Man survives 555 days without a heart

Man survives 555 days without a heart After collapsing on the basketball court at 16-years-old, doctors diagnosed the Ypsilanti, MI teen with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD), a condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly and put him at severe risk for cardiac arrest. [Full Article...]

MMA Fighter Ivan Cole Found Dead; Reportedly Killed Himself Playing Russian Roulette

MMA Fighter Ivan Cole Found Dead; Reportedly Killed Himself Playing Russian Roulette He compiled a 2-3 professional record in MMA, having made a successful debut in 2012, and his final fight was a submission defeat to Geo Pacurariu at Bellator 135 a year ago. This isn't a MMA's first brush with the deadly "game" of Russian Roulette. In Russian roulette, one bullet is put into the chamber of the gun, and players put it up to their heads in an attempt to get an empty chamber. [Full Article...]

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Can 'Reverse Disease'

The study monitored the patients' disease after treatment for up to 13 years after they got treatment. All of the patients were given the stem cell/chemotherapy treatment. In addition, prior to treatment, the patients had on average 93 lesions, after treatment only one new lesion was detected. It is caused when a person's body is attacked by its own immune system, causing a range of symptoms fro... [Full Article...]

Woman with severe nut allergy dies from 'fatal goodnight kiss with boyfriend'

Woman with severe nut allergy dies from 'fatal goodnight kiss with boyfriend' Myriam Ducre-Lemay told her mother she was in love before she received a literal kiss of death. Myriam Ducre-Lemay, who died at age 20, was severely allergic to peanuts but hadn't shared that with her new boyfriend, CTV News reported. He then brushed his teeth however Myriam - who had not yet told him about her severe peanut allergy - went to kiss him when she began suffering a shortness of breath... [Full Article...]

Brock Turner: Facebook removes Stanford University rapist meme

However, Turner, a 20-year-old from Dayton, Ohio, was sentenced last week to six months in jail - a sentence many consider outrageous in its leniency. In sentencing Turner, judge Aaron Persky said he did not think Turner's failure to acknowledge he had committed an assault should count against him. [Full Article...]

What they are saying about Sanders decision to stay in the race

What they are saying about Sanders decision to stay in the race Sanders has insisted throughout the campaign that he would stick to his presidential bid all the way to the convention, even if Clinton becomes the presumptive nominee. Her rival, Bernie Sanders, has vowed to fight on despite pressure to step down from party figures. But analysts say unity might prove hard if Vermont senator Bernie Sanders does not graciously bow out of the competition befor... [Full Article...]

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2016 Last Night?

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2016 Last Night? Ginger Zee - 27 out of 30 Ginger and Val Chmerkovskiy mash together the foxtrot and Argentine tango in a powerful, commanding routine. Editor's note: WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about the " Dancing with the Stars " finale. [Full Article...]

Alabama Delays Execution of Cop Killer Vernon Madison by Lethal Injection

Madison's attorneys had sought another avenue to avoid the execution, arguing in a filing to the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday morning that his death sentence may be unconstitutional. They said a "quirk of Alabama law" prohibited them from appealing the lower court's finding. "Recent rulings by this court provide a credible basis to believe that Mr. [Full Article...]

Coachella in October Confirmed as "Desert Trip"

Coachella in October Confirmed as Dubbed the Desert Trip, a classic-rock concert featuring the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who has been set for the desert site October the 7th-the 9th, 2016. This move, by AEG-owned Goldenvoice promotions, to bring the best of them together makes sense and if anything is a belated acknowledgement of the spending power of Grey Nomads whose keenness t... [Full Article...]

Game 4 Return Possible For Golden State Warriors' Star?

Stephen Curry was again missing for the Warriors but while he was originally considered a chance to make it for Game 3, coach Steve Kerr has said that he doesn't expect him to be ready for Saturday. Golden State is now 5-1 against the Blazers this season, as the series will shift to Portland for games three and four on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and Monday at 7:30 p.m. [Full Article...]

Frozen Vegetables Sold at Costco, Walmart Recalled Over Listeria Fears

Editor's Note: The Food and Drug Administration released this statement Thursday, detailing frozen foods recalled because of possible listeria contamination. About 358 products sold under 42 separate brands were recalled, according to the FDA. So far, seven people from three states have reported being ill and hospitalized because of listeria . [Full Article...]

Frozen fruit, vegetables sold at Costco, Safeway recalled

They include organic and non-organic broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower, corn, edamame, green beans, Italian beans, kale, leeks, lima beans, onions, peas, pepper strips, potatoes, potato medley, root medley, spinach, sweet potatoes, various vegetable medleys and more . [Full Article...]

Prince got 'powerful' drugs from more than one doctor

Jackson was supplied drugs from several doctors, one of whom, Conrad Murray , was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to prison. Prince , whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, died at his home, a compound known as Paisley Park, in suburban Minneapolis on April 21. [Full Article...]

The burst of light at the moment of conception

The burst of light at the moment of conception Scientists at the university had witnessed these sparks in mice five years ago and just recently were able to witness the same spark of life happen in human eggs, and released a report and video showing the fantastic discovery. "Often we don't know whether the egg or embryo is truly viable until we see if a pregnancy ensues", Feinberg said on Northwestern's website. Dr. Feinberg continued ... [Full Article...]

Chick-fil-A pulls recalled chocolate chunk cookies

Chick-fil-A pulls recalled chocolate chunk cookies The Chocolate Chunk Cookies are only sold at Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Chick-Fil-A operates some 20 restaurants in Austin, including locations on Martin Luther King Boulevard, on 24th Street just off the University of Texas, Ben White Boulevard, Barton Creek Square, and others. [Full Article...]

Prince's Ex-Wife Mayte Garcia Says 'He's with Our Son Now'

Prince's Ex-Wife Mayte Garcia Says 'He's with Our Son Now' She plays the wife of a senator and says the show is "scandalous, fun and full of twists and turns". She said she was her own artist. "I think I'm now screwed for life because my first relationship was the most weird relationship ever and I'm not normal any more", she confessed. [Full Article...]

Famous Songs Originally Written By Prince

Cyndi Lauper's 1983 single is actually a cover of a song from Prince's Dirty Mind . There are, of course, the obvious ones , many of whom influenced and were influenced by Prince-among them his contemporaries Michael Jackson, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, Stevie Wonder, and pretty much any post-disco dance, pop, funk, and/or R&B artist active dur... [Full Article...]

Ryan Seacrest Says Goodbye 'For Now' on 'American Idol' Finale

Seacrest gave him some work to do: introducing judges Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. It was then time for Ryan Seacrest to deliver the results and the two artists performing for the title, which were Trent Harmon and La'Porsha Renae. [Full Article...]

Gym free weights flush with more germs than public toilets

Gym free weights flush with more germs than public toilets In a recent experiment, FitRated .com examined bacterial samples taken from 27 common pieces of workout equipment at large chains around the country. Why? iStockPhoto the new study will make gym rats hit the locker room showers. An exercise bike has 39 times more bacteria than a plastic cafeteria tray. [Full Article...]

Many In US Ignorant Of Key Facts On Zika Virus

Many In US Ignorant Of Key Facts On Zika Virus The World Health Organization declared a global health emergency in February as the virus spread rapidly in the Americas, citing Zika's link to the birth defect microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder in adults that can cause paralysis. [Full Article...]

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