Newborn with Zika virus found infected 2 months after birth

So when was the baby's brain damaged, before or after birth? Travelers who go to places with outbreaks of Zika can be infected with Zika, and Zika infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly and other severe fetal brain defects. Serological tests confirmed the infection in both parents, researchers said. Fetuses that have miscarried or been aborted have been examined and the virus is in th... [Full Article...]

Florida: 5 new Zika cases including 1 in the Tampa Bay area

A fifth new case was diagnosed in a Pinellas County resident who hasn't traveled internationally. He did not know the timeline on the case, only that it had been confirmed within the past day. Last week health officials announced five cases of Zika were linked to mosquitoes in Miami Beach. As of Monday, there were 82 cases of the Zika virus confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. [Full Article...]

CDC: Spraying not possible in South Beach

At least five people, including two city residents and three tourists, have contracted Zika virus from mosquitoes in Miami Beach , Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday as he identified a 1.5-square-mile zone of active transmission. Travel expert Henry Harteveldt, founder of travel consultancy Atmosphere Research Group, said the Zika outbreak in South Florida could jeopardise travel in the a... [Full Article...]

Zika in Puerto Rico now a health emergency

Zika in Puerto Rico now a health emergency Why? It takes time for the effects of Zika to be noticable. The statistic shows that Zika virus , which can cause birth defects if it infects pregnant women, is spreading across Latin America and the Caribbean, including the USA territory of Puerto Rico. [Full Article...]

Aditi Ashok flops in round three

Aditi Ashok flops in round three The young Indian, who had only dropped two shots on the front nine across the first three days of competition, messed up things today as she started with bogeys, on the 1st and a double bogey on the 3rd. "The next two rounds, I think everybody kind of knows the golf course and the real game begins", the former world number one said. "I think it would be big in India, and also being a golfer - a ... [Full Article...]

Price surge on EpiPens, called "monopoly"

They're used for those who may experience a severe allergic reaction. The drugs makes sure that blood pressure gets adjusted, helps in improving breathing, reduces wheezing, boosts heart rate and also lessens swelling owing to allergic reaction. [Full Article...]

UTEP graduate tees off for Olympic gold Saturday

UTEP graduate tees off for Olympic gold Saturday Lydia Ko, left, finished five shots behind South Korea's Inbee Park . Lydia Ko is all smiles after claiming a silver medal in the women's golf. Day three saw China's Xiyu Lin write her name into the history books as she became the first woman to hit a hole in one at an Olympic Games when she aced the par-three eighth hole. [Full Article...]

Bananas May Become Extinct In 5 Years

Bananas May Become Extinct In 5 Years Drenth says while the pathogen is very adaptable to fungicides - as the PLOS Genetics article demonstrates - the Australian industry has a very good handle on this disease. More than five million domestically grown bananas are eaten every day in Australia, according to the Australian Banana Growers Council. One of the best solutions would be to develop a new banana cultivar, outside of the Caven... [Full Article...]

Trump says sorry as campaign attempts to change track

Trump had recruited Manafort, who formerly advised the pro-Kremlin former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych , earlier this year to head off what was then a potentially contested Republican convention. I have done that, " the GOP nominee, reading from prepared text, said at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina , "And believe it or not, I regret it, particularly where it may have caused person... [Full Article...]

Calcium Supplements Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia in Some Women

Calcium Supplements Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia in Some Women Women who had lesions on their brains' white matter - a mark of cerebrovascular disease - and who took supplements were 3 times more likely to develop dementia as women who had white matter lesions and did not take supplements. The risk of dementia also was three times higher in women with white matter brain lesions who took calcium supplements, compared to women with white matter lesions who d... [Full Article...]

Utah mom uses Facebook to find autistic daughter's favorite shirt

Utah mom uses Facebook to find autistic daughter's favorite shirt Cami got her first version of the top when she was five and it has been replaced four times, so Skouson was distraught when she realised the latest incarnation was beginning to fall apart. "These are all total strangers ". "The response has made me realize that there are so many good and kind people out there", Skouson told Glamour . [Full Article...]

Improper Use of Contact Lenses Can Trigger Serious Eye Damage, CDC Says

Beach says these medical devices are effective and safe for vision correction when cared for as recommended. Inappropriate use of lenses led to eye damage in 20 percent of the 1,075 contact lens-related infections reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2005 to 2015. [Full Article...]

Arkansas High School Teaches Importance of 'Soft Failures'

Arkansas High School Teaches Importance of 'Soft Failures' A notice issued to parents on the school's Facebook page instructs parents to turn right into the drop-off and pick-up zone and right upon exiting. The image has been shared more than 115,000 times since it was posted August 10. And that's what principal Straessle says is the whole goal of the school. A sign posted at the school reads "STOP". "You can't problem-solve on an empty stomach,... [Full Article...]

2 deaths from West Nile virus in Maricopa County this season

West Nile Virus can turn fatal in some cases. Approximately 80 percent of persons infected experience no symptoms, but up to 20 percent of persons can develop a mild illness, called West Nile fever, according to the health department. When outdoors, adjust your dress and wear repellent containing DEET , picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus as your first lines of defense against insect bites. [Full Article...]

What time is Caster Semenya running her 800m race on Wednesday?

What time is Caster Semenya running her 800m race on Wednesday? At the South African Championships in June, she won the 400-, 800- and 1,500-meter races, all in world-class times. "I always knew this was going to be one of the toughest races of my career ... Following that meet, she was subjected to gender testing and banned from competition by the IAAF, track's governing body. Semenya won 800m silver at the 2012 Games in London, losing out to Mariya Savin... [Full Article...]

Yellow fever vaccine drive starts; aid group warns of spread

The massive vaccination campaign begins this week in Congo and Angola, with the aim of vaccinating more than 14 million people in more than 8,000 locations to stem the disease's spread. Most people who are infected experience mild muscle pain and fever but recover within days. However, around 15% of people go on to develop more serious problems, including jaundice yellowing of the skin and white... [Full Article...]

Nikki Hamblin through to 5000m final despite fall Updated

Moreover Hamblin - who had suffered a similar fall at the World Championships - could see the bigger picture. The camera came back to D'Agostino and she was running again. Athletics officials now ruled both runners will advance to the final. "When I turned around at the finish line and she's still running, I was like, wow", Hamblin said. [Full Article...]

Health officials investigate 4 areas for possible local Zika virus transmissions

Health officials investigate 4 areas for possible local Zika virus transmissions In addition, 28 new travel-related cases were reported today with 11 in Miami-Dade, eight in Broward, two in Volusia, one in Alachua, one in Bay, one in Brevard, one in Hillsborough, one in Marion, one in Polk and one involving a pregnant woman. [Full Article...]

Frustration abundant, GOP could be near Trump breaking point

Frustration abundant, GOP could be near Trump breaking point We have some great people here. "Given the catastrophic impact that Donald Trump's losing presidential campaign will have on down-ballot Senate and House races", they write, "we urge you to immediately suspend all discretionary RNC support for Trump and focus the entirety of the RNC's available resources on preserving the GOP's congressional majorities". [Full Article...]

Kids' heart health not up to par

Kids' heart health not up to par Ideal heart health is an achievable goal, the AHA stresses, if parents start paying attention to offering their kids a well-rounded diet and ensuring adequate daily physical activity to help with weight control. Children aged two to 19 got majority of their calories from simple carbohydrates such as sugary beverages and desserts. Lack of physical activity is another concern. [Full Article...]

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