July 4 Debut Is No Guarantee for Success

But " Tarzan " carries a massive $180 million budget, so the film will have to perform strongly in worldwide markets to make a profit. Of the three debuts, " Tarzan " came the closest to dethroning " Dory " with $38.1 million. The estimates, which covered Friday-Sunday, were posted in the middle of the US Independence Day weekend, with figures that incorporate the Monday holiday set to follow. [Full Article...]

Andy Murray determined to seize his big chance in third Wimbledon final

The royal couple asked about his daughter Sophia, while Murray asked about William and Kate's children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. "Its not just me", said Raonic, the only male tennis player from Canada to crack the top 10 in the singles rankings. [Full Article...]

South Sudan leaders order ceasefire as United Nations troops killed

Much is unclear, however, about the latest violence in Juba, including what the objective of either side has been and how much control Kiir and Machar have over their forces. It also called for additional peacekeepers to be sent to South Sudan. Fighting first broke out Thursday with skirmishes between the Sudan People's Liberation Army, loyal to Kiir, and soldiers backing Machar. [Full Article...]

How to Check Your Version of Pokémon GO Isn't Hacked

How to Check Your Version of Pokémon GO Isn't Hacked Nintendo is worth $9 billion more today than it was on Thursday on the eyepopping success of Pokemon Go , an augmented reality version of the game introduced in 1995. "If nothing else, Pokşmon GO has shown that there are "dormant" Nintendo fans eager to trial its content for smartphones", Deutsche Bank analysts said in a note. [Full Article...]

Muggers used Pokemon Go to lure victims, police say

SimilarWeb reckons that within its first two days of availability in the US, Pokemon Go was installed in over five per cent of ALL Android devices in the territory. But maybe you've been hearing all about this Pokemon GO , but don't know how to download it. Nintendo owns a third of the Pokemon Company, which itself owns the character rights. [Full Article...]

Snoop Dogg missed a weed question on 'Family Feud'

Snoop Dogg missed a weed question on 'Family Feud' Which maybe should have dawned on Snoop when he had to explain his original answer ("put hands on him") to the judges. Leonard got a chance to beat him, and came up with "scream at him" ― the No. Were you surprised by Snoop Dogg's Family Feud fail? To be fair, that is pretty close to his answer! What would you have guessed given that marijuana-related question? But when asked the question,... [Full Article...]

Why Breast Cancer Survivors Should Exercise

Why Breast Cancer Survivors Should Exercise In an effort to explain differences in breast cancer occurrence, severity and death among black women, researchers at the National Institutes of Health announced on Thursday they are launching a large study of genetics they hope will lead to better treatment. [Full Article...]

Abdul Sattar Edhi's eyes transplanted into blind persons

With legendary Edhi sahib passing away not only Pakistan but the world will mourn the loss of a great human being. He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2013 but had been unable to get a transplant due to frail health and was receiving treatment at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). [Full Article...]

Pakistan's obstinately humble hero Edhi dies at 92

Pakistan's obstinately humble hero Edhi dies at 92 Indian girl, Geeta (R), who was stranded in Pakistan, takes blessing from Abdul Sattar Edhi , the chairman of Edhi Foundation in Karachi on October 15, 2015. Edhi was given a state funeral by the government on Saturday at the National stadium and laid to rest at the Edhi village. Mr Edhi personally worked in the field helping victims of natural disasters and terrorism until his health no long... [Full Article...]

Utah resident the 1st death related to Zika seen in continental US

In a statement from the local health department it said, "While this individual did test positive for Zika virus , the exact cause of death has not been determined, and it may not be possible to determine how the Zika infection contributed to the death". [Full Article...]

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the Dallas Shootings

Gun ownership. More specifically, being a gun owner with black skin - an experience that puts a tinge of racial animus on the African-American community's right to bear arms, say social justice advocates. "Oh, my God, please don't tell me he's dead". Cummings made the remarks while praising Comey's involvement in the Clinton investigation and for his patience during Thursday's hearing. [Full Article...]

Group marches at state Capitol; protests police shootings of black men

The assault, the deadliest for law enforcement in the United States since the September 11, 2001, attacks, took place on Thursday night during a protest over the fatal police shootings this week of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. That person then collapsed to the ground. Police have yet to confirm his death. Mr Rawlings, describing the suspect as "a mobile shooter", said that Johnson h... [Full Article...]

Dallas shooter had no connections to terrorist organizations -White House

Dallas shooter had no connections to terrorist organizations -White House He is slated to attend meetings in Warsaw Saturday before heading on to Spain, where his itinerary includes cultural stops and meetings with Spanish leaders. "What we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement", Obama said. Police have yet to say if there was more than one sniper involved in the shootings. [Full Article...]

Toxic fecal bacteria in Florida panhandle beaches

Toxic fecal bacteria in Florida panhandle beaches The Department of Health in Okaloosa County released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying, "DOH-Okaloosa has issued health advisories at specific beaches due to elevated sample levels of a bacteria called enterococci". The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) recommended standard for enterococci of no more than 104 colony forming units per 100 milliliters of marine water. [Full Article...]

Very hot drinks probably cause cancer, warns WHO

Very hot drinks probably cause cancer, warns WHO Instead, many studies have suggested that drinking coffee may reduce risk of liver cancer among others. However, all things considered, it probably won't hurt to let your coffee cool off before gulping it. When the researchers assessed the evidence for mate served cold, they found no adequate evidence of carcinogenic effects in either animal experiments or epidemiology studies. [Full Article...]

Assistant principal faces murder charge in co-worker's death

Assistant principal faces murder charge in co-worker's death Her body was found in a roadside ditch on Tuesday. Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday charged a middle school assistant principal with murder after he allegedly had an affair with a co-worker, then killed her when she became pregnant. [Full Article...]

The reason why coffee might kill you

The reason why coffee might kill you The IARC during its review of coffee status has in fact come across studies that may actually lessen the risk of certain types of cancer. It, however, found limited evidence that drinking very hot beverages could cause esophageal cancer. [Full Article...]

Seattle hospital warns 650 of possible hepatitis B exposure

Seattle hospital warns 650 of possible hepatitis B exposure He says officials found no evidence of increased of risk for acquiring blood-borne pathogen infections in the hospital's dialysis unit. Virginia Mason says patients who are identified as hepatitis B-positive are screened in a separate room. [Full Article...]

Harlequin baby stable, say doctors

Harlequin baby stable, say doctors An extremely rare "Harlequin" baby is born in India on Sunday morning. Her palms, fingers. and toes are barely developed. According to The Indian Express , the baby girl was born with two small holes for her nose, an inverted eyelid, and no ears. [Full Article...]

Prince's 911 Caller Reveals How Musician Could've Been Saved in New Essay

Prince's 911 Caller Reveals How Musician Could've Been Saved in New Essay Prince's body was worn down from decades of taxing performances, in which he often did splits or jumped from heights on platform shoes, people close to him said. It is unclear what method of administration Prince used. "He was in pain all the time, but he was a performer", she said. For the new study, researchers looked at 574 patients undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery. [Full Article...]

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