Greg Hunt appointed as the new Health minister following Sussan Ley's resignation

Mr Hunt takes over after Sussan Ley resigned from the frontbench in the wake of scrutiny over her expenses and travel to the Gold Coast. David Gillespie will continue his tenure in portfolio as assistant minister for Rural Health. Liberal backbencher Michael Sukkar becomes assistant to Treasurer Scott Morrison. While another former Health Minister in Tony Abbott was mentioned as a possible repla... [Full Article...]

Acupuncture may relieve babies' colic

During the second week of the trial, 16 babies in the first group still had infantile colic, compared with 21 in the second group and 31 in the control group. The evidence for acupuncture is sparse. Parents, however, need to be cautious about where they get treatment, Crim said. The acupuncture treatment was carried out by 10 clinical practitioners, nine of whom were trained acupuncturists who... [Full Article...]

Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) Earns Outperform Rating from Credit Suisse Group

First National Bank of Mount Dora Trust Investment Services' holdings in Eli Lilly and were worth $1,943,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC. "We are proud of the work that CoLucid has done to develop lasmiditan, and we believe Lilly's expertise in pain and commitment to innovation are a natural fit to potentially bring this medicine to patients". [Full Article...]

Eli Lilly Buys Pharmaceutical Company CoLucid for $960 Million

Perhaps, that suggests something about why 65.90% of the outstanding share supply is held by institutional investors. In recent trade, the price was 1.26% up its 200 day moving average and was brought 5.64% up versus its 50-day simple moving average. [Full Article...]

Drug-resistant superbug spreading wider than thought

Drug-resistant superbug spreading wider than thought In addition, the researchers "found that these traits are transferring easily among various CRE species". "We need to look harder for this unobserved transmission within our communities and health care facilities if we want to stamp it out", said study senior author William Hanage. [Full Article...]

'Roothe Baarati': Ahead of Mona's marriage in 'Bigg Boss', Manu gets upset

During the ceremony, the contestants are asked to perform all rituals and have been given a task of making it entertaining. Later in the day, Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task, where in, the contestants had to form a chain and pass on the items of their choice by holding the plastic string, attached to the item with their mouth. [Full Article...]

Theresa May posed for American Vogue Downing Street confirms

She is the first British prime minister to be featured in the fashion magazine's United States edition, though the country's first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher had been photographed four times for British Vogue , according to the BBC . [Full Article...]

Salmon Caught in US Infected With Tapeworm, Study Says

Salmon Caught in US Infected With Tapeworm, Study Says The broad tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense , has been detected in wild pink salmon from Alaska, leading researchers to believe that salmon from at least American and Asian Pacific coasts can be potentially risky to humans who eat the fish raw. [Full Article...]

Bo Jackson Says He Wouldn't Play Football Again

Bo Jackson Says He Wouldn't Play Football Again The NFL admitted in 2016 - after much hand-wringing and many denials and delays - that there is a link between football and CTE. He says he'd strongly discourage his kids from playing the game. There will simply never be another athlete like Bo Jackson in many of our lifetimes. He made the All-Star team in 1989 and remains the only athlete to make a MLB All-Star Game and NFL Pro Bowl. [Full Article...]

More Severe Strain of Flu More Prevalent in Northeast Wisconsin

The total number of influenza-associated deaths reported this season is now 10, although this does not represent all flu-associated deaths in the state, since many go undiagnosed or unreported, according to the agency. So far this flu season, 1,992 people have been hospitalized with the flu, and people are increasingly visiting outpatient centers for influenza-like illness. [Full Article...]

Arrests Made As Manhunt Continues For Orlando Police Shooting Suspect

Arrests Made As Manhunt Continues For Orlando Police Shooting Suspect Online court records show that 27-year-old Lakensha Smith-Loyd was arrested Wednesday on a charge of accessory, a day after the fugitive's supervisor at a fried chicken restaurant was arrested on a similar charge. "If there is anyone who is harboring, aiding, abetting him in any way, they will be arrested as we've seen with the past three arrests", Mina said. [Full Article...]

Trump meets with AT&T execs about Time Warner merger

Trump meets with AT&T execs about Time Warner merger Reuters cites sources familiar in reporting that the meetup was in fact about the $85.4bn merger with Time Warner that AT&T announced past year. In a conference call with reporters, Spicer did not provide any details about the meeting and would not comment on whether Trump remained opposed to the deal. [Full Article...]

Marijuana Eases Chronic Pains - But Is It Harmful?

Marijuana Eases Chronic Pains - But Is It Harmful? Legal marijuana sales reached $6.7 billion previous year and a number of massive new legal markets are about to open up following the 2016 elections (including California, which got the marijuana normalization train rolling by becoming the first state to legalize medical cannabis all the way back in 1997). [Full Article...]

Scientists have finally discovered what links stress and heart disease

Scientists have finally discovered what links stress and heart disease A stressful life significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, new evidence suggests. Based on the findings the researchers concluded that those with higher amygdala activity were more likely to have a cardiovascular disease and developed problems sooner than those with lower activity. [Full Article...]

When It Comes To Exercise, What's Better: Quality Or Quantity?

When It Comes To Exercise, What's Better: Quality Or Quantity? Dr Gary O'Donovan, study author and expert in physical activity and health, from Loughborough University, said the key was doing exercise that was "purposeful, and done with the intention of improving health". When it comes to exercise, everyone wishes they were the diligent, disciplined person who goes to the gym for 30 minutes a day. "And, if you can't make time to exercise during the week, yo... [Full Article...]

What could Obamacare's repeal mean here?

On Wednesday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, said in a radio interview that the repeal bill "is slated to be on the president's desk in February", and it will include a repeal of the medical device tax. But to what extent would a repeal benefit the 20 million people who now have healthcare coverage under the act, especially when the Republicans have presented no ... [Full Article...]

Smoking set to kill and cost more than ever

Smoking set to kill and cost more than ever As part of the "Antitobacco Concept signed by" Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, the plan outlines government efforts to curb smoking from 2017 to 2022 but it has yet to be approved by the government and its agencies. Because of technological innovations and the shift from state-owned to private tobacco companies, the number of jobs that depend on tobacco has been falling in most countries, the... [Full Article...]

Takeda Buys Rare Cancer Drug Developer in Estimated $5.2B Deal

For the year 2016, Ariad offered revenue outlook of $170 - $180 million for Iclusing. The analysts believe that the company stock price could grow as high as $22. The company beat the analyst EPS Estimate with the difference of $0.05. Wellington Mgmt Grp Llp has 0.06% invested in the company for 17.14M shares. Many Wall Street Analysts have commented on Ariad Pharmaceuticals. [Full Article...]

Trump asks vaccine critic to chair committee on vaccine safety

NBC reports that after a meeting at Trump Tower Tuesday, RFK told reporters he's accepted an offer to "chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity". Trump's move to create a vaccine commission that may review federal vaccine guidelines and research is in keeping with other highly questionable scientific views he holds, such as falsely claiming that human-caused global w... [Full Article...]

FREE Radon Test Kits While Supplies Last

FREE Radon Test Kits While Supplies Last But some home inspectors say vacant homes nearly always have elevated levels of radon; Same thing, if you don't use your basement often; Or, if only one person lives in the home. "Test kits are low-priced and readily available". The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends radon abatement measures to be undertaken if indoor radon in air levels exceed 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). [Full Article...]

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