President Trump says he won't attend annual White House Correspondents dinner

President Trump says he won't attend annual White House Correspondents dinner President Barack Obama attended eight times. It's been 36 years since a President has missed the function and that was back in 1981 when then President Ronald Regan was recuperating from an assassination attempt. "Presidents are expected to be self-deprecating, which Mr. Trump is decidedly not ", The New York Times said. "The Governors' Dinner is an opportunity for the new first lady to usher... [Full Article...]

Matt Reeves confirmed as new 'Batman' director

Matt Reeves confirmed as new 'Batman' director While I'd rather see Reeves do something else with his time, I can't deny that a Reeves Batman movie might be something to see. Reeves, however, is certainly a good choice for picking up his duties, especially with the issues that Warner Bros. [Full Article...]

Justin Bieber Wants Everyone to Know He Didn't Actually Pee His Pants

Not wanting to be slandered, Bieber jumped on Twitter to reveal what actually happened. The 22-year-old, who is now sporting a short peroxide hairstyle, also took to Instagram to poke fun at the pictures by posting one of him walking along drinking a green juice and looking at his phone. [Full Article...]

Hundreds Rally In Center City To Save Affordable Care Act

Rep. Keith Rothfus, Mike Kelly and Bill Shuster nobly promise to improve on the Affordable Care Act ("Relief From Obamacare", Feb. 19). The Republican-led Congress and the administration of President Donald Trump have said repealing and replacing the law - under which more than 20 million previously uninsured Americans received health insurance, many through the Medicaid expansion - is a top p... [Full Article...]

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The LEGO Batman Movie Review Most mainstream audiences associate Robin as Batman's main sidekick, but those who read the comics or play the games are aware of Nightwing . Like its predecessor, The Lego Batman Movie is a great comedy, and may be even funnier. Nightwing , otherwise known as Dick Grayson, was Batman's first sidekick in DC Comics continuity, and he's always been one of the core parts of the Batman myth... [Full Article...]

Dear Patrick Stewart: Thanks for the All the Memories on X-Men

So, we had some time to sit there and, as I sat there I realized there will never be a better, a more ideal, a more sensitive, emotional, and lovely way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier than this movie. The sequel to the surprise 2016 smash hit is scheduled to be released next year, and the spin-off X-Force series is reportedly in the works with the help of writer-director Joe Carna... [Full Article...]

Giraffe Watch: Animal park continues to await arrival of baby giraffe

Giraffe Watch: Animal park continues to await arrival of baby giraffe The world has their eyes on NY giraffe April as she's due to give birth to her fourth calf any time now. They've been patiently awaiting the very moment she welcomes a calf into the world. According to a Sunday update from the zoo, it only takes a giraffe 30 minutes to go through active labor. Veterinarians with the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, outside Binghamton, said April is exper... [Full Article...]

Judge Joseph Wapner Dead at 97, Presided Over The People's Court

Prior to his stint as a TV judge, Wapner served as a L.A. County Superior Court judge for 20 years. Without the impact of Judge Wapner, one wonders if programs like Judge Judy would be the hits they became. Two years after he retired, he got the job as the presiding judge for The People's Court . He ended up receiving his JD from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law, and wa... [Full Article...]

Heidelberg Police Shoot Terrorist who Rammed into Pedestrians Injuring Three

The driver is said to be in a serious condition in hospital. He said that he could not comment on the possible motives for the attack. The man reportedly fled the scene where the vehicle crashed and headed to Bergheimer Strasse where he was intercepted by police. [Full Article...]

John Legend's 'hilarious' Twitter hacker

Us Weekly reports the singer realized he had been hacked, and warned fans in advance of a string of expletive-laden tweets, including one that threatened to "stomp" President Trump, referred to as a "cheetoh". I'll try and be funnier from now on so he won't feel the need to ghost write for me, ' promised the Ordinary People artist. "Best dm of my life", she tweeted along with a screenshot of a... [Full Article...]

