Kentucky arsonist lights himself on fire

Kentucky arsonist lights himself on fire Officers found broken glass at the back door. In the process, he accidently set himself ablaze. The man and woman then fled the scene in the minivan. A second camera shows him running, then falling on the grass losing a shoe. He then gets into the van and drives off. The suspect throws what appears to be a shoe and gets another bottle, pouring more liquid on the fire before driving off. [Full Article...]

Pokémon Go: Players Come Across a Hidden Tracking Feature

Pokémon Go: Players Come Across a Hidden Tracking Feature It has also fixed the frustrating bug that made it hard for trainers to catch Pokemons. Anyone who's updated the app can see the first green shoots of these changes today. You can also change your nickname one time, so choose wisely. If a Pokemon is within that circle, it counts as one of the " Nearby " Pokemon . The craze for the newest gaming phenomenon, Pokemon Go , doesn't seem to fa... [Full Article...]

Perseid meteor shower 'outburst' coming this week

Perseid meteor shower 'outburst' coming this week Those hoping to catch a glimpse of the shower shouldn't be disappointed this year. The meteors will appear all across the sky, but most should originate out of the north. The last Perseid outburst occurred in 2009. Stars and meteor streaks are seen behind a destroyed house, near Tuzla, Bosnia on August 12, 2015. Every morning this week, the Perseids will be a part of our skies and with a lit... [Full Article...]

UC Davis study: Sunflowers move by the clock

UC Davis study: Sunflowers move by the clock Scientists as far back as 1898 had described this behavior of sunflowers, but no one had thought to associate it with circadian rhythms . The handsome yellow flowers turn east in the morning to face the rising sun and then moves across the sky during the day before heading westward by dusk. [Full Article...]

Schumer: Congress should return from recess to address Zika

Although the two recent cases of microcephaly are reported to be the first in the state, at least 21 infections have been confirmed in pregnant California residents, according to the CDPH. While it's a scary virus for pregnant women to contract, applying DEET dutifully and communicating any concerns to your doctor is the best way to safely monitor your pregnancy at the moment. [Full Article...]

Christopher Biggins removed from Celebrity Big Brother

Christopher Biggins removed from Celebrity Big Brother The 67-year-old had been the bookmakers' favourite to win, despite earlier controversy this week when he said bisexual people were "the worst type", suggesting that they just don't want "to admit they are gay." Big Brother told Aubrey her behaviour was totally unacceptable and it would not be tolerated in the house. [Full Article...]

More UK charging points than fuel stations by 2020

In contrast, more than 75 per cent of traditional petrol stations have closed in the last 40 years. Consequently, the number of fuel stations is expected to decrease by this date, with Nissan predicting that there will be just 7870 fuel stations left in August 2020, representing a loss of 602 stations compared with the end of 2015. [Full Article...]

Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott to 'miss some time' with hamstring injury

ESPN's Ed Werder said he expects Elliott to miss about a week of action. It's not easy coming into the National Football League and having a system, especially like ours, where we ask you to do so much in the run game and the past game. Elliott has worked with the first team, and Alfred Morris is working with the second team. Elliot isn't anxious though about how many carries he might get and... [Full Article...]

The best Dez Bryant quotes of Dallas Cowboys training camp

I feel that way again this year. While Dallas has a great starting quarterback in Romo, arguably the best offensive line in football, and strong receiving targets like wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten , even as a rookie Elliott was supposedly going to be a huge part of the Cowboys' overall success this season. [Full Article...]

22 feared dead as bridge collapses in western India

22 feared dead as bridge collapses in western India Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Mr. Fadnavis over the telephone this morning and offered all help from the Centre in the rescue and relief efforts. The bridge, constructed in the 1940s, was the older of two parallel bridges which are on a highway connecting India's financial capital with the tourism state of Goa. [Full Article...]

Scientists' annual physical of planet: 'Earth's fever rises'

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) along with an worldwide group of scientist from 62 countries presented a report on "the state of climate" that highlights that global heat, greenhouse gases and sea levels all rises to record highs a year ago. [Full Article...]

White House: Google will start testing delivery drones in the US

White House: Google will start testing delivery drones in the US The Department of Interior, which maintains a fleet of drones with the Forest Service, plans to create a training progrmame of UAS in search and rescue operations by October 2018. Additionally, the White House announced that the company Flirtey - which recently partnered with 7-Eleven to demonstrate the drone delivery of a Slurpee - is partnering with the nonprofit International Medical Corps to a... [Full Article...]

SolarCity accepts Tesla's $2.6 billion offer; both shares fall

US-based automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors has agreed to acquire solar panel maker SolarCity in a deal worth $2.6bn. That's less than the $26.50 to $28.50 value it placed on them in June, when it made its initial overture to SolarCity . [Full Article...]

GM, Ford say July US sales fell

GM, the largest USA automaker, said sales slid 1.9 percent, after analysts projected a 1 percent drop. Retail sales, though, grew 5%, driven by across-the-board increases at Chevrolet, GMC , Buick and Cadillac. More Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras, the dealers say, mean more sales. Analysts had been expecting a 3% increase. The industry is hoping for a long plateau at a healthy level, bu... [Full Article...]

Dishoom Movie Review and Rating | Hit and Flop !!

Dishoom Movie Review and Rating | Hit and Flop !! There are reports that the film has also landed in trouble with censor board in some Gulf states. Now, On the other hand Here comes our Hero KABIR (John Abraham) appointed by Dubai Cricket Police Team to find VIRAJ for the finals which was going to be played after Three Days against Pakistan. [Full Article...]

Apples Has Sold a Billion iPhones

Last quarter the company revealed that for the first time in 13 years, iPhone sales were on the decline. To hear Apple CEO Tim Cook talk on the earnings call Tuesday, everything is rose golden. Launched in 2014, Apple Pay lets you use an iPhone 6 or higher or an Apple Watch to pay for items on the go at supported merchants. It took just over 9 years to reach this incredible milestone. [Full Article...]

Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics

Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics That said, Windows 10 is getting a substantial upgrade next week in the form of the Anniversary Update , which will, among other things, allow you to run another operating system over Windows . There is no longer a full and upgrade edition of Windows, there is now just 1 price for each of the editions. Microsoft was also accused of tricking users into installing Windows 10 - which it den... [Full Article...]

Meteor in sky lights up social media in Nevada, other states

It was visible throughout the western U.S. For the record, it didn't. Others think it might have been " space debris ". The light show appeared in skies over the western USA around 9:30 p.m. "Yukon or the southern Pacific", Jarvis said. It was a large piece of space junk from a Chinese rocket that was launched in June. Many people, dumbfounded by what they were witnessing, captured the event... [Full Article...]

Apple Car project reportedly shifting focus to develop autonomous driving software

Apple Car project reportedly shifting focus to develop autonomous driving software Mansfield reports directly to Tim Cook. Dan Dodge, founder and former CEO of QNX , the operating system developer that BlackBerry acquired in 2010, joined Apple earlier this year, Bloomberg reported. Titan being more software than hardware was something I've long believed to be true, and this report backs that up. Apple's talks with companies like BMW and Daimler have reportedly halted in r... [Full Article...]

Team Marvel Assembles for Epic Comic-Con Selfies

Based in New York City's Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilising a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artefacts to protect the Marvel cinematic universe. "It's terrifying and inspiring and really exciting because it's one of most iconic, fascinating characters ever created in American drama", he said. [Full Article...]

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