What If: Could the GOP abandon Trump and focus on Congress?

What If: Could the GOP abandon Trump and focus on Congress? And given that Trump is likely to enter it behind and in need of a major moment, it has the potential to go in a thousand directions. Greeting reporters traveling aboard her campaign plane before takeoff, Clinton said, "Welcome to our big plane!" Although some individual Senate candidates have linked their opponents to the blustery nominee, Hillary Clinton has mostly chosen not to tie Trump ... [Full Article...]

Next week's junior doctors' strike called off by British Medical Association

Next week's junior doctors' strike called off by British Medical Association But a spokeswoman provided a previously distributed statement which reads: "As doctors' representatives, the BMA should be putting patients first not playing politics in a way that will be immensely damaging for vulnerable patients". But further walkouts in October, November and December could still go ahead. She says they "discriminates against carers, parents, doctors with disabilities and w... [Full Article...]

Mylan to Reduce EpiPen Costs as Political Pressure Mounts

Recent changes in health insurance have resulted in higher deductible costs for many families, the company said. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch said, "We recognize the significant burden on patients from continued, rising insurance premiums and being forced increasingly to pay the full list price for medicines at the pharmacy counter". [Full Article...]

Biogen (BIIB) Stock Climbs, Alzheimer's Treatment Gets Fast-Track Designation

Biogen (BIIB) Stock Climbs, Alzheimer's Treatment Gets Fast-Track Designation While the trial was created to assess the safety of the treatment and not whether patients fared better on the drug, an "exploratory analysis" of the data revealed that the treatment appeared to slow the mental decline of patients who responded to the therapy. [Full Article...]

FDA is cracking down on antibacterial hand soap!

The rules will apply to antiseptic wash products containing one or more of 19 specific active ingredients , the FDA said, including two commonly used ones - triclosan and triclocarban . The American Cleaning Institute, a cleaning products industry group, contested the FDA's findings, arguing that antibacterial soaps play an important role in hygiene and are better than conventional soaps . [Full Article...]

Millions of bees killed in SC while spraying to combat Zika

Millions of bees killed in SC while spraying to combat Zika We will deliver death from the skies. On Friday, the county announced plans to spray for mosquitos by air on Sunday, between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. Since the county had already warned the populace via announcements in newspapers and on Facebook , nothing could possibly go wrong. [Full Article...]

Fla. finds Zika virus in U.S. mosquito for first time

Almost half of Americans polled say they are wary of traveling to places in the US where people have been infected with the Zika virus by mosquitoes, such as parts of Florida. "We need Congress to do its part to provide the necessary emergency resources to properly combat the spread of this virus". In a statement release, officials said they have not found evidence of Zika-infected mosquitoes in... [Full Article...]

'Morgan' a cool, if predictable, exploration of AI

While I enjoyed the film , it hasn't had a lasting impression in the film world, but it still is dear to my heart. People have been coming up to me and saying they're quite frightened of me. That bleak and basic position, along with some nastily choreographed stints of violence in the second half, make MORGAN a slightly more than mediocre sci-fi parable. [Full Article...]

United Nations health officials warn of gonorrhea becoming untreatable

The worldwide spread STDs gonorrhoea , syphilis and chlamydia is intensifying, according to United Nations figures. Health officials from all parts of the world are afraid that antibiotics overuse for other infections, including urinary tract infections, will result into extensive, incurable strains of gonorrhea. [Full Article...]

Early voting in Florida is coming to a close

Early voting in Florida is coming to a close The Florida Division of Elections on Tuesday released updated figures showing that more than 1.2 million voters have returned their ballots by mail. The Florida Chamber of Commerce stands by its assertion that a high number of unlikely voters have already cast ballots in Tuesday's primary. [Full Article...]

Fresh-cut vegetables recalled over listeria concerns

Fresh-cut vegetables recalled over listeria concerns The affected vegetables were packaged either in a clear plastic container or in styrofoam trays wrapped with a clear plastic film. In addition, listeria can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women. The full list of recalled products can be found at the FDA website. This recall is being undertaken with the knowledge of the FDA, the information stated. [Full Article...]

US, India sign military logistics agreement

US, India sign military logistics agreement A joint statement is likely to be issued after the defence ministerial level talks, sources in the Defence Ministry told UNI. Ashton Carter had last met Parrikar during a visit to India in April. "The defence relationship between India and the United States is based on the two countries' shared values and interests, and their abiding commitment to global peace and security", the joint statement ... [Full Article...]

Parents Give New Reasons for Delaying Vaccines

Parents Give New Reasons for Delaying Vaccines Pediatricians are also encouraged to "personalize" their messages on vaccines - a move backed by studies showing that reluctant parents are often more likely to agree when faced with their own child's safety compared to public benefits. The 2013 survey also asked about vaccine delays as well as straight out refusals which the 2006 survey did not. In fact, in 2015, a total of 189 people were repor... [Full Article...]

Chelsea Clinton to remain on family foundation board

He suggests Chelsea Clinton's resignation from the foundation board. While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation's largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday. [Full Article...]

Orlando theme parks give free bug spray to ease Zika worries

Orlando theme parks give free bug spray to ease Zika worries The Zika virus is transmitted mostly by the Aedes aeqypti mosquito. Also Friday, the Food and Drug Administration announced it wants all USA blood banks to start screening for Zika virus, a major expansion meant to protect the nation's blood supply from the mosquito-borne disease. [Full Article...]

Pandemonium On D Train After Woman Releases Live Crickets & Worms

Meanwhile, a few fearless passengers tried to hold the woman down - who was, by this time, urinating, yelling and attempting to throw up on them, witnesses told the Post . "She was hysterical for 20 minutes and peed herself before the train operator unlocked the auto doors to let us through", Mechaber wrote. Then she pulled up her pant leg and starting to urinate on the floor. [Full Article...]

Texas man charged with beheading wife after police visit

Texas man charged with beheading wife after police visit The Texas Rangers along with the Bellmead police are investigating. When police arrived Dauzat was barricaded inside a trailer with his two children , ages 1 and 2. "His brother informed dispatch he was not sure if his "weird statements" and "funny questions" were drug related", police said. "When asked if ( Davie Dauzat ) was threatening anyone, his brother said 'no". [Full Article...]

Has Berkeley's soda tax affected soda consumption?

Has Berkeley's soda tax affected soda consumption? Lauren Kane, a spokeswoman for the American Beverage Association, said the study does not prove Berkeley's tax "had or will have a measurable impact on public health". Barry Popkin , a University of North Carolina professor who supports soda taxes as a tool to improve public health, said the income and education levels of Berkeley residents may produce larger results than in cities with differen... [Full Article...]

Newborn with Zika virus found infected 2 months after birth

So when was the baby's brain damaged, before or after birth? Travelers who go to places with outbreaks of Zika can be infected with Zika, and Zika infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly and other severe fetal brain defects. Serological tests confirmed the infection in both parents, researchers said. Fetuses that have miscarried or been aborted have been examined and the virus is in th... [Full Article...]

Florida: 5 new Zika cases including 1 in the Tampa Bay area

A fifth new case was diagnosed in a Pinellas County resident who hasn't traveled internationally. He did not know the timeline on the case, only that it had been confirmed within the past day. Last week health officials announced five cases of Zika were linked to mosquitoes in Miami Beach. As of Monday, there were 82 cases of the Zika virus confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. [Full Article...]

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