Debate organizers: There were 'issues' with Donald Trump's microphone

Debate organizers: There were 'issues' with Donald Trump's microphone He has not brought up the audio issues since, in recent days complaining instead about moderator Lester Holt's questions. German gov't thinks Trump would wreck United States economy Financial group apologizes for Giuliani's "unscripted" event speech: report Gingrich: "No excuse ever" for 3 a.m. [Full Article...]

CDC Lengthens Suggested Time Couples With Zika Risk Should Wait Before Pregnancy

Condom use. These are the men alive or have traveled to areas where transmission Zika is active or who have had unprotected sex with someone who presented a risk of infection, say the US Centers Control and Prevention diseases (CDC). That Zika virus has existed in Southeast Asia for a long period but knowledge about the disease and its diagnosis remains limited. Researchers analyzed 158 cases ... [Full Article...]

Mom missing at sea once said son was no killer

Family members say Carman has Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism. He said he has "just been trying to process both my experience with the sudden sinking" and "realizing that my mom is gone". He and his mother went out on a fishing boat this month. A Rhode Island police department says state and federal law enforcement agencies are involved in an investigation into a CT woman's disa... [Full Article...]

Investigators seek answers in fatal New Jersey train crash

The two recorders could contain information on speed, braking and other conditions that can help investigators determine whether the tragedy resulted from an equipment malfunction or a distracted or incapacitated engineer. The NTSB also said it will consider whether a safety system called positive train control - which combines GPS, wireless radio and computers to monitor trains and stop them from... [Full Article...]

Tech Giants Form 'Partnership For AI' Artificial Intelligence Alliance

Tech Giants Form 'Partnership For AI' Artificial Intelligence Alliance Notably missing from the alliance is Apple, which is said to be in talks with the group but is not yet a member officially. The non-profit Microsoft AI and Research Group will look to spur on work in pushing forward development in one of the fastest-growing areas of technology. [Full Article...]

Seth Meyers analyzes Donald Trump's fallout from the first presidential debate

NY businessman Mr Trump was on the defensive throughout the debate, particularly when Mrs Clinton highlighted his description of a former Miss Universe victor as " Miss Piggy " because she had gained weight. "I was, but I decided not to do it out of respect for Chelsea". The Clinton campaign held a call with reporters making Machado available for questions and released a video in which she... [Full Article...]

FCC beefs up emergency cellphone alerts

FCC beefs up emergency cellphone alerts The new rules, which were set out in an FCC order, also seek to make it easier for state and local authorities to use the alert system to do thing like issue boil water advisories. According to the Wall Street Journal , Verizon wrote to the FCC this spring, cautioning that including web links in WEA alerts could result in "inadvertent network congestion". [Full Article...]

Sequel is coming to PC, will feel like a completely new game

A new Kotaku report in particular provided heaps of new details about the sequel, revealing - among many things - that the game is apparently set to be released late next year. Additional information has also been posted by NeoGAF insider shinobi602 who claims the new "play-in destinations" are created to "have players conducting things & making activity decisions while still in control of t... [Full Article...]

IPhone 7 users are reporting a odd hissing sound

Either way, Apple is taking no chances, with Hackett tweeting that the tech giant's support told him to return to an Apple Store in order to have the phone replaced. One of the new features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are their Home buttons. However, Apple isn't taking any chances and has offered Hackett a replacement. [Full Article...]

HP says it should've better explained blocking third-party ink

HP says it should've better explained blocking third-party ink To remedy the situation, HP will be sending aggrieved OfficeJet Pro owners a firmware upgrade that will roll back the controversial security update within the next three weeks, Flaxman said . HP is hardly alone in attempting to restrict third-party access to their devices. Chris Fraser, deputy general counsel of HP's global business units and Americas division, was more precise, telling reporte... [Full Article...]

Microsoft and Adobe are teaming up against Salesforce

Microsoft and Adobe are teaming up against Salesforce Adobe will make the Microsoft Azure cloud platform its preferred cloud provider while Adobe will make the Adobe Marketing Cloud its preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition. With solutions like Microsoft Azure, Adobe Marketing Cloud , and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe and Microsoft will help companies build up their brand entity. [Full Article...]

Apple Music promises more personalised playlists

Apple Music promises more personalised playlists According to Apple, one of the goals with the design was to appeal more strongly to older and worldwide users, hence the focus on a "cleaner interface with larger images and text..." Apple have used their extensive wealth to nab exclusive releases from major artists like Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift and Drake. [Full Article...]

Kumble backs Pujara, says he is vital cog in India's wheel

So I don't see any pressure on anyone in this team", Kumble told reporters at the Eden Gardens here "The beauty about this squad is that there is hardly any pressure on anyone. "Based on situation you need to bat. Because every session can be different in a Test match", said Kumble. And that's the beauty about Test cricket. [Full Article...]

Watch The Weeknd's "Starboy" Video

Watch The Weeknd's Shockingly, it turns out that it's the newly Afro-ed Weeknd (aka Starboy) would committed the dastardly deed. The Weeknd continues to say goodbye to his past, as he walks around the flat, smashing up trophies, plaques and records with a neon pink crucifix. [Full Article...]

Wrong Things Trump Said About Taxes In The Debate

A new Los Angeles Times/USC Tracking poll put Trump up three points over Clinton nationally. Tell us what you think by using the link below to take the survey . "I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate". Ethan Tan: It was really different from what we're used to seeing in high school debate. [Full Article...]

No Man's Sky's Advertising Is Now Being Investigated In The UK

No Man's Sky's Advertising Is Now Being Investigated In The UK This led to a number of PC customers seeking refunds via Steam , and rumours circulating on Reddit that Valve were offering more generous terms on their usual refund policy given the alleged false advertising. In addition to those, they have also received many requests that indicate the user is attempting to run the game significantly below the minimum specifications, so if you aren't sure wh... [Full Article...]

Asia report: Markets mostly lower ahead of USA debate

Asia report: Markets mostly lower ahead of USA debate Soon after the policy change announcement, the yen gave up most of its gains and started to strengthen, which really shows how little the market trusts the BoJ to hit its targets or reverse the economic stagnation that has plagued Japan for the last two decades. [Full Article...]

Baby born with DNA from 3 People, first from new technique

The parents - who are Jordanian and were given the ground-breaking treatment by a United States team in Mexico have been trying to start a family for two decades. Zhang's team used this approach to create five embryos, only one of which developed normally. This embryo was implanted in Shaban, and nine months later, the boy was born. [Full Article...]

CBS, Viacom controlling shareholder to call on companies to merge

CBS, Viacom controlling shareholder to call on companies to merge According to Reuters , National Amusements will contact the two media companies and ask them to form independent board committees to look at a merger. Analysts have been running the numbers on a possible merger of the two companies in recent months, frequently coming to the conclusion that under most scenarios a combination will be more beneficial to Viacom shareholders than CBS holders. [Full Article...]

Possible Water Plumes on Jupiter's Moon Europa?

Possible Water Plumes on Jupiter's Moon Europa? But the saline water is buried under miles of ice. The unnamed spacecraft will be equipped with a thermal instrument to survey Europa's icy surface at altitudes as low as 16 miles above the surface. If confirmed, Europa would be the second moon in the solar system where water plumes have been detected. The new observations add supporting evidence to the existence of water vapor plumes on Europ... [Full Article...]

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