Los Angeles, Moscow top list of most congested cities

Cities were ranked by the peak hours that the average driver spent in congestion - the busiest part of the day. Moscow took second place, with motorists sitting in traffic jams for 91 hours, followed by NY on 89. Meanwhile, Inrix says the worse days for traffic a year ago were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Montreal ranked 23rd out of 1,064 congested cities across 38 countries. [Full Article...]

CDC: Flu Vaccine 48% Effective This Season, But It's Working Pretty Well

According to CDC, most influenza infections were caused by A (H3N2) viruses. CBS News chief medical correspondent Jonathan LaPook reported on February 10 that Missouri was one of 23 states with high activity this season. Strains of the flu virus are constantly changing, so a new flu vaccine is made each year. "About half the people that get the vaccine are going to be covered for the strain ... [Full Article...]

New Gallup Poll: Trump Job Approval Ratings Down to 38 Percent

New Gallup Poll: Trump Job Approval Ratings Down to 38 Percent But a conflicting poll from Pew Research shows the president's approval rating has fallen to just 39%, 16 points below Rasmussen's survey, which questions 500 people per night on a three-night rolling basis. When asked whether he should be more careful about the things he says, respondents overwhelmingly said "yes", by a almost 3-1 margin, 71 percent to 28 percent. [Full Article...]

Matt Damon slams Trump on border: 'I'm not a believer in walls'

The casting controversy comes from Matt Damon, who stars as William, an 11th-century mercenary from somewhere in Britain. Reportedly the most expensive film ever shot entirely in China and shot mostly in English with a white Hollywood star in the spotlight, it felt from a distance like a calculation, a movie churned out of a factory set to certain specifications to reach the highest global a... [Full Article...]

Spectra Energy Partners Q4 Profit From Controlling Interests Declines

Spectra Energy Partners Q4 Profit From Controlling Interests Declines The company has already funded its investment through financing moves in the fourth quarter of past year, primarily through the preferred share and hybrid instrument offerings. Enbridge Energy, L.P.'s payout ratio is -179.23%. As with most large market cap stocks, it has a good dividend yield of 6.10%. The original version of this news story can be viewed at [Full Article...]

Cooling Caps Reduce Hair Loss In Women Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

But cooling caps haven't been extensively studied in the USA, and womens' experiences with the caps have been hit or miss. So far, only DigniCap has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration - Paxman is still pending clearance. Secondary endpoints included whether patients in the cooling arm required use of a wig or scarf and overall quality of life, as scored by the European Organisat... [Full Article...]

Genetic Markers Can Predict Male Pattern Baldness

Genetic Markers Can Predict Male Pattern Baldness A new study identifies more than 250 genetic locations responsible for male pattern baldness. "We developed a prediction algorithm based entirely on common genetic variants that discriminated (AUC = 0.78, sensitivity = 0.74, specificity = 0.69, PPV = 59 percent, NPV = 82 percent) those with no hair loss from those with severe hair loss", scientists explained. [Full Article...]

Spotify To Move US HQ To 4 World Trade Center

North Korean dictator ordered brother killed, South Korean spy chief says . Spotify , which now has offices in Midtown South, will move its NY office and its employees to 378,000 square feet of office space in the new Fumihiko Maki-designed building owned by Silverstein Properties, early 2018. [Full Article...]

Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear

Eighty percent of the time, researchers were able to identify which babies would be diagnosed with autism by age two by looking at differences in brain volume among those high-risk children. Early intervention could include training for parents on techniques to raise a child with autism, as well as finding a style of behavioural therapy that works for their child. [Full Article...]

Americans stress levels on the rise, survey shows

In order to avoid elevated stress levels, researchers recommend turning off the TV and taking up hobbies or spending more time with family. The results of the latest poll, given to 1,019 people in January, showed the fastest rise in stress levels since the APA's Stress in America survey began in 2007. [Full Article...]