Remy Ma Takes Shots at Nicki Minaj in New Diss Track

Remy Ma has come out swinging in a new diss track targeting Nicki Minaj. and with lyrics that include, "f*** Nicki Minaj ", she's definitely not hiding any feelings. "I'm the iPhone, you the Nokia / Everybody know you jealous, b***h, it's so clear / Tell them bum a** b*****s to play their role". After Remy's new diss track made it's rounds, Nicki reportedly fired back by sharing stats ... [Full Article...]

Hugh Jackman Would Keep Playing Wolverine if He Could Join the Avengers

Hugh Jackman Would Keep Playing Wolverine if He Could Join the Avengers Some are even suggesting this could be the best Marvel movie yet! Jackman plays the ideal troubled anti-hero in Van Helsing who is set to rid the world of all evil - no matter who agrees with him or what adversity he may face. Stewart was the original Charles Xavier in the first X-Men film, and has appeared in five other films from the franchise since that time. Hugh Jackman isn't simply h... [Full Article...]

'The Discovery' Trailer: Consequences Ensue As Robert Redford Proves The Afterlife

'The Discovery' Trailer: Consequences Ensue As Robert Redford Proves The Afterlife Netflix announced the release date for their new original film The Discovery in a new trailer for the film shared on the official Netflix YouTube Channel. McDowell's feature, one that features a script penned by Justin Lader ( The One I Love ), throws up all sorts of big, existential questions, as humanity is rocked by The Discovery and the promise (uncertainty?) it brings. [Full Article...]

Kanye West's New Venture Set To Spark Kylie Jenner Face-Off

Kanye West's New Venture Set To Spark Kylie Jenner Face-Off He's let filings for other categories-like soaps, bags, and record production-expire in the past, according to records listed under " Donda " in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, so no telling with any certainty if our collective future will include more makeup from the Kardashian-Jenner-West conglomerate. [Full Article...]

Harvard Has Named Rihanna Its Humanitarian of the Year

Follow Marie Claire on Facebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more . Whether it's with her chart-topping albums or her eclectic style, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has made the world swoon time and again. [Full Article...]

Montgomery County judge OKs testimony from one other Cosby accuser

Since then, however, dozens of women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault, and O'Neill ruled that prosecutors are not bound to whatever verbal agreements their predecessors may have made. The woman said she turned down the wine he repeatedly offered her but that, at his insistence, took a pill that Cosby told her would help her relax, according to court documents. [Full Article...]

Fox's Untitled 'X-Men' Show Casts Jamie Chung as Blink

Fox's Untitled 'X-Men' Show Casts Jamie Chung as Blink Actress Jamie Chung is the latest addition to Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men TV pilot. This isn't Blink's first appearance in the X-Men film universe after her appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past , where she was played by Fan Bingbing . [Full Article...]

Watch the 2017 BRIT Awards Live Stream

Flanked by two very big suit-clad skeletons, one man, one woman (reportedly meant to be the undead likenesses of Donald Trump and Theresa May), Katy Perry took to the stage at Wednesday's Brit Awards in a three-piece pinstriped set by Adam Selman to perform alongside Skip Marley and a crew of dancers dressed as houses. [Full Article...]

Bindi Irwin Honors Late Dad Steve Irwin on His 55th Birthday

She simply captioned the touching post: 'Always in our hearts '. While Irwin's presence and passion for sharing the wonders of wildlife are missed, he instilled the same devotion to the animal kingdom in his family, especially his children Bindi and Robert . [Full Article...]

Oscar-nominees hit DVD just ahead of Academy Awards

Oscar-nominees hit DVD just ahead of Academy Awards Netflix offers movie buffs a crash course on seminal Hollywood films as well as modern classics that introduced us to some of our most beloved contemporary stars. In particular, her acting in the climactic audition scene was a work of heartfelt genius. Her portrayal of a talentless singer in Florence Foster Jenkins saw Meryl Streep shine once again with a record 20th Oscar nomination. [Full Article...]

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