the Copa Sudamericana trophy - the honor the team had been vying for when it was wiped out in the crash - to sustained applause. [Full Article...]

Former UKIP leader, Brexit crusader Nigel Farage hired by Fox News

Former UKIP leader, Brexit crusader Nigel Farage hired by Fox News Still, some have been eager to welcome him to his new home. The decision to hire Farage reflects yet another decision by Fox News to double down on the right-wing ideology that helped it become a cable news behemoth. In response, the President tweeted that Farage would make a good British ambassador to the U.S., although Downing Street swiftly rejected his idea, saying there was "no vacancy". [Full Article...]

It's a boy! Geri Horner and husband Christian welcome first child together

It's a boy! Geri Horner and husband Christian welcome first child together But Ginger wasn't the only Spice who celebrated baby Montague's arrival: On Twitter, Bunton ( Baby Spice ) and Melanie C ( Sporty Spice ) shared their congratulations with Horner. The pop star is also mom to a 10-year-old daughter, Bluebell Madonna , whose father is screenwriter Sacha Gervasi . Geri posted the sweet picture just a few hours after announcing her baby's arrival to fans. [Full Article...]

Kellyanne Conway's Inaugural Outfit Is a $3600 Jacket She Calls "Trum"

Kellyanne Conway's Inaugural Outfit Is a $3600 Jacket She Calls Kellyanne Conway looked ready to celebrate one of LeGarrette Blount's touchdowns. There is no doubting Kellyanne Conway's patriotism. Bee is also headed to the Women's March On Washington this weekend, but don't expect her to film any segments there for the show: "We have rented a bus for people who want to go and we're just going", Bee told CNN . [Full Article...]

Ralph Lauren Dressed Melania Trump For the Inauguration

Ralph Lauren Dressed Melania Trump For the Inauguration For her husband's inauguration, Melania Trump wore a sky-blue cashmere jacket and mock turtleneck dress by Ralph Lauren , designer of many pantsuits worn over the years by Donald Trump's former rival Hillary Clinton . "I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago". For instance, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also wore Ralph Lauren on Inauguration Day, and was highly visible. [Full Article...]

Let's Go To The Movies: xXx: Return Of Xander Cage

Let's Go To The Movies: xXx: Return Of Xander Cage The Indian beauty, Deepika Padukone, who makes her smashing Hollywood debut with " xXx: Return of Xander Cage " has been busy promoting the film worldwide along with her American co-star Vin Diesel. Even Rory McCann (The Hound from Game of Thrones ) looks like he's having an alright time despite his character having next to nothing to do. This weekend marks the return of Vin Diesel in the lon... [Full Article...]

Kylie Jenner Supports BFF Jordyn Woods After Her Tragic News

Like the unbelievable friend she is, Jenner supported Woods with quite the touching Instagram. We're sending all our love and prayers to Jordyn Woods and her family during this hard time. The other half of me. Last night I found out I'm not sure how much longer I am going to have with my father but I do know that with faith and God anything is possible. [Full Article...]

It's Unanimous: Fifth Harmony Sounds Different Without Camila

Fifth Harmony walked the red carpet together in coordinating pink and white outfits before changing into all-black ensembles for their performance of "Work From Home". Later, Fifth Harmony tried to settle the back and forth and wrote in the note below that those "supposed lengthy conversations in fact never happened". [Full Article...]

Adele to perform at Grammys 2017

Adele to perform at Grammys 2017 Adele will perform a song off her record-breaking 25, which was her first album since 2011. Adele had a hiccup during her Grammy performance past year after a microphone inside a piano fell onto the instrument's strings. As she belted out " All I Ask " a microphone fell onto the piano, resulting in a clanging sound. Hosting this year's proceedings is Late Late Show's James Cordon, who fam... [Full Article...]

LGBT Protest Party Held Near Vice President-Elect Mike Pence's Washington Home

Later in the afternoon, Trump is expected to travel to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, where he will join Vice President-elect Mike Pence in a wreath-laying ceremony. When news erupted of the home Pence was renting, his neighbors put up over 300 rainbow flags on their homes. "We are here today to take the streets as our dance floor", he said . [Full Article...]

Russell Westbrook Vows Revenge Against Zaza Pachulia For Hard Foul

This time, it was Warriors big man Zaza Pachuli, who knocked Westbrook to the floor during a struggle for the ball late in the first half and appeared to stand over the Thunder point guard as he writhed in pain. One of Durant's teammates, however, seemed to let the heat of the game get to him. For those waiting for the third installment of the Durant-Westbrook feud, that will be Saturday, Feb. [Full Article...]

Will the Fourth 'American Crime Story' Be About Monica Lewinsky?

It was Toobin's book about the O.J. Simpson murder trial, The Run of His Life , that served as the source material for the series' first season. Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story franchise is already six seasons deep (with two more on the way), and his American Crime Story saga is rapidly catching up. [Full Article...]

Watch Ellen win the most People's Choice Awards ever

The favourite premium series actor honour went to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the favourite premium series actress was Sarah Jessica Parker. Bollywood actress, who has made a name for herself internationally with her show Quantico, Priyanka Chopra , won Favorite Dramatic TV Actress. [Full Article...]

The New 'Logan' Trailer Looks So Damn Good

The trailer is bound to give viewers more teasers for the upcoming 2017 movie. Jackman's alleged swan song as Wolverine premières March 3. Another highlight sees Wolverine holding an X-Men comic, which X-23 has been reading before commenting on how some of it is true. [Full Article...]

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