People with ADHD have atypical brains

The results of the study, which involved 1,713 people with ADHD and 1,529 people without the condition, were published in The Lancet Psychiatry . "Future meta-analyses and mega-analyses will need to investigate medication effects as well as the developmental course of volumetric differences in this disorder". [Full Article...]

Sarasota Health Officials: Get a Flu Vaccine Now!

Every year the flu virus changes, producing different strains and forcing our bodies to adapt in order to fight the virus. Overall, its effectiveness reached 48 percent. She said insurance providers also have information on where the vaccine is available. In the last H3N2-dominant flu season, in 2014-15, the target virus in the vaccine was not well matched to the viruses that were making peopl... [Full Article...]

Scotland captain Laidlaw out of Six Nations

Scotland skipper Greig Laidlaw has been ruled out for the rest of the Six Nations, the Scottish Rugby Union have announced. Ali Price, who came on against France, turned in a sparky performance, markedly increasing the tempo of Scotland's play and bringing feistiness in the loose. [Full Article...]

Milwaukee home to four semi-finalists for 2017 James Beard awards

Kris Komori, chef de cuisine at State and Lemp in Boise, joins chef Laurent Zirotti , of Fleu de Sel in Post Falls, in the running for Best Chef: Northwest. The same panel of judges will then name the winners in each category on April 25. Also recognized as a semifinalist in this category a year ago, Bluestem received a major renovation in 2014.It continues to receive kudos as "a nati... [Full Article...]

Rare Bacterial Infection Kills One, Sickens Two In Bronx

Rare Bacterial Infection Kills One, Sickens Two In Bronx According to the CDC, only about 100 to 200 leptospirosis cases are reported each year in the United States. Health officials are holding a meeting for tenants of the building on Wednesday at 6:30 the lobby. The disease is rarely spread person-to-person. Rat urine can enter the body through your eyes, nose, or mouth, or through wounds and cuts in your skin, the department says. [Full Article...]

Teenagers able to register to be organ donors beginning Tuesday

Teenagers able to register to be organ donors beginning Tuesday Here in Colorado, there are 2,500 people waiting to get a life-saving transplant. The province said organ donors saved 380 lives in 2015 in Alberta, which was an 11 per cent increase from 2014. To become an organ donor, all you need is your drivers license. NY has the nation's lowest percentage of registered organ donors, and waiting lists for some organs, such as kidneys, can stretch years. [Full Article...]

How Screwed Is Judge Gorsuch Over These Trump Comments?

Citing the text of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the legislation he claims gives him the unreviewable power to do what is best for national security, he sneered at the judges: "A bad high school student would understand this". A seat for life on the Supreme Court can shape how cases are decided and rights are protected, or lost, for decades. In a Thursday statement , Kelly Ayotte, the fo... [Full Article...]

Meijer recalls Meijer Brand Colby Cheese and Colby Jack deli cheeses

Sargento - one of the largest cheesemakers in the U.S. As if that weren't bad enough, Ruth's Salads, a company in North Carolina, is recalling some of its pimento cheese products due to an unrelated but still potentially deadly listeria contamination discovered during official food testing. [Full Article...]

Tom Brady filmed ad with fifth Super Bowl ring in September

Tom Brady filmed ad with fifth Super Bowl ring in September With 10 points being the previous biggest comeback to win a Super Bowl, the Falcons and their fans could be excused if they were getting ready to party after Tevin Coleman put Atlanta ahead 28-3 around the midway mark of the third quarter. Ryan dropped back again for no apparent reason and got sacked. Atlanta gained 9 on first down to set up a 2nd and 1, already inside field goal range at the New ... [Full Article...]

Planned Parenthood - Robin Rothman

Planned Parenthood - Robin Rothman The House of Representatives will vote next week to repeal a last-minute executive order by former President Barack Obama that provided federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Paul, a couple of hundred abortion opponents prayed, marched and chanted. Local organizer Louantha Kerr with anti-abortion group Hope For Life said "new people show up all the time" to demonstrations outside of the Newtown ... [Full Article...]

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