How to watch the Presidential Debate online tonight

What Time Does The Clinton Trump Presidential Debate Start In EST, CST, PST? "The debates are going to be what has become more and more of a rarity in news and entertainment: a live, national and global, communally experienced, must-see event", says Rachel Sklar, media writer and political commentator. [Full Article...]

Justin Pugh not distracted by Odell Beckham's sideline antics

If you missed Odell Beckham Jr.'s meltdown on the Giants sideline this past Sunday, go watch him openly weep and get beat up by a kicking net . "I had three personal fouls previous year, so they said if you come out and get one personal foul and another one for the same thing (you get ejected)". [Full Article...]

US appeals court hears arguments in Clean Power Plan case

About two dozen mostly GOP-led states sued over the carbon-cutting Obama plan, which aims to slow climate change by reducing power-plant emissions by one-third. Taking away the EPA's authority to address carbon pollution wouldn't advance the intent of Congress , it would thwart it. But efforts to pass new laws during Obama's first term-when he still commanded a Democratic majority in Congress-e... [Full Article...]

Blige, Clinton interview clips face ridicule online

Blige, Clinton interview clips face ridicule online Still, you know we'll be tuning in when The 411 premieres Friday, September 30 on Apple Music! In one clip, she asks Clinton how she plans on doing what President Obama was unable to do while in office since many people in the black community feel he was blocked. [Full Article...]

Charlotte City Council Blasted Over Police Shooting Reaction

Likewise, the implementation of a law preventing the public from viewing body camera or dashcam footage of events of utmost importance to the public will do nothing to heal the open wounds made visible by the Charlotte protests . Police have not described the gun in detail, but printing on the side of the barrel said it was a Colt Series 80 Mustang.38 caliber automatic, which shoots a 9mm bulle... [Full Article...]

3-Parent Technique Saves Baby From Deadly DNA Disorder

3-Parent Technique Saves Baby From Deadly DNA Disorder The technique Zhang used involved removing all the DNA from the nucleus of eggs donated by women with healthy mitochondrial DNA . Five eggs were created with this technique, only one of which survived. A procedure called pronuclear transfer was recently approved in the United Kingdom, but this wasn't the procedure used by the couple, as it would have involved discarding an embryo. [Full Article...]

Jeep Compass Makes Its Official Debut

Jeep Compass Makes Its Official Debut Auto Show. The new Compass looks like a shrunken version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Do not buy a 2017 Jeep Compass, or even a leftover 2016 model. Auto Show. It may also be powered either by 2.0-liter turbo inline-four or a naturally articulated 2.4-liter inline four for its engine. Jeep has revealed its all-new Compass ahead of its 2017 launch. [Full Article...]

Roku Unveils New 4K, HDR-Compatible Streaming Boxes

Roku Unveils New 4K, HDR-Compatible Streaming Boxes Roku introduced a new lineup of streaming players this week, offering several options for anyone looking to stream their favorite shows. It shares this body with its less expensive siblings, the Premiere and Premiere Plus (see below). The three new Roku models with 4K, and particularly those with HDR, are perhaps even more important for the custom market given its dependence on projectors. [Full Article...]

Government forces gain ground near Aleppo

Government forces gain ground near Aleppo Before the war, the city held almost 3 million people and was Syria's economic hub. "Kerry and Obama's administration are going in circles. talking to the Russians, thinking that Russians will have any solutions and can contribute to the ceasefire", said Mutasem Alsyofi of the Syrian Civil Society Declaration Initiative. [Full Article...]

Tennessee breaks Florida curse, takes control of SEC East

Before that decade, Tennessee and Florida did not play regularly. Ah, but there were 30 more minutes to play. For a half , Florida fans were probably practicing their best version of The Beat Goes On. What did he say in the locker room to incite such a comeback? Etling rolled to his right and found D.J. Shark in the back of the end zone on a 15-yard pass, setting off a celebration by L... [Full Article...]

India to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change

India to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change Poland's president will sign off on the Paris climate deal to curb global warming within days, the country's environment minister said on Friday, boosting an European Union push for its adoption ahead of United Nations climate talks in November. [Full Article...]

Yahoo facing lawsuits in the wake of massive data breach

Yahoo, while attributing this hack as 'state sponsored, ' has fallen short of naming the country. How to protect your account: Yahoo said it had begun notifying potentially affected users. The Financial Times (FT) reported Thursday that embattled Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer knew of the breach in July, citing a person briefed on the matter. [Full Article...]

Chrome OS Stable Finally Gets Google Play Access With Latest Update

To recall, Google Play made it to the Dev channel of Chrome OS in June and the Beta channel in August. In related news, you can now queue your downloads in the Google Play Store through the new feature introduced in Android, said UberGizmo . [Full Article...]

UN Security Council wants nuke test ban implementation

UN Security Council wants nuke test ban implementation The resolution calls for all countries to strengthen their airport security screening procedures and achieve consistent security standards worldwide. New Zealand has chaired a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that has passed a resolution to beef up civil aviation security . [Full Article...]

Citroen unveils new C3 WRC

Citroen unveils new C3 WRC For 2017, as in Formula 1, the WRC's regulations have changed, and cars competing in the series will be significantly different from those of the past five or six seasons. The Citroen team is already more than familiar with the WRC, having won eight manufacturer's titles and boasting a record 96 wins. In a bid to evoke memories of the much-loved but incredibly unsafe Group B rally cars, the ne... [Full Article...]

NASA's Hubble telescope spots a planet orbiting 2 stars

NASA's Hubble telescope spots a planet orbiting 2 stars The exoplanet in the study dubbed OGLE-2007-BLG-349 is present 8,000 light-years from our planet toward the Milky Way's center. This wasn't a single object, it was a whole star system - with a twist. According to Fox News, NASA said that this is the first time that the astronomical phenomenon discussed by Einstein in 1915 has been used to confirm the makeup of a three-body system like this one. [Full Article...]

Belarus deposits Paris Climate Agreement instrument of acceptance with UN

The Paris climate agreement is almost ready for legal enforcement, the office of Ban Ki-moon, United Nations secretary general, hinted in anticipation of a Wednesday announcement. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the largest emitters on the list announced late on Tuesday by the United Nations. To take effect, 55 parties responsible for at least 55 of global emissions of greenhouse gases must j... [Full Article...]

Iran president: Nuclear deal example of conflict resolution

Congress". Iranian business can also find excellent conditions for the European market, taking advantage of the conditions of Bulgarian industrial zones and the country's favourable tax system, Plevneliev said. "We have discussed the outreach we have done all of us collectively and individually to reach out to businesses, banks to encourage engagement in Iran", she told reporters. [Full Article...]

Man charged with riding manatees in Florida Keys

Man charged with riding manatees in Florida Keys A witness told Massengale that touching the manatees was against the law, but the man yelled back, "I'm riding it!" officials said. Because of that allegation, he faces a misdemeanor charge of molesting a manatee. The onlooker told police about warning Massengale but said he just yelled, "I'm riding it!" He then began to chant "Take me to jail". They took him to the Monroe County Jail where they... [Full Article...]

Paris deal to receive boost at UN event

Paris deal to receive boost at UN event Brazil's President Michel Temer, left, delivers his country's ratification instrument to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at a high-level event on the entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change during. He urged people everywhere "to become warriors for the planet". That's considered a blistering pace in the world of worldwide diplomacy, reflecting a sense of urgency ... [Full Article...]

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