Study Warns An Increased Risk Of Heart Attack During The Holidays

Study Warns An Increased Risk Of Heart Attack During The Holidays That's the eye-opening, if Grinch-y, finding from Australian researchers published on Thursday in the Journal of the American Heart Association . "The Christmas holiday period is a common time for travel within New Zealand, with people frequently holidaying away from their main medical facilities", said lead author Josh Knight, a researcher at the Center for Health Policy at the University o... [Full Article...]

Dreadlocked cat finally freed from pounds of matted fur

At first, he thought the cat had a blanket draped over it, until he realised that it was fur. Years of neglect has left a pet cat named Hidey with a severe case of matted fur, which eerily resembled a human's braided hair also known as "dreadlocks". [Full Article...]

Schoolgirl wows audience with her voice

Schoolgirl wows audience with her voice Kayleigh Rodgers has autism and ADHD. Collin Millar, principal of the school said it was unbelievable to see a child who wouldn't talk, read, stand or perform in front of an audience doing so. Everyone is proud of how far Kaylee has come, including her family and the teachers who have supported her along the way. "She just says, 'I'm so happy that so many people are going to have a lovely Christ... [Full Article...]

Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: Bucs at Saints

The Bucs are now the sixth seed in the NFC and with a playoff berth plays the NFC South crown still in play, I like Jameis Winston and given the Saints a game. The Bucs had been vocal in their support of Martin, saying though his average of 2.92 yards per carry is worst among National Football League running backs with 100-plus carries, that was more an indication of needing better block... [Full Article...]

First Hoosier of season dies of flu-related complications

In the 2015-16 flu season, 15 people died in Pierce County because of flu-related illnesses, and 25 people died of flu-related illnesses in 2014-15. Between five and 20 percent of the population are infected each year. Hospital admissions for flu-related illness more than doubled in a one-month period, from three in the week ending November 19 to eight in the week ending December 17. [Full Article...]

Pregnancy Initiates Mothering Instinct Through Brain Changes: Spanish Study

Pregnancy Initiates Mothering Instinct Through Brain Changes: Spanish Study Reduction in gray matter occurred in various regions of the brains of pregnant women, including the prefrontal and temporal cortex. The researchers noted that the same regions light up in new moms when looking at photos of their own children, compared to other babies. [Full Article...]

New Laser Treatment Based On Deep-Sea Bacteria Effectively Treats Prostate Cancer

New Laser Treatment Based On Deep-Sea Bacteria Effectively Treats Prostate Cancer Following the successful Latin America and European studies, Steba is now engaged in further trials in the USA, in partnership with clinical groups at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City - for both advanced prostate cancer treatment and other oncology indications. [Full Article...]

17-year-old girl shot dead in Najafgarh, investigation underway

17-year-old girl shot dead in Najafgarh, investigation underway None of the three men present at the crime scene - the car's owner Yogesh (28), the suspected shooter Shubham (22), and the girl's friend Nitin (21) - had a police record. But Yogesh reportedly got down from the vehicle to relieve himself. The relatives of the victim said that she had met Nitin at a private tuition class she attended in preparation for her law degree course. [Full Article...]

Texas officially removes Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood

Greg Abbott announced that the state delivered a final notice to Planned Parenthood, which would result in the organization's removal from the Medicaid program in 30 days. But Planned Parenthood officials say they seek court relief. The health care organization says it will challenge the filing in court by seeking a preliminary injunction on a lawsuit filed in November of a year ago when the stat... [Full Article...]

Jet Stream Found In Earth's Core

The jet stream is also accelerating, and is estimated to have trebled in speed since 2000. A fast-flowing molten iron river was discovered under Alaskan and Siberian soil . The study found the position of the jet stream aligns with a boundary between two different regions in the core. Magnetic lobes motion can only originate from the physical movement of molten iron. [Full Article...]

NMC Health (LON:NMC) Analyst Target Prices

NMC Health (LON:NMC) Analyst Target Prices Out of 9 analysts covering Novae Group PLC ( LON:NVA ), 6 rate it a "Buy", 0 "Sell", while 3 "Hold". Today, Deutsche Bank AG reiterated its Hold rating on Drax Group Plc (LON:DRX) with a price target of GBX 280. The stock's 50 day moving average is GBX 151.01 and its 200 day moving average is GBX 146.25. This represents a dividend yield of 1.99%. Gap traders find stocks that have a price gap fro... [Full Article...]

Michigan AG says there will be more charges in Flint

Michigan AG says there will be more charges in Flint City officials Howard Croft , who was public works superintendent at the time, and his subordinate, utilities administrator Daugherty Johnson , also face charges of misconduct in office and willful neglect because they "put pressure on individuals at the water treatment plant to get the plant to work, despite having been told it wasn't ready", Seipenko said . [Full Article...]

Google Waymo unveils autonomous Chrysler Pacifica

The prototypes are fitted with hardware and software to enable fully self-driving capability. The worked together to modify the minivan's electrical, powertrain, chassis, and structural systems to accommodate Google's self-driving technologies. [Full Article...]

A View from Jerusalem of a Trump Ambassadorial Appointment

The Palestinians want the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem - areas Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war - for their state. David Friedman , President-elect Donald Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel, is a lifelong Five Towns resident. [Full Article...]

Lightning May Have Sparked Kentucky Barn Fire That Killed 23 Thoroughbred Horses

Lightning May Have Sparked Kentucky Barn Fire That Killed 23 Thoroughbred Horses Center owner Eric Reed said dozens of horses were inside the barn and several were saved before the building started to collapse. "My other guys were helping and the horses would run back in naturally and we would have to take them back out", Reed said. [Full Article...]

25 people die after drinking bath lotion with methanol in Siberia

25 people die after drinking bath lotion with methanol in Siberia While local officials in Irkutsk introduced a state of emergency in a desperate bid to prevent more deaths, Russia's top investigative agency opened a probe into the incident and arrested several people suspected of involvement in the sales of the lotion. [Full Article...]

Large Cap Drug Manufacturers - Major: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY)

Vetr lowered Bristol-Myers Squibb from a "strong-buy" rating to a "buy" rating and set a $62.28 price target for the a report on Monday. The stock touched 52-week High of $77.12 on Jul 15, 2016 and 52-week Low of $49.03 on Oct 25, 2016. [Full Article...]

NES Classic sold almost 200000 units in the USA alone

U.S. retailer GameStop promised more NES Classics will be trickling onto its shelves over the next few days, but it doesn't look like there's any end in sight to the drought. NPD report blasted with Nintendo MINI NES number of units sold reached 196,000 in November alone. Maybe Nintendo was afraid of taking momentum away from Switch, or didn't anticipate how many people might want a retro v... [Full Article...] moves sign up deadline to 11:59 PM PST Monday

The new deadline is 2:59 a.m. Counihan said it's due to strong interest. The old deadline was Thursday. But about 11 million get commercial health plans through and similar state-based insurance marketplaces such as Covered California that were created through the law. [Full Article...]

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Reverse Aging

The early-stage approach has provided insight into the cellular drivers of ageing and possible therapeutic approaches for improving human health and longevity. Converting large numbers of the body's cells back into stem cells could lead to organ failure or death, the authors said. They genetically engineered these mice so that their cells would turn on the Yamanaka factors when the mic... [Full Article...]

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