Knicks to waive Jennings

He's averaging 24.6 minutes, 8.6 points, 4.9 assists, 2.6 rebounds, and 0.9 steals on a slash line of.380/.340/.756. Jennings is still a very capable point guard who can still score well while managing the floor. Randle will be signed for the remainder of the season, with a team option for next year, and is expected to be with the Knicks when they face the Raptors tonight. [Full Article...]

Pa. Department of Health investigates mumps cases at Penn State

Infection can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, sharing items such as cups or beverages, intimate contact, or by touching surfaces with unwashed hands. Last year, 19 cases of mumps were recorded in college campuses. Mumps is a serious contagious disease passed through saliva and respiratory secretions. [Full Article...]

Fundraising Probe Looms Over NYC Mayor's Re-Election Bid

Fundraising Probe Looms Over NYC Mayor's Re-Election Bid An official familiar with the matter said that it is a voluntary interview. De Blasio has long insisted that his fundraising followed the law. After putting the interview behind him, De Blasio is expected to do his part to get Keith Ellison elected as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. [Full Article...]

Jets slated to cut veteran center Nick Mangold

Equally important, off the field, Nick exhibited respect, sensitivity and compassion for the causes he supported. The New York Jets will release veteran center Nick Mangold after 11 seasons with the team, according to multiple reports. The two-time All-Pro's body finally started to break down last season. It has been one of the most stable positions in team history. And even when he came out of ... [Full Article...]

Peabody Double Murder Suspect Involved In Middleton Carjacking, Police Say

Hebb was taken into custody without incident Monday and arraigned in Peabody District Court on Tuesday on two counts of first-degree murder. Police say Doughty may be driving a gray 2006 Honda Accord 4-door sedan with MA plate 7KLY80. Another suspect in the slayings, Michael Hebb, has been held without bail after pleading not guilty to murder charges. Doughty grew up in Middleton but more rece... [Full Article...]

Recommend daily intake of fruit and veg may need doubling, indicates study

The study was conducted by researchers from the Imperial College in London and it shows that consumption of 10 portions of 800 grams (which is double the World Health Organization recommendation) of fruit and vegetables every day may potentially prevent about 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide every year. [Full Article...]

Cats Do Not Cause Mental Health Issues

However, researchers found no evidence that the presence of cats during pregnancy or childhood results in psychotic symptoms during adolescence. It is not thought of as risky in healthy adults but can cause complications and may be fatal towards immune-compromised individuals. [Full Article...]

Testosterone And Older Men's Health Yield Controversial Results, Says University Study

All the men were aged 65 or older and had low testosterone levels that couldn't be explained by anything other than age. Results were published Tuesday in the journals JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine . Lo and Dr. Deborah Grady at the University of California-San Francisco wrote an editorial about the ethical lapse in JAMA Internal Medicine that accompanied articles about anemia and othe... [Full Article...]

Blac Chyna Celebrates 40-Pound Weight Loss By Getting Naked In Bed

Rumors are swirling Blac Chyna is pregnant again. Media Take Out reported this week that Blac Chyna is pregnant again. After all, reports that the mother-of-two is pregnant began to surface after pics were taken of her on February 19 as she arrived at her BFF Amber Rose's son's fourth birthday party. [Full Article...]

Anti-Defamation League Evacuated After Bomb Scare

Andrew Cuomo, whose office is up the block, has directed state police to investigate the threat. "Make no mistake, we will find these perpetrators and hold them fully accountable for their actions", Cuomo added. Louis. President Donald Trump on Tuesday issued his first public condemnation of anti-Semitic incidents across the usa following the wave of threats, which included vandalism of ... [Full Article...]

Los Angeles, Moscow top list of most congested cities

Cities were ranked by the peak hours that the average driver spent in congestion - the busiest part of the day. Moscow took second place, with motorists sitting in traffic jams for 91 hours, followed by NY on 89. Meanwhile, Inrix says the worse days for traffic a year ago were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Montreal ranked 23rd out of 1,064 congested cities across 38 countries. [Full Article...]

CDC: Flu Vaccine 48% Effective This Season, But It's Working Pretty Well

According to CDC, most influenza infections were caused by A (H3N2) viruses. CBS News chief medical correspondent Jonathan LaPook reported on February 10 that Missouri was one of 23 states with high activity this season. Strains of the flu virus are constantly changing, so a new flu vaccine is made each year. "About half the people that get the vaccine are going to be covered for the strain ... [Full Article...]

New Gallup Poll: Trump Job Approval Ratings Down to 38 Percent

New Gallup Poll: Trump Job Approval Ratings Down to 38 Percent But a conflicting poll from Pew Research shows the president's approval rating has fallen to just 39%, 16 points below Rasmussen's survey, which questions 500 people per night on a three-night rolling basis. When asked whether he should be more careful about the things he says, respondents overwhelmingly said "yes", by a almost 3-1 margin, 71 percent to 28 percent. [Full Article...]

Matt Damon slams Trump on border: 'I'm not a believer in walls'

Matt Damon slams Trump on border: 'I'm not a believer in walls' The casting controversy comes from Matt Damon, who stars as William, an 11th-century mercenary from somewhere in Britain. Reportedly the most expensive film ever shot entirely in China and shot mostly in English with a white Hollywood star in the spotlight, it felt from a distance like a calculation, a movie churned out of a factory set to certain specifications to reach the highest global a... [Full Article...]

Spectra Energy Partners Q4 Profit From Controlling Interests Declines

Spectra Energy Partners Q4 Profit From Controlling Interests Declines The company has already funded its investment through financing moves in the fourth quarter of past year, primarily through the preferred share and hybrid instrument offerings. Enbridge Energy, L.P.'s payout ratio is -179.23%. As with most large market cap stocks, it has a good dividend yield of 6.10%. The original version of this news story can be viewed at [Full Article...]

Cooling Caps Reduce Hair Loss In Women Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

But cooling caps haven't been extensively studied in the USA, and womens' experiences with the caps have been hit or miss. So far, only DigniCap has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration - Paxman is still pending clearance. Secondary endpoints included whether patients in the cooling arm required use of a wig or scarf and overall quality of life, as scored by the European Organisat... [Full Article...]

Genetic Markers Can Predict Male Pattern Baldness

Genetic Markers Can Predict Male Pattern Baldness A new study identifies more than 250 genetic locations responsible for male pattern baldness. "We developed a prediction algorithm based entirely on common genetic variants that discriminated (AUC = 0.78, sensitivity = 0.74, specificity = 0.69, PPV = 59 percent, NPV = 82 percent) those with no hair loss from those with severe hair loss", scientists explained. [Full Article...]

Spotify To Move US HQ To 4 World Trade Center

North Korean dictator ordered brother killed, South Korean spy chief says . Spotify , which now has offices in Midtown South, will move its NY office and its employees to 378,000 square feet of office space in the new Fumihiko Maki-designed building owned by Silverstein Properties, early 2018. [Full Article...]

Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear

Eighty percent of the time, researchers were able to identify which babies would be diagnosed with autism by age two by looking at differences in brain volume among those high-risk children. Early intervention could include training for parents on techniques to raise a child with autism, as well as finding a style of behavioural therapy that works for their child. [Full Article...]

Americans stress levels on the rise, survey shows

In order to avoid elevated stress levels, researchers recommend turning off the TV and taking up hobbies or spending more time with family. The results of the latest poll, given to 1,019 people in January, showed the fastest rise in stress levels since the APA's Stress in America survey began in 2007. [Full Article...]

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