'Star Trek Beyond' boldly goes to top of weekend box office

So far, " Collision Course" has taken in more than $179 million overseas. "He's a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches". Star Trek Beyond has just topped weekend box office receipts. It also does what a lot of films don't do, and they destroy the Enterprise . In addition, Fuller revealed that, unlike most previous Star Trek series, Discovery will play out episode-by-episo... [Full Article...]

New Screenshots from Dead Rising Remasters

New Screenshots from Dead Rising Remasters Dead Rising 2: Off the Record gives a twist to the second half to get back at the controls of Frank West, thus leading us to new parts of Fortune City while facing all kinds of dangers. Unfortunately, no price has been given, but we should learn that information within the next couple of weeks. Now we know who's behind these restorations and what they look like. [Full Article...]

Sanders Supporters Boo As He Calls For Them To Vote For Clinton

Sanders Supporters Boo As He Calls For Them To Vote For Clinton For Clinton, it was a turbulent start to a historic gathering that will culminate in the nomination of the first woman to lead a major US political party. The hacked internal communications were mostly boring stuff, but key messages confirmed a bias toward the Hillary Clinton campaign among Schultz and her DNC staff. [Full Article...]

Local delegates prepare for RNC

Local delegates prepare for RNC He said he plans to visit that site next week for a review of security preparations. JULY 15-Tim Tebow is such a big Donald Trump fan that he did not even bother to vote for the multimillionaire in the recent Republican presidential primary in Florida, state records show. [Full Article...]

Marvel actors at Comic-Con hoping to inspire fans

We'll be gathering all the San Diego Comic Con trailers here, and putting them in one place (see: here) so you can gorge yourself on a buffet of hype and make sure you don't miss a thing. This new Spider-Man was first unveiled in " Civil War " and became an immediate fan favourite. Kurt Russell , also present for the panel, was confirmed as Star Lord's (Pratt) father in a newly release tr... [Full Article...]

Nintendo downplays financial impact of Pokemon Go, shares plunge

Nintendo's relationship with the Pokemon brand itself is somewhat confusing, and it is not helped by the fact that many fans and even the media continuously refer to Pokemon as a Nintendo product. The company is expected to report its first quarter earnings later this week. Nintendo has soared on the popularity of the Pokemon Go game thanks to its shares in the developer Niantic Inc. [Full Article...]

Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up outside German music festival

According to the same source, the Bavarian interior minister, Joachim Herrmann said during a press conference that the man, identified as a 27 year old Syrian refugee, also announced an intent to take "revenge" on German citizens who are "getting in the way of Islam". [Full Article...]

Nintendo Co., Ltd Plunges After Issuing Pokemon GO Earnings Warning

Nintendo Co., Ltd Plunges After Issuing Pokemon GO Earnings Warning We already know Pokemon Go's success is about as big as any augmented-reality and mobile-app spinoff is ever likely to get. It appears many investors either ignored or were simply unaware of Nintendo's involvement with Pokemon Go . "Because of this accounting scheme", Nintendo explained, "the income reflected on the Company's consolidated business results is limited ". A peripheral devic... [Full Article...]

No Man's Sky PC Release Hit With Delay

No Man's Sky's new " Trade " trailer showcases the game's trading system and user interface, but it looks quite similar to another popular sci-fi shooter's menu layout. See the problem with running around in a galaxy is that it's very , very big and while you can technically run into other players in the game the odds of doing so are small. [Full Article...]

Get a Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon easily in Pokemon GO

Get a Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon easily in Pokemon GO Technically, their presence is still felt in "Pokemon GO" as you need to rename your Eevee to either Rainer , Sparky or Pyro to have it evolve to the second generation Pokemon of your choosing in " Pokemon GO ". During a Comic Con panel earlier today, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that there are still Easter Eggs hidden within Pokemon Go that have not yet been found. [Full Article...]

Major security flaw could allow hackers to access iPhones

Major security flaw could allow hackers to access iPhones This vulnerability is potentially exploitable through methods that do not require explicit user interaction since many applications (i.e. iMessage) automatically attempt to render images when they are received in their default configurations. [Full Article...]

Japan's 9 safety tips for "Pokemon Go"

Japan's 9 safety tips for Apologizing to everyone in Japan for the delay, the original Pokemon game developer and the head of development at Game Freak, Jyunichi Masuda confirmed " Pokemon Go " can now be played in Japan. The government warns there are possibilities that there are apps that contain viruses, and urges users to download the game's app from legitimate distribution channels. [Full Article...]

Futures little changed ahead of raft of data, earnings

Futures little changed ahead of raft of data, earnings The Dow Jones industrial average rose 36.02 points, or 0.19 per cent, to 18,595.03, for its ninth straight session of gains, its longest such streak since March 2013. The index has been negative for nine of the past 11 months. NOT SO SWEET: Honeywell International fell $2.99, or 2.5%, to $115.67 to lead industrial stocks lower. [Full Article...]

No surprise here: Pokemon Go breaks App Store record, Apple says

According to mobile analytics firm SuperData Research , Pokémon Go may have earned as much as $14 million by July 11th, putting its daily revenue at about $2 million in the first week alone. While the game itself is free , Pokemon Go players can purchase an in-game currency called PokeCoins . "We expect [Apple's] mobile platform to participate in all future mobile content hits, not just Po... [Full Article...]

Sir Elton John urges world to continue fight to beat HIV

According to Voice of America , the annual rate of HIV infections is down from the peak 3.3 million in 1997, and the yearly deaths from HIV/AIDS have dropped from a high of 1.8 million per year to 1.2 million, according to the new Global Burden of Disease 2015 study. [Full Article...]

Former Minnesota Vikings Coach Dennis Green Dies at Age 67

After taking assistant jobs in college and the NFL , Green became one of four African American head coaches in college when Northwestern hired him in 1981. First things first: condolences to the family of the late Dennis Green . "You know what", Green said, "I had had it. I lost my mother in April, I feel like I just lost father". [Full Article...]

Google Nexus 6 32GB for $249

HTC will be manufacturing the upcoming Nexus Marlin, together with the Nexus Sailfish . This means users can choose between a larger and a smaller display without sacrificing on internal configuration. It will have a display of 5.5-inch 2K AMOLED and will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Earlier rumors suggested it will be the same as featured on HTC 10. [Full Article...]

Florida may be ground zero for local Zika transmission

Florida health officials are investigating a possible second case of the Zika virus that may have been locally transmitted. On the other hand, US health officials announced on Monday the first Zika infection that was not acquired through sex or mosquito bite. [Full Article...]

Leaked Screenshots Reveal Facebook Is Totally Trying To Copy Snapchat

Leaked Screenshots Reveal Facebook Is Totally Trying To Copy Snapchat These updates disappear after a 24-hour period. For example, last month Facebook tested a feature in messenger , which allowed users to send self-destructive texts to their contacts, which was automatically deleted after an hour. The stories shared in these groups are not viewed in the News Feeds. The company tried to buy out Snapchat for almost $3 billion, but the deal didn't go through, and... [Full Article...]

Premiere of Rajinikanth film creates holiday mood in India

Premiere of Rajinikanth film creates holiday mood in India Previously, Raina had even attempted to impersonate Rajinikanth in one of the team-building activities that were organised in CSK and needless to say, he did a decent job of it. Rajinikanth's performance, background score and music , Cinematography are the major highlights of the film. Although it failed to beat Shah Rukh Khan's Happy New Year's opening day figures or for the matter, Baah... [Full Article...]

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