Cher slams Boris Johnson as a 'f**king idiot', 'tosser' + 'liar'

Boris Johnson, the top Brexit campaigner and former London mayor, made a sensational comeback Wednesday, July 13 after two weeks in the political wilderness to become foreign minister in new Prime Minister Theresa May's government, AFP reports. [Full Article...]

Leaked Pictures Confirm Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to feature an iris scanner for higher security. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be the first smartphone to feature an iris scanner. Samsung is now enjoying the success of its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The top ten smartphones worldwide had the Galaxy S7 become the top selling device at 11.1%, closely followed by the iPhone 6s wit... [Full Article...]

Note 7 could launch on reveal date and iris scanner in action

Note 7 could launch on reveal date and iris scanner in action The leaked images show a device with Galaxy Note 7 branding when powered on. "Second, the Galaxy Note 7 will minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung , and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone", Samsung recently explained why it made a decision to name the Galaxy Note 5's successor, Galaxy Note 7 instead of Galaxy Note 6. [Full Article...]

Finding Magikarp In Pokemon GO Is Hysterical

The stats were released by a survey firm and show that Pokemon GO has over 21 million active users daily. The game involves users going to different places using their Global Positioning System and camera to search for Pokemons or pocket monsters and upon seeing a Pokemon pop up on their phone screen, capturing it. [Full Article...]

Trump tweets his VP choice - Indiana Gov. Pence

Trump tweets his VP choice - Indiana Gov. Pence Congressman Todd Rokita is another possible contender. In a statement at the time , Pence said the law became the subject of "great misunderstanding and controversy". Trump, however he might feel about it, was faced with an array of bad choices . Prominent Republicans have started taking steps to possibly replace Mike Pence as their party's candidate for governor. [Full Article...]

Never Forget When 'Mr. Robot''s Rami Malek Was on 'Gilmore Girls'

Never Forget When 'Mr. Robot''s Rami Malek Was on 'Gilmore Girls' He's got himself into a repetitive but competent routine. While Elliot experiences the hallucinations and withdrawal, it was the avatar created in the image of Elliot's repression of his father that guided him through the whole ordeal. Robot was apparently very busy taking down E Corp . You might not get that vibe from some scenes in tonight's episode, which show hacker extraordinaire E... [Full Article...]

Egypt's Foreign Minister in Surprise Visit to Israel

In a statement on Sunday, Egypt's foreign ministry said Shoukry's visit was part of a push by Cairo to restart peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel. The last visit of an Egyptian foreign minister was in 2007, when Ahmed Aboul Gheit was also discussing the peace process with the Israelis. After the Arab Spring in 2011, in which Mr. [Full Article...]

Jaguar Land Rover Announces Autonomous Vehicle Developments

In a world-first off-road demonstration, Jaguar Land Rover has connected two Range Rover Sports together using innovative DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) technology to create an Off-Road Connected Convoy. Using a variety of sensors and a forward-facing stereo camera to generate a 3D view of the road ahead, Jaguar Land Rover is at first focusing on three new connected and autonomous dri... [Full Article...]

Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' in China

Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' in China Curiously, the original Ghostbusters films are still known in China under the foreign title " Ghost Catcher Dare Die Team ", and although Sony changed the name of Feig's reboot to " Super Power Dare Die Team " for its prospective Chinese release, the film has not been submitted to the country's regulatory committee for approval. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump selects Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as running mate

The selection, which ended days of speculation, was confirmed to NBC News sources Thursday. In addition to Pence, Trump's vice presidential shortlist included former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. But all signs point to Pence being the choice. Earlier on Thursday, a Trump adviser cautioned Trump's leaning could change. Prior to his run for governor, Pence served in the U.S... [Full Article...]

Trump postpones VP announcement, citing France attacks

The Trump campaign was quick to insist the candidate has not yet made a formal decision, but Trump campaign officials did not dispute questions posed by the Washington Post about Pence's likely role in the upcoming election. But all signs point to Pence being the choice. In March 2015, Pence signed a bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to LGBT customers based on the owner's... [Full Article...]

Nostalgia Gets Locals Excited about Pokemon Go

Nostalgia Gets Locals Excited about Pokemon Go The game has been downloaded by millions of people already and it has only been launched in a few countries. The game also keeps track of how far you've walked, and you can hatch Pokemon from eggs after you've walked with them for a few miles. [Full Article...]

Dario Saric arrives in Philly, speaks with Action News

Dario Saric arrives in Philly, speaks with Action News Despite winning only 10 games last season, the Sixers are suddenly an attractive destination for free agents, according to point guard Jerryd Bayless who joined the team Wednesday. Had he stayed overseas for one more season, he could have been operating in a radically different fiscal climate upon beginning negotiations with Philadelphia next summer. [Full Article...]

Obama's first presidential stop in Spain turns hurried

Obama's first presidential stop in Spain turns hurried On what is expected to be his last presidential visit to Europe, Obama is visiting Madrid for his first presidential visit to Spain . But events beyond Obama's control are ensuring that his first and only visit to Spain, the largest European country that had yet to welcome the president, will be a rushed one. [Full Article...]

FCC opens up airwaves for new wireless technology

FCC opens up airwaves for new wireless technology The licensed spectrum will eventually be auctioned off. If a user is already operating in that channel, they will simply do so under a new set of rules. Verizon this week also said it had completed a 5G radio specification as part of its 5G Technology Forum group. The vote is a "monumental step" toward new mobile services in "frequencies we never dreamed possible", Clyburn added. [Full Article...]

So there could be a Game of Thrones version of Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO was released on Friday. But that isn't stopping fans from trying to play the game and developers from, well, yeah. Pokemon Go has become something of a global phenomenon with analytics companies now showing that the game is actually overtaking the likes of Facebook , Snapchat and Twitter. [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go Now Available in Germany, Though Server Issues Continue

Pokemon Go Now Available in Germany, Though Server Issues Continue After a week delay, Pokémon Go is now available in the UK. Following the huge success of Pokemon Go, it has been reported that Hollywood studios are scrambling to sign a deal for the Pokemon movie rights. Niantic, the developer behind the game, was quick to explain that this was nothing more than a bug, and that the app only ever had access to basic information, such as a player's name an... [Full Article...]

Fresno Police Release Graphic Body-Cam Video of Unarmed Teen Shot

After watching the footage, Noble's family launched legal action against the city alleging that the shooting was " an inexcusable use of excessive force ". During his presentation, Chief Dyer said the investigation would seek to determine whether each bullet was justified and if there were alternative actions the police could have taken. [Full Article...]

Nintendo's profits from Pokemon Go are likely to be modest, for now

Nintendo's profits from Pokemon Go are likely to be modest, for now Some gamers in Australia have speculated servers were overloaded because players in the United Kingdom, where the game is not yet available domestically, were trying to log on. The app can be found for iPhone in the iOS app store , while the Android app can be found in the Google Play app store . "Can you more exhaustively describe the purposes for which Pokemon GO would share or sell such... [Full Article...]

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures First Pictures From Jupiter Orbit

This July 10, 2016, image released by NASA was taken by the Juno spacecraft, five days after it arrived at Jupiter . High-resolution images of the giant planet are still a few weeks away, the statement said. Another course correction burn in October will place it in highly eccentric 14-day orbit that will bring it within 2,600 mi (4,100 km) of the cloud tops and below the deadly bands of radiat... [Full Article...]

